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This Project Plan becomes the blueprint to implement RELATES in ABC Bank where every individual who is directly or indirectly involved understands and refers to the plan for information, for referencing and for guidance especially with regards to certain standards mandated to successfully implement this project.

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  3. RELATES project Project Plan PROJECT PLAN 1.0 MANAGEMENT SUMMARY 1.1 Overview 1.2 Objective. 1.3 Scope 2.0 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS 2.1 Statement of Work. 2.2 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). 3.0 DELIVERABLES 3.1 RELATES - SW Provider Solution 3.2 Standard Components and Customized components 3.3 Other component 4.0 RISK ASSESSMENT AND MITIGATION STRATEGIES 5.0 RESOURCES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 5.1 Organization Charts 5.1.1 Customer Organization 5.1.2 SW Provider Organizations 5.1.3 Project Organization. 5.2 Project Contact 5.3 Responsibilities 5.4 Key Project Team Member Profiles 5.5 Project Management and Administration 6.0 SCHEDULES 6.1 Detailed project schedule 6.2 Summarize project Schedule 7.0 REPORTING AND REVIEW 7.1 Project Status Reporting 7.2 Project Meetings 8.0 STANDARDS 8.1 Standard Products 8.3 Standard Project Management Tools 8.4 Standard Development Tools. 9.0 WARRANTY 9.1 SW Provider Standard Warranty 9.2 Warranty Period 10.0 SUPPORT 10.1 Service Availability 10.2 Service Within the Warranty Period 10.3 Service Outside the Warranty Period 11.0 POSTPROJECT EVALUATION
  4. RELATES project Project Plan 11.1 Summary of Project 11.2 Recommendations and follow-up 11.3 Statistics 11.4 Postproject Summary 12.0 SUPPORTING PLANS 13.0 OTHER RELEVANT DOCUMENTS AND FILES O Project Overview P Correspondence C Progress Reports P Other Documents (as required) O Project Qualification Report P Minutes of Meetings M Change Control Documentation 14.0 GLOSSARY AND DEFINITIONS 15.0 APPENDIXES 15.1 Appendix A - Project Charter 15.2 Appendix B - Project Manager Letter of Assignment 15.3 Appendix C - Statement of Work (SOW) 15.4 Appendix C-1 - Detailed Implementation Schedule 15.5 Appendix C-2 - Summarize Implementation Schedule 15.6 Appendix D - Project Contact 15.7 Appendix E - Key Project Team Member Profiles
  5. 1.0 MANAGEMENT SUMMARY This Project Plan becomes the blueprint to implement RELATES in ABC Bank where every individual who is directly or indirectly involved understands and refers to the plan for information, for referencing and for guidance especially with regards to certain standards mandated to successfully implement this project. 1.1 Overview The Need This SW Provider solution namely RELATES is in response to ABC Bank requirement to have an automated workflow system for consumer loan products as follows : • Based on Keynesian Model, Bank Negara is encouraging all financial institutions to increase their lending to spur the Nation out of its economic crisis • ABC Bank is taking the initiative to streamline its lending processes to expedite the delivery of consumer loans in line with Bank Negara’s guidelines Project Charter and Project Manager’s Letter of Assignment Attached as : • Appendix A : The Project Charter • Appendix B : Project Manager’s Letter of Assignment The Goal RELATES – a workflow-base system will tracks loans from the point of customer application till disbursement including all standard specified documentation. The Solution Application Processing Account Processing Account Processing Application Processing Approval Product Development Business Approval Product Development Development Documentation Account Mgmt/Reporting & Documentation Account Mgmt/Reporting Marketing Disbursement Disbursement Legislative Reporting Legislative Reporting Loans application Core Loans and tracking System RELATES RELATES will be an end-to-end automation of the front-end processes for the various loan products (HP, standard Housing Loans and Unit Trusts). Management Overview Page 5 of 30
  6. SW Provider’s solution is based on open systems architecture that is scalable across the enterprise The components are based on the following scaleable technologies : 1. Optika eMedia Workflow Engine 2. Microsoft SQL Server • Microsoft Visual Basic • Microsoft Windows NT The Services Services includes : 3. Process Redesign Consulting 4. Project Management Services • Software Customization and Development Services • System Implementation Services • Training Services Major Milestones Major milestones includes the following : 5. Acquisition of hardware and software 6. Environment readiness • Contract agreement • Business Process Reengineering • Design • Customization development • Training • Testing • Customer Acceptance • Documentation • Live cutover • Monitoring – Control - Evaluation 1.2 Objectives Its objectives are : • To turnaround time for approval, • To reduce turnaround time for disbursement, • To track loan status from application till disbursement, • To implement right first time concept and last but not least, • To increase user productivity. 1.3 Scope of work The scope of work includes the design, customization and implementation of the RELATES System from Loan Origination until Disbursement. Management Overview Page 6 of 30
  7. 2.0 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS 2.1 Statement of Work (SOW) The SOW defines the activities to be completed and the responsibilities of both ABC Bank and SW Provider during the implementation. The major activities to be completed are as follows : • Project Planning and Organization • Environment Readiness • Organizational Readiness • RELATES implementation - Process Redesign Consultancy - Initial Product definition and Parameter setup (System configuration) - Customization - Training - Acceptance Test Planning - Acceptance Test Execution - Installation - System Implementation - Project Management, Control and Reporting • Product and Parameter verification • Interface Development • Pilot and subsequent cut-over to live operation • Post RELATES support • Customization support The detailed SOW is defined, refer to Appendix C. 2.2 A High level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is simplified as below : • Data Collection • Gap Analysis / Redesign • Modification • Testing • Implementation For a detailed WBS, refer to Implementation Schedule Project Requirements Page 7 of 30
  8. 3.0 DELIVERABLES 3.1 RELATES - SW Provider Solution Whilst the BPR is taken as the method to analyze and achieve breakthrough achievements in process efficiency, we would like to position RELATES as the means to help financial institutions realize the goals set in the BPR through end-to-end process automation. Introduction RELATES is a workflow-based system that tracks loans from the point of customer application until disbursement. In addition, the system implements automation as far as possible, e.g., in the credit processing/approval of loans applications, the various types of documents (e.g., letter of offer, reject letters, cover letters, charge documents etc.) are automatically generated. The workflow system with its inherent (automated) electronic routing of work and scheduling, together with the automated features results in loans applications cycle time (for approvals and disbursements) being greatly reduced. This system will greatly improve a financial institution’s customer satisfaction level as well as increasing its market share in the highly competitive credit and lending industry. Scope of RELATES In terms of the life cycle of the lending process, RELATES will cover the following phases:  Origination  Approval  Documentation  Disbursement Though processes do vary from financial institutions to financial institutions, RELATES will provide a standard framework for the automation of the various work processes for various product requirements. These work processes can be “production-based” processes (i.e. characterized by high volume and standard processes, e.g. Standard housing loans, hire purchase) as well as “ad-hoc” processes (ie. characterized by low volume and ad-hoc in nature, e.g. Corporate/commercial loans). Processes and applications can be customized to unique requirements. RELATES is also unique in the sense that changes in business processes do not affect the applications and vice-versa. RELATES – Major Subsystems a) RELATES (Workflow Automation) Automatic Tracking of Loan Application Status As the application progresses through the various stages, e.g. Data Input, Approval, Documentation, etc., the system will automatically track each stage of the application. For example, a customer calls in at the Loan Center. When he provides the Loan Center with a unique identification number, he will be able to know the status of his application within seconds. The system will be able to pull out the relevant details, e.g., waiting for lawyers, awaiting confirmation of site visit, awaiting receipt of acceptance of letter of offer from customer, etc. Automatic Routing of Work Deliverables Page 8 of 30
  9. As the application progresses through the various stages, the system will automatically route the work to the correct stage/queue where the staff identified to perform that particular role will be able to pick up the work to be performed and so on. No manual recording of work steps will be required. Automatic Tracking and Performance Monitoring Detailed status and performance reports by activity and by role/staff may be obtained to enable the Bank to track the performance of the Loan Center operations and the productivity levels of its staff. Moreover the system is able to keep track of the performance of external entities e.g. lawyers. Any bottlenecks in the process can also be identified, thus leading to continuous process improvements. Automatic Display of Work to be done When a user logs onto a RELATES terminal the system will display a list of tasks to be done in order of priority. The system will keep track for the user what needs to be done, e.g. Follow up on letter of offer for customer ABC, Perform Disbursement transaction for customer XYZ, Check and Sign Banker’s Check for customer JKR, etc. The user need not remember the steps that have to be performed, the system prompts the user to perform the required steps. Moreover, the system automatically pulls out the relevant details for the user, i.e., the user need not remember the application details as the system keeps track of the processing stage for each customer application. Statistics Each activity in the RELATES process is tracked and monitored with the following details: - date and time when the activity was available to be acted on - date and time when a staff actually started to work on that activity - date and time when the user finished that activity - the staff who worked on that activity - the outcome of that activity The detailed statistics captured will provide information on the performance of both the process and the users, e.g. reports on productivity/performance of the staff, bottlenecks in the process as the volume of applications increase Security Only the staff identified to perform certain activities will be able to access those activities, i.e., the system will know how to route the work to the relevant people. This provides a level of security whereby certain activities can only be accessed by the relevant staff, e.g., Authorize Disbursement can only be performed by Credit Officers and not Clerks. Work Escalation via Deadline Feature The system is able to escalate a work activity, or to send messages to inform relevant personnel if a deadline has passed. E.g. if a customer has not come in to provide the rest of the Deliverables Page 9 of 30
  10. documents required after a certain time period, the system will notify the clerks to give the customer a call, or to send reminder letters. Reject Reasons Captured As the applications go through the process and rejections occur, the reason for rejects are captured by the system with the reasons indicated automatically in the reject letters. Unique System-Generated Tracking Number for Customer Reference The system will start tracking the loan application once the customer puts in an application form. A receipt containing basic customer and loan information with a reference number is automatically printed and given to the customer. At any time the customer may call the bank and provide this number in which case the bank is able to provide detailed status as to the status of the loan. Automatic Generation of Disbursement Schedule and Calculation The system will generate the disbursement schedule and calculates the disbursement amount automatically depending on the stage of complement. It also keeps track of when, who, and how much was disbursed. Folders and Notes At certain stages of the work process, notes (credit memos, reminders, recommendations or any general notes) maybe attached to the work unit. As an extension, images of documents may also be attached to the work unit for review purposes. This feature mimics the real world where very often memos and documents are attached as part of the work parcel. b) FAX Server Interface The Fax Server interface provides the following benefits: i) Sending out of faxes may be automated, i.e., staff need not have to key in the telephone number. System will retry if the line is engaged, or paper is out, hence saving staff time ii) The system may be programmed to send out faxes at off-peak rates iii) Sending same fax to different recipients is automated iv) Reduction in paper costs c) Developer & Project Profile with End-Finance Limits Attached The developer and project profiles are centrally maintained at the RELATES database. Part of the role of the Bank is to proactively identify potential new developers and projects (from newspapers, constant contact with developers, etc) and enter the required details into the database. This is so that when applications are sent for processing, information is available Deliverables Page 10 of 30
  11. online and a minimal number of applications would require direct contact with the developers (for the missing information). The Automated Approval System will access the developer/project/end-finance database and adjust the limits accordingly when the applications are approved or rejected. d) Lawyer Profile Presently, most banks have a panel of lawyers that handles the documentation phase. Documentation turn-around time is very much dependent on the lawyers themselves and there is no central monitoring of the performance of the lawyers. To improve the documentation process, the Bank may specify some criteria for the lawyers to be included in the panel. The criteria may include: i. Performance ii. Standard Fees iii. Documentation Standards RELATES will also be able to automatically select the lawyer from the panel list based on an algorithm unless the customer has indicated a preference in the application form. Performance Tracking of Lawyers The workflow automation system will track the date and time when the Lawyers are notified of the work to be done, and the date and time when the actual work is passed back to the Bank. Performance reports may be churned out monthly for the Bank to monitor the performance of the lawyers and to take appropriate action. Lawyer Selection Algorithm System should perform automatic selection of lawyers based on - panel list - performance - work assignment - type of loan - geographic location System first checks if a particular lawyer is preferred, in which case it picks up that lawyer otherwise it will select the lawyer based on the algorithm. The way the lawyer list is presented should reflect the performance and/or work assignment of the lawyers, i.e., the first lawyer on the list is the next to be selected Lawyer Profile The lawyer profile must be maintained centrally at the Loan Center in the database. At a minimum the following details are to be captured: Deliverables Page 11 of 30
  12. Name Address Telephone Fax Type of Loans handled by the Lawyer Grading (based on the performance statistics from the workflow automation system) e) Document Generation System Offer Letters, Reject Letters, Cover Letters to Lawyers, Valuers, Standard Documents etc. will be automatically generated by the system with the relevant details inserted into the documents from the database without any human intervention/typing. Information should only be keyed in once at data input, with subsequent extraction of the required information from the database so that users does not need to re-key in the information (could introduce errors) when letters of offer, fire insurance form, etc. are produced f) Automated Evaluation System (AES) As its name suggests, this system automates the current functions of the Credit Officers in approving a loan, e.g. perform necessary credit checks (online to host database for existing customers), checking eligibility, BNM criteria, etc. This greatly reduces the time taken for approving standard loans, and relieves the Credit Officers for other tasks, e.g., marketing to customers. This system is parameter-based and hence allows for routine credit requirements to be changed on the fly as current conditions dictate. Moreover it reduces (not eliminate ) the need of hiring new experienced Credit Officers to process the loan applications as the loan volume increases and also reduces the training curve of new officers. The Automated Evaluation System (AES) also provides the following functionalities: - Checks for Security Acceptability - Citizen and Residency Checks - Eligibility Checks - Calculation of Installment Amounts - Calculates Sensitivity Ranges - Logs the reasons for rejects - Access host system for BMC, Bankruptcy, etc. checks Under some special circumstances RELATES may allow for certain rejected applications to be re-routed to a Credit Officer for confirmation of the reject. A sample of some of the reject reasons is as follows: Reject Reject Description 1 Failed Citizenship Test Deliverables Page 12 of 30
  13. 2 Not Malaysian Citizen 3 In BMC List 4 Is a Bankrupt 5 Customer Liability Status - Doubtful 6 Customer Liability Status - Difficult 7 Customer Liability Status - Judgment 8 Customer Liability Status - Legal Action 10 Aggregate Liabilities > 1.5 M for secured 11 Aggregate Liabilities > 150 K for clean 12 More than 1 Return Checks due to insufficient funds 13 More than 2 months consecutively in excess 14 Loan Amount below Lower limit 15 Loan Amount above Upper limit 16 Loan Amount below OD Lower limit 17 Loan Amount above OD Upper limit 18 Age below Lower Limit 19 Age above Upper Limit 20 Tenure above Maximum Allowed 21 Tenure + Age exceed Maximum Allowed 22 Exceed Maximum Margin Of Advance 23 Exceed MOA Range 24 Exceed Maximum Installment 25 Exceed Maximum OD Repayment 26 Exceed Net Income Lower Limit 27 Exceed Joint MOA 28 Exceed Joint (OD) MOA 28 Securities Not Accepted 29 Non-Standard Restrictions 30 Exceed End Finance Limit 31 Bank Exposure Exceeded (ASB) 32 Bank Exposure Exceeded ( ASN) 33 Trust Certificate Not Acceptable Deliverables Page 13 of 30
  14. g) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Interface RELATES has an IVR interface whereby a customer may call a hot-line and find out the status of his loan application over the telephone without having to call the branch personnel. This effectively extends the customer service to 24 hours, 7 days a week. In addition, prospective customers may call the same hot-line and check on his eligibility for certain loan products. This is another avenue for the Bank to market its products as well as to improve customer satisfaction since customers have easy access to their loan information. Features and Benefits of RELATES FEATURES BENEFITS WORKFLOW AUTOMATION AND MANAGEMENT Automatic tracking of loan As the loan application progresses application status through the various stages, the system will automatically track each stage of the application. Customers wishing to know the status of their application will be informed instantaneously. Key Benefits • Customer satisfaction • Enhanced image for the bank in terms of efficiency • Staff productivity - no time is wasted locating documents, location and persons responsible for that stage of processing. Automatic routing of Work with Work to be performed will be work escalation via deadline automatically routed to the correct stage and staff. No manual recording of work steps is required. Deadlines can be set for activities and work can be escalated thereon. Key Benefits • Eliminate processing errors - “do it right first time” concept • Eliminate misplacement of information • Ensures timely processing of application with set deadlines. FEATURES BENEFITS Deliverables Page 14 of 30
  15. Automatic tracking and Detailed status and performance performance monitoring reports by activity, role, user can be generated to track performance and productivity. The system is able to track the performance of external entities e.g. lawyers. Key Benefits • Tracking mechanisms helps the bank in continuous improvements in its operations. • Provides quantitative and objective measurement on productivity Automatic display of work to be When a user logs on to the system, a done and standard checklists list of tasks to be done in order of priority will be displayed. The system will keep track for the user on what needs to be done. Key benefits • Staff productivity • Consistent work process Security Only staff identified to perform activities will be able to access the related activities. Key Benefits • Improve audit and control Automated document generation Offer letters, reject letters, cover letters to lawyers etc will be automatically generated with relevant details inserted from the database. Key Benefits • Eliminate mundane work processes • Eliminate processing errors Complements CIS and Loans The system provides online access to database with developer, project, critical information to substantiate lawyer profiles credit approval. Key benefits • Reduce exposure in projects Reduce exposure in selected loan portfolio FEATURES BENEFITS EXTERNAL INTERFACES Deliverables Page 15 of 30
  16. Interactive Voice Response Key Benefits • Customer satisfaction through online status feedback Fax Server Key Benefits • Eliminate manual process to reduce cycle time Internet/Intranet Sales Platform Key Benefits • Extends market reach • Customer satisfaction through online status feedback. Deliverables Page 16 of 30
  17. 3.2 Standard components and Customized components Standard Customized components components Description Qty Mandatory Items 1. RELATES Application Software - RELATES Server 1 • - RELATES Client 30 • 2. Optika eMedia - eMedia Workflow (20 connections) 20 • 3. Professional Services - Process Redesign Consultancy • - Project Management • - Customization • - System Implementation • - RELATES Training (Train the trainers) • 4. Miscellaneous - Microsoft SQL Server (5 Clients) 1 • - Microsoft SQL Server Clients 25 • - Microsoft Windows NT Clients 15 • 5. Hardware - Optika eMedia Server 1 • IBM Netfinity 5000, 2 x Pentium II 450 MHz, 3 x 9GB, 256 MB Memory, 12/24 GB DAT, Win NT 4.0 (5 Clients) - Backup/Development Server 1 • IBM Netfinity 3000, Pentium II 450 MHz, 3 x 9GB, 128 MB Memory, 12/24 GB DAT, Win NT 4.0 (5 Clients) Deliverables Page 17 of 30
  18. Standard Customized components components Description Qty Optional Items 1. Optika eMedia Imaging (concurrent users) 20 • 2. Hardware • - Imaging Server 1 IBM Netfinity 5000, 2 x Pentium II 450 MHz, 3 x 9GB, 256 MB Memory, 12/24 GB DAT Tape Drive - Fujitsu Document Scanner 1 • Up to A3 size, 39 ppm (Simplex), 70 ppm (Duplex), 100-sheets Auto Document Feeder 3.3 Other component AS/400 interface will need to be worked out in details with Silverlake. Note that there may be other hardware and services charges that Silverlake may impose for this interface. Should ABC Bank requires our service to work on this component, SW Provider’ time and Material charges are as follows : • Project Manager/Senior Consultant – RM 3,000 per day • Technical Consultant/Engineer – RM 2,000 per day • Application Programmer – RM 1,000 per day Deliverables Page 18 of 30
  19. 4.0 RISK ASSESSMENT AND MITIGATION STRATEGIES [To discuss the risks with ABC Bank PM in order to compile a list of probability of risks and to introduce mitigation strategies for the risks identified.] Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies Page 19 of 30
  20. 5.0 RESOURCES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The following are several charts specifying various teams and its purpose for this project. 5.1 Organization Charts. 5.1.1 Customer Organization. [Insert ABC Bank’s organization chart to be included here]. Present the customer’s organization chart, and discuss the organizational location of the project’s sponsor. Use the chart to identify and discuss the ultimate users of the project. 5.1.2 SW Provider’ organization 5.1.3 Project Organization 5.2 Project Contact – attached as Appendix D. 5.3 Responsibilities. [To work with ABC Bank on Responsibility Matrix & to include the chart] 5.4 Key Project Team Member Profiles. – attached as Appendix E. 5.5 Project Management and Administration. A comprehensive detailed Project Management practices has been documented for management, project managers, consultants, users and all other project team members for usage and reference. The practices contained in this document are as follows : • Project Administration Practice • Project Library Practice • Financial Practice • Project Communication Practice • Project Change Control Practice • Escalation Management Practice Resources and Responsibilities Page 20 of 30


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