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Lý thuyết điều khiển hơi 2

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product overview for steam and other industrial fluids .Spirax Sarco provides knowledge, service and products worldwide for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids Knowledge Our knowledge is based on over 100 years of experience in steam using industries worldwide. This knowledge is passed on to customers through our 35 training centres, our range of correspondence courses and a series of technical publications. Much of this information is freely available on our website at www.SpiraxSarco.com. Service Spirax Sarco provides a full service to ensure total customer satisfaction. From its 7 strategic manufacturing plants with quality control to ISO 9000 /...

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  1. product overview for steam and other industrial fluids
  2. Spirax Sarco provides knowledge, service and products worldwide for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids Knowledge Our knowledge is based on over 100 years of experience in steam using industries worldwide. This knowledge is passed on to customers through our 35 training centres, our range of correspondence courses and a series of technical publications. Much of this information is freely available on our website at www.SpiraxSarco.com. Service Spirax Sarco provides a full service to ensure total customer satisfaction. From its 7 strategic manufacturing plants with quality control to ISO 9000 / 2000, serving its companies and sales offices in 39 countries to a team of 800 locally based sales engineers, every link in the chain guarantees customer support. Products Metering & Pressure Temperature monitoring control control Whether it's a spare part, a steam trap station, a complete plant room Stea package, a blowdown valve or a Boiler controls m Humidity control complete boiler house, Spirax Spirax Sarco provides Sarco has all the building blocks to the most comprehensive range of products for the provide the complete system - one steam and condensate loop stop shopping for the steam and Boiler anywhere in the world. Co Steam condensate loop. nde trapping ns at e Boiler Feedwater Condensate & Pipeline blowdown conditioning heat recovery ancillaries 2
  3. Contents Boiler controls and systems 4 Feedtanks; level controls and alarms; feedpump check valves; boiler blowdown valves and TDS control systems; steam injection systems; sample coolers; heat recovery systems; conductivity meters; blowdown vessels; vent heads. Flowmeters 6 Variable area Spiraflo and Gilflow flowmeters; orifice plates; vortex meters; flow computers; display units. Control systems 8 Pneumatically and electrically actuated two and three port valves; positioners; programmable electronic controllers; pneumatic transmitter controllers; pressure reducing valves and surplussing valves; safety valves; self-acting temperature control valves. Steam traps 10 Steam traps and Spiratec steam trap performance monitors. Condensate pumps and energy recovery 12 Automatic steam (or gas) powered fluid pumps; electric powered condensate recovery units; flash steam recovery vessels; condensate contamination detectors. Pipeline ancillaries 14 Separators; butterfly valves; ball valves; bellows sealed stop valves; check valves; strainers; sight glasses; pressure gauges; air vents; vacuum breakers; hosedown stations; diffusers; manifolds; liquid drainers. Clean steam products 16 Stainless steel products: steam traps; pressure regulators; sample coolers; ball valves; separators; filters. Humidifiers 18 Direct steam injection humidifiers; Hygromatic self-generative humidifiers. Products for compressed air 18 Filters; regulators; lubricators; drain traps; ball valves; separators. Complete packaged solutions 19 A range of packaged heat exchangers and other packaged systems. Steam System Management 19 Reducing life cycle costs of steam systems. 3
  4. Boiler controls and systems An extensive range of boiler controls and systems is available. Whether it's a completely new boiler house plant or a simple blowdown valve replacement Spirax Sarco will have the answer. Feedtanks The feedtank is often the source of high heat losses and on-going maintenance. The Spirax Sarco feedtank is an atmospheric deaerator in stainless steel throughout - no rusting, no linings, coatings or joints to leak. It is fitted with a flash condensing deaerator head which combines the cold make-up, condensate return and flash recovery. Flash steam is condensed whilst heating and deaerating the cold make-up. The deaerator head is also available for fitting into existing feedtanks. Boiler blowdown systems As steam forms it leaves behind impurities and dissolved liquids in the boiler water that will concentrate unless blown down. The TDS (total dissolved solids) in the boiler must be controlled accurately. High TDS can result in carryover of boiler water and impurities causing problems with production and plant. Low TDS due to too much blowdown will be expensive in fuel costs and water treatment chemical losses. Systems are available for all sizes and types of boilers. Feedpump check valves Fitted with heavy springs and soft seats to prevent a shutdown boiler from flooding with feedwater. Level controls and alarms Significant developments have taken place in recent years improving Steam injection systems considerably the standards of safety Can be used to inject live steam into and reliability of boiler level controls. feedtanks to drive off the dissolved Probes without moving parts and oxygen, considerably reducing the modern electronic controllers are so amount of oxygen scavenging chemicals reliable that major boiler accidents required, and to maintain a high and should be a thing of the past. steady feedwater temperature to The range offered has been approved the boiler. by a number of leading European Authorities. 4
  5. Heat recovery systems Flash steam recovery from blowdown has two advantages. In addition to the heat recovered the flash steam is condensed to 'pure' water, reducing the amount of make-up water and chemical treatment required. For certain conditions it may be more economical to pass the blowdown directly to a heat exchanger without using a flash vessel. Spirax Sarco can provide a range of alternative solutions to heat recovery. Blowdown vessels The blowdown vessels are strictly in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note PM60. Sample coolers Designed, built and inspected to To be sure that a boiler is operating at BS 5500 Category 3 they are supplied the desired concentration of TDS it is with a data dossier and Insurance necessary to take a sample of the water Company Certificate Form X. and test it. The stainless steel sample cooler lets the operator do this safely and accurately without the risk of steam flashing off. Bottom blowdown valves Systems to ensure precise and regular blowdown of precipitated solids from the bottom of the boiler. Both key operated, manual systems and fully automated systems are available. Vent heads Conductivity meters The vent head separates out condensate The temperature compensated and vents flash steam safely without conductivity meter is an essential spray. Vent heads are stainless steel to fit instrument to have in the boiler house and forget. for checking boiler water and feedwater TDS levels and calibrating control instrumentation. 5
  6. Flowmeters Whatever your process or system requirements, there is a flowmeter to suit your needs from the Spirax Sarco range. Our flowmeters have an unrivalled reputation for accuracy, reliability and versatility, being suitable for steam as well as most liquids and gases. A comprehensive choice of flow computers and display units, many of which can be linked to plant or energy management systems, complement the range. Gilflo flowmeters The Gilflo flowmeter offers an unrivalled 100:1 turndown ratio and can be used to meter most industrial fluids including steam and gases. The complete Gilflo range is available in pipeline sizes DN50 to DN400. Spiraflo flowmeters For use on steam, the Spiraflo flowmeter has built-in density compensation and is designed to give very accurate results, regardless of variations in steam pressure. Available in pipeline sizes DN40 to DN100. Display units For metering steam, liquids and gases the unit is easy to install and is available pre-set to meet customer requirements which avoids the need for on-site programming. 6
  7. Orifice plate flowmeters Spirax Sarco orifice plate flowmeters are especially suited for installations in pipelines where the need for high accuracy and turndown is not critical. They can be interfaced with flow computers to give up-to-the-minute data at the touch of a button. Available in pipeline sizes from DN25 upwards. Flow computers A range of flow computers is available to give automatic density compensation plus analogue, pulse and RS 232C outputs. Flow computers can be sited up to 300 m away from the pipeline units. Vortex flowmeters The vortex flowmeter is the simple, cost effective way to measure flowrates of industrial gases and steam. It is ideally suited to many applications that would be expensive or impractical using other types of flowmeter. Available in pipeline sizes DN25 to DN200. 7
  8. Control systems To enable you to make the right choice for your application Spirax Sarco has developed a range of control systems ranging from simple self-acting controls to systems that will fit into highly sophisticated control loops. Electrically actuated control valves Using the same valve range as the pneumatic actuators, electric actuators provide an alternative solution to applications that require an electrical power supply. A comprehensive range of accessories is available. Pneumatically actuated control valves Positioners To complement the range of pneumatically Two and three port control valves actuated control valves, the pneumatic manufactured in SG iron, cast steel and and electropneumatic positioners will stainless steel ranging from DN15 to allow small actuators to close against DN250. The valves can be used on higher differential pressures, eliminate pressures up to 100 bar and are hysteresis and speed up actuator available with screwed or flanged accuracy and positioning time. connections. Variants are available with autostroke Pneumatic actuators are to NAMUR commissioning, smart control, standard, spring-to-open or spring-to- programmable functionality and close, and incorporate a rolling nitrile digital communications. rubber diaphragm. Programmable electronic controllers Panel mounted single loop controllers suitable for single or multi setpoint control. They incorporate PID, auto TUNE and ADAPTIVE algorithms. Pneumatic transmitter controllers For pressure or temperature control, controllers are available with simple proportional control action, or with the addition of integral and derivative action. Temperature sensing is via a nitrogen filled direct expansion system and pressure sensing by interconnecting pipework to an internal bourdon tube. 8
  9. Direct acting pressure reducing and surplussing valves Models are available for use on water, steam and gases in a wide variety of materials including gunmetal, SG iron, cast steel and stainless steel. Sizes range from DN15 to DN100 and are suitable for pressures up to 40 bar. Pilot operated High limit temperature pressure reducing cut-out Designed to protect personnel and and surplussing valves product, the high limit temperature Like direct acting pressure reducing cut-out is a self-powered, independent valves, these valves are self-powered. overheat safeguard for use with two and Pilot operation provides accurate control three port valves. under large load change conditions. It is inherently 'fail-safe', and can Available in SG iron, cast steel and provide remote indication of operation. stainless steel in sizes DN15 to DN80. Metal or soft seats may be ordered and there is an option of a solenoid valve or pneumatic actuator for remote operation. Safety valves Vital for the protection of people and plant. A comprehensive range of safety valves available with screwed or flanged connections in bronze, SG iron and carbon steel body materials. Inlet sizes range from DN15 up to DN250 and feature soft seal and open and closed bonnet options. Self-acting temperature controls The range of self-acting temperature control systems is ideal for applications demanding rugged reliability and low maintenance. They are particularly suited to harsh or hazardous environments. 9
  10. Steam traps It is essential to remove condensate and often air and other incondensable gases from steam systems, without loss of live steam and then, for energy, efficiency, to return the condensate to the boiler house. The Spirax Sarco range of steam traps allows the best choice to be made for all applications. A steam trap performance monitoring system complements the range. Ball float steam traps These extremely versatile traps work efficiently on both light and heavy condensate loads. Although compact in size, their discharge capacity is high and continuous, ensuring maximum heat transfer. Ball float steam traps are the best choice for draining plant with automatic temperature control. An integral air vent is fitted as standard and a steam lock release is an option. Range: DN15 to DN150; up to 32 bar; cast iron, SG iron, cast steel and stainless steel. Balanced pressure Capacities up to 130 000 kg / h. Thermodynamic thermostatic steam traps steam traps Thermodynamic steam traps combine Balanced pressure thermostatic reliability, simplicity and efficiency of steam traps adjust automatically to operation. With just one moving part - varying steam pressures and have a hardened stainless steel disc - they excellent air venting characteristics give a blast discharge with clean, tight during plant start-up and during normal shut-off. Able to withstand superheat, operation. They have large discharge waterhammer, corrosive condensate, capacities for their size and the robust freezing and vibration the TD trap is the design of the internals gives a good life first choice for removal of condensate expectancy. from steam distribution systems. Range: DN6 to DN25; up to 30 bar; Range: DN6 to DN25; up to 250 bar; brass, cast steel and stainless steel. carbon steel, stainless steel and Capacities up to 4 500 kg / h. alloy steel. Capacities up to 1 000 kg / h. Spiratec steam trap monitors Every steam trap which fails to operate properly can cause problems elsewhere in the steam system. Spiratec can continuously monitor your steam traps to show their operation and warn of malfunctions. They will detect if traps are passing live steam or if they are waterlogged. The system either uses traps with integral sensors or sensor chambers mounted upstream of conventional steam traps giving a signal to an external test point. Range: DN15 to DN50; up to 32 bar; carbon steel, SG iron and stainless steel. 10
  11. Bimetallic thermostatic steam traps The bimetallic steam traps can conserve energy by discharging sub-cooled condensate in those applications which can utilise sensible heat. They are the most robust of all the thermostatic steam traps, able to withstand waterhammer and corrosive condensate. Range: DN15 to DN100; up to 210 bar; cast steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Inverted bucket Capacities up to 180 000 kg / h. Sealed steam traps steam traps Sealed maintenance free steam traps manufactured in stainless steel. Inverted bucket traps are the most Range: DN15 to DN25; up to 45 bar; robust type of the mechanical traps and stainless steel; balanced pressure, will resist waterhammer. Also, with a inverted bucket and bimetallic versions. check valve fitted in the inlet, they can be used with superheated steam. They are available with a wide selection of valve orifices for precise pressure and load matching. Range: DN15 to DN50; up to 62 bar; cast iron, cast steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Capacities up to 9 000 kg / h. Swivel connector steam traps Quick fit steam traps provide for ease of installation and removal without breaking the pipeline. This facility is extremely useful in those installations where labour costs are high, or where there is a shortage of skilled maintenance personnel. The key feature is a pipeline unit which fits permanently into the line and the trap is free to rotate through 360°. Range: DN15 to DN25; screwed and socket weld connections; up to 32 bar; balanced pressure, thermodynamic and inverted bucket versions. 11
  12. Condensate pumps and energy recovery To maximise energy efficiency it is essential to return clean condensate to the boiler house. Spirax Sarco's range of condensate handling equipment allows you to achieve this effectively and economically. Condensate contamination detection systems Even low levels of contamination can cause foaming, scaling and corrosion in the boiler. The contamination detection system Automatic monitors the conductivity of the steam (or gas) powered condensate and will raise an alarm and divert it to drain if a pre-set limit is condensate pumps passed. Designed to remove and recover condensate (or other fluids) under all operating conditions, this range of self-contained pumps uses steam or other pressurised gas as motive power. They are ideal for use in hazardous areas where electrical pumps would not be suitable, and for the efficient drainage of heat exchangers. Automatic steam Range: pressures up to 14 bar; powered condensate loads up to 6 000 kg / h. pump traps The APT10 and APT14 offer the benefit of both pump and steam trap as one item. This ensures complete condensate removal from plant, thus maximising thermal efficiency at all times. Range: pressure up to 14 bar loads up to 4 000 kg / h. 12
  13. Flash steam recovery vessels Flash steam is allowed to separate from the condensate in the vessel. The flash steam may then be used in a low pressure steam system and the separated condensate returned to the boiler house. Electric powered condensate recovery units A range of purpose designed, low NPSH units is available for loads up to 34 000 kg / h and lift up to 35 m. 13
  14. Pipeline ancillaries For long and reliable service from steam plant equipment it is necessary that the steam is clean, dry and that maintenance can be carried out easily. Spirax Sarco provides the complete range of products for the job. Bellows sealed Manifolds stop valves Check valves A compact range of forged steel These bellows sealed stop valves are For the prevention of reverse flow in manifolds designed for steam tracing ideal for high temperature and pressure pipelines, the range of valves offers applications. applications requiring zero emissions. an effective, low maintenance solution. The manifolds have 4, 8 or 12 tracer line Range: DN15 to DN300; up to 40 bar; Range: DN15 to DN100; up to 40 bar; connections and are supplied with cast iron, SG iron, carbon steel and bronze or stainless steel; wafer pattern integral piston type stop valves. stainless steel; flanged and socket weld and screwed connections. connections. Separators Separators remove moisture from steam pipelines. They provide a drain point for condensate droplets moving along the pipe wall and deflect entrained droplets out of the main flow. Separators therefore ensure that steam is delivered to its point of use dry - particularly important with highly rated plant or equipment like sterilizers, where steam comes into contact with the product. Range: DN15 to DN350; up to 25 bar; cast iron, SG iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. Diffusers When fitted to the outlet of a steam / air trap that is discharging to atmosphere the diffuser will greatly reduce the noise Piston actuated valves level and will offer protection from high A range of robust and compact stainless velocity discharge. steel valves providing a tight shut-off. They are suitable for a wide range of media, up to 180°C. Excellent stem sealing is provided by self-aligning PTFE gland seals. Sizes range from ½" to 2". 14
  15. Sight glasses, Strainers Hosedown stations Range: DN15 to DN250; up to 64 bar; sight checks and For general cleaning and washdown bronze, cast iron, cast steel and pressure gauges applications the hosedown station is the stainless steel; flanged and screwed A wide range of sight glasses, sight perfect tool. Hot water is economically connections. check valves and pressure gauges is provided by mixing steam and cold readily available. water safely. Air vents and vacuum breakers For use on steam and water systems. Range: DN15 to DN25; brass, carbon steel and stainless steel. Ball valves Available as a manual valve or can be supplied with a pneumatic actuator. Range: DN15 to DN100; up to 62 bar; cast steel and stainless steel; flanged and ¼" to 2" screwed. 15
  16. Clean steam products The use of clean or pure steam to reduce the risk of product or process contamination spans many industries. The Spirax Sarco 'clean steam' product range has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards using stainless steel materials. The products are able to withstand the rigours of service demanded by clean steam and other aggressive process fluids, where contamination must be prevented and service life extended. Pressure regulators Ball valves The range includes direct acting and The forged stainless steel ball valve with pilot operated valves. Both types are smooth internal surfaces provides a safe self-acting, eliminating the need for an environment for high purity and aseptic external power source and they can be processes. Its low maintenance, clean provided with metal or soft seats. design is suitable for steam, liquids and Size range from DN15 to DN80. gases. It is available with a wide range of end connections including a quick release sanitary clamp to expedite installation and cleaning. Size range DN15 to DN50. Steam traps Thermostatic, thermodynamic and ball float types are available with screwed or tube weld connections. Thermostatic traps are also available with quick release clamps for easy maintenance. Sizes range from DN6 to DN50. 16
  17. Filters With an externally polished stainless Separators steel housing the range of filters The stainless steel range of separators provides long life in an aesthetically ensures that steam is delivered to its pleasing package. An audible signal point of use dry - particularly important warns if the housing is improperly for equipment such as sterilizers. assembled, increasing safety for High efficiency over a wide range of operating personnel and preventing flowrates will minimise the effects valuable steam loss. Absolute filtration of condensate where it could cause down to 5 micron reduces contamination erosion and corrosion of valve seats. and conforms to 3-A sanitary standards Size range DN15 to DN150. for the production of culinary steam. Size range DN6 to DN80. 17
  18. Humidifiers Control of relative humidity is growing in importance as new technologies and health requirements in the workplace demand tighter environmental management. With both direct steam injection and self-generative humidifiers, Spirax Sarco can provide the solution to humidification needs. Direct steam injection humidifiers When plant steam is available the direct steam injection humidifier will provide optimum control and efficiency. Hygromatik self-generative humidifiers A comprehensive range of self-generative humidifiers is available complete with all the necessary control equipment. Products for compressed air The Spirax Sarco range of compressed air equipment has been designed to ensure that air of the right quality is delivered to the point of use. Compressed air products The condition of compressed air is critical to plant efficiency. Poor quality air can lead to shortened air tool life, increased manufacturing times and even health risks. The Spirax-Monnier range of compressed air products - filters, regulators and lubricators - guarantees high quality air at the point of use. The range is complemented by soft seated pressure reducing valves, ball valves and drain traps. Also available is a range of vortex flowmeters which will allow precise quantities of air to be measured. 18
  19. Complete packaged solutions Our customers are increasingly concentrating on their core businesses and now rely on Spirax Sarco to provide them with effective, well engineered packaged solutions to their heat exchange needs. Heat exchange packages A comprehensive range of packaged heat exchange systems to meet your steam to liquid heating requirements, including process and CIP heating applications, LTHW and DHW systems. The key components of the package are configured for optimum performance and represent the ultimate in compact, highly efficient and maintenance friendly heat exchange packages. Steam System Management The objective of Steam System Management (SSM) is to reduce the life cycle costs of steam systems. System audits Following a detailed system audit, our engineers can identify key areas for improved efficiency and advise on good engineering practices. The benefits to our customers include a reduction in utility charges, downtime and maintenance costs; lower emissions and the peace of mind which comes from a safe and efficient steam system. 19


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