Biến tần điều khiển của Omron

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Biến tần điều khiển của Omron

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What do you need in a NP Series? Display visibility, information capacity, cost effective? OMRON provides all of these and goes further to reduce the TCO, including operating efficiency, by enabling connection of various control devices, easy design work, and the smoothest possible connections.

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  1. NP Series Programmable Terminal Nguồn : Easy Setup with the Cost- effective, Compact NP Series What do you need in a NP Series? Display visibility, information capacity, cost effective? OMRON provides all of these and goes further to reduce the TCO, including operating efficiency, by enabling connection of various control devices, * Ordering easy design work, and the smoothest information possible connections. * Specifications * Configurations * Dimensions, and etc can be found in our PDF brochure. NP Series Lineup Operation Features Transfer screens at high speed via USB port
  2. The USB interface lets you take full advantage of the computer software environment. Transfer screens created on the computer to the NP Series at high speeds. USB Memory Stick for program upload/download Screen data can be transferred with a USB memory stick, eliminating the need to carry a computer to the site. Easier On-site Operation Models with two different function key layouts are available to meet the needs of your application design. The NP Series case is also available in two different colors: black or silver.
  3. Use the Same Equipment Worldwide with Multi-Language support The NP Series, screens, and Support Software are supported in English, Chinese, many European languages, and Japanese. Also, the NP Series meets international standards so it can be exported or imported across country borders easily. Hardware Features Compact design reduces the mounting work At 130.1 × 104.8mm (NP3:W × H), this NP Series is small enough to be mounted in the same space as a handful of switches, and it requires only one mounting hole in the control panel. You get less work and a less crowded operating section. Install in Most Environments The front of the panel has IP65 water resistance, allowing the NP Series to be used in environments where mist or splashing cooling water is present.
  4. Compact, Yet Plenty of Information The same data shown on NP5 can also be reflected clearly on an NP3, without compromising the display clarity. This proves to show the advanced display capabilities of both NP series. Connection Features Reduce Connection Design and Onsite Work For Easy Maintenance without a PC The NP Series provides an OMRON CP1L/CP1H PLC Programming Console function, which allows users to check their PLC program and monitor/trigger inputs/outputs.
  5. For Easy Development without programming NP Series is able to connect to OMRON EJ1 Temperature Controllers. The NP Series can be operated immediately using the sample screens included with the NP-Designer (Support Software). Reduced Wiring Work The NP Series is equipped with both a RS-232 port and a configurable RS-422A/485 port so you can connect to a PLC or Temperature Controller with a single cable. You get reduced wiring work and easier maintenance. Multivendor is now available Including OMRON and Mitsubishi, support is provided for PLCs from major global manufacturers. The NP Series can be used with your current PLC without redesigning the system. It doesn’t matter if you use a different PLC manufacturer for each project.
  6. Multivendor List: RS- RS- RS- Manufacturer Series 232C 422A 485 Host Link ○ ○ C/CPM/CQM PLC Host Link ○ ○ Omron CS/CJ/CP1/CV/CVM PLC NT link (1: N) * ○ ○ NT link (1: 1) ○ ○ EJ1 ○ MicroLogix ○ Allen-Bradley SLC5 ○ GE Fanuc 90 series SNP ○ ○ Keyence KV/KZ series ○ Master-K120S/200S ○ Glofa GM6 CNET ○ ○ LG (LS) Master-K CNET ○ ○ XGT CNET ○ ○ Matsushita Electric Works, ○ FP series Ltd. FX/FX2N CPU port ○ FX3U CPU port ○ Mitsubishi Electric FX series computer link ○ ○ Corporation A series computer link ○ A2A/A2AS/A2USH ○
  7. A1SH/A3N/A2ASH CPU port Q series CPU port ○ Q series computer link ○ ○ 984 RTU/ASCII (Master) ○ RTU/ASCII Hex Address ○ (Master) Modbus RTU/ASCII nW and RTU ○ 2W (Master) RTU/ASCII (Slave) ○ TSX Micro (Uni-Telway) ○ ○ * Modicon NEZA (Uni-Telway) * ○ ○ TWIDO ○ S 7200 ○ ○ S7-300 (there to be PC ○ Siemens adapter) S7-300 (there is no PC ○ adapter,) * Communication NULL NULL driver parameter is not set * Please refer to NP Host Connection Manual for details Software Features NP Designer NP Designer is a new software dedicated for NP series models. It
  8. has all the advanced features and user friendly interfaces to assist users in programming their ideal screens. From basic lamps/switches to advanced graphic controls, the NP Designer will compliment user’s needs to further illustrate their views of actual conditions at sites. Software Simulation for easy troubleshooting NP Designer is equipped with a TEST Mode which is like a simulation to enable users the advantage of testing their program without actually connecting to PLC/Host, it also serves as an excellent troubleshooting tool. Application Examples
  9. Example of Applications that Provides Added Value to Equipment Example 1: Example 2:
  10. Example 3:
  11. Example 4:
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