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Biểu mẫu"Báo cáo mặt tài sản"

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Biểu mẫu"Báo cáo mặt tài sản"
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  1. Property Loss Report Department__________________________________________ Date ______________ Completed by ________________________________________ Date ______________ Cause of Loss Type of Loss T Theft T Property Damage T Vandalism T Inventory T Burglary a Money/Cash a Tools and Equipment a Tools and Equipment a Fire/Arson a Employee Time a Accident—Damage a Business Interruption a Unexplained a Other: _________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____ _ Other: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Date and time loss occurred _______________________________________________________ Date and time loss reported _______________________________________________________ D Police report made Report ID # ___________________________________________ List police department contacts and notes ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Besides the property loss, were there any other consequences of the loss? __________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Could this loss have been avoided? C Yes i No If yes, how? ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Other comments, notes: __________________________________________________________ Tham khảo các loại biểu mẫu và mẫu đơn khác tại trang web
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