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Practicum Report

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Reasons for choosing Tien Thinh hotel There are reasons for choosing Tien Thinh hotel where I practice. Firstly, it hotel is ideal residence of many customers when they stop in Da Nang city. It has advantageous location. It is near city centre, station and airport. Besides, Tien Thinh hotel is near famous landscapes and history traces.

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  1. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao I. INTRODUCTION 1. Reasons for choosing Tien Thinh hotel There are reasons for choosing Tien Thinh hotel where I practice. Firstly, it hotel is ideal residence of many customers when they stop in Da Nang city. It has advantageous location. It is near city centre, station and airport. Besides, Tien Thinh hotel is near famous landscapes and history traces. Morever , the hotel have enough equipment and services make customers who is very comfortable. Therefore, Tien Thinh hotel attracted many customers and from that I learn many thing there. Secondly, majority of officers in the hotel who are cruited known English and majority of customers are foreigners. The hotel which are cruited known English and majority of customers are foreigners. Therefore, English is usually used here. From that, I can practice English which I has learned for 3 years. To sum up, two reasons: ideal residence and role of English in Tien Thinh hotel which I choose it where I practice. 2. Students’ duty at Tien Thinh hotel My job in Tien Thinh hotel is receptionist II. BODY 1. General introduction process of Tien Thinh hotel 1.1. Deverlopment process of Tien Thinh hotel Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 1
  2. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao Tien Thinh hotel is a member of KIMHUNGLONG group KIMHUNGLONG ONE MEMBERED TRADING SERVICE IMPORT EXPORT COPANY LIMITED Short name: KHLIMEXCO Head office: 448 Hoang Dieu street, Hai chau, Da Nang city Telephone number: 84.511.3834566 3834568-3834577 Fax: 84.511.3820748 Email: Website: Account number: +VND 52030599 DN CCB bank Tax code: 0400592696 Business registration certificate number: 3204000253 Tien Thinh hotel found and used in 2000. It attain to standard 2 stars. Tien Thinh hotel have 4 floors including 25 rooms. From the hotel, customers can visit cham museum to take 5 minus, marble mountains to take 20 minus, Hoi An ancient town to take 45 minus by taxi. The hotel is designed beautifully and rooms have modern equipment 1.2 system diagram of the hotel director Deputy director accountancy receptionist technique House guard kitchen restaurent keeping Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 2
  3. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao 1.3 Facilities Rooms Type of room Number of room Price for Price for Vietnamese(VND) foreigners(USD) Vip 9 400000 40 Dulex 8 300000 30 superior 8 250000 25 Equipments Equipment in vip dulex superior room Colour TV X X X Air condition X X X Telephone X X X Minibar X X X Lamp X X X Working lamp X X X Room light X X X Desk and chair X X 0 X X X Hair dryer X 0 0 X X X Chest X X X Luggage-sheft X X X Mat X X X Flip-flops X X X Laundry basket X X X Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 3
  4. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao Dustbin X X Razor X X 0 Ashtray x X X Hook X X X Shampoo, comb X X X City map X X 0 Regulation of the X X X hotel Mirror X X X Picture X X X Bathtub X X X Ornamental fish X 0 0 pool Living room X 0 0 Coffee table X 0 0 Chandelier X X 0 1.4 Staff Department quantity name universit college High professional y school qualification 1 director 1 1 2 Deputy 1 1 director 3 accountancy 2 1 4 reception 5 1 2 5 House 6 6 keeping 6 technique 2 1 7 guard 4 4 8 restaurant 4 2 2 9 sum 25 4 4 2 12 Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 4
  5. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao 1.5 Produces of the Tien Thinh hotel Room Sourverner Food Minibar Air ticket Laundry 1. The role of English in Tien Thinh hotel English play important role in Tien Thinh hotel. Firstly, English is used to contact with foreigners. Nowadays, English nopt only is second language of some countries but also is common language whole the world especially in tourism field without espect Tien Thinh hotel. Morever, majority of customers of the hotel come from many different countries such as China, Singapore, Thailand, French, America……..Majority of them use English which is main language to contact with officers in the hotel. Therefore, when officers of the hotel know English, they easily do procedures and exchange some necessary problems. Secondly, English like as a tool which isn’t lack in the tourism branch generally and in Tien Thinh hotel individually. English is a bridge to bring uor tourism branch to the world tourism. Sum up, English is an useful tool in Tien Thinh hotel 2. Detailed receptionist description Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 5
  6. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao 2.1 Role of receptionist receptionist • Is appearance of the hotel • Bridge between the hotel and customers • Solving complaints of customers • Meeting needs of customers and bringing profit to the hotel • Helping other department to act more effectively • Promoting produces and services of the hotel 2.2 Duty of receptionist • Welcome customers • Introduce and sell tourism produces of the hotel • Receive reservation and arrange room for customers • Do procedures for customers of the hotel • Support information for customers • Implement information about telephone an other services • Receive and solve complaints of customers • Observer and sum up expenditure of the hotel • Check out • Connect marketing department to promote and sell tourism produces of the hotel • To hand over and receive shift • Sum up situations of customers who come to and go out on one day 2.3 Working process of the reception in the Tien Thinh hotel When customers came to the hotel. Receptionist welcomes them and suggestion help. If customers check in, receptionist asks them to have reservation or not If customers have reservation, receptionist check name and some information If customers don’t have reservation, receptionist needs to ask:  Type of room which customers want to reserve  Time of residence  Other requirement of customers  Price and payment method  Telephone number  Passport (if foreigners) Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 6
  7. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao After that, receptionist notice information and regulations of the hotel, deliver the key to customers and take them to their room. After customers come in their room, receptionist must finish works:  Finish the file  Complete procedures for customers  Put information in computer to keep and watch for room situation  Notice new customers to other department Receptionist knows every information during residence process and solves every complaint of customers Finally, liquidate money when customers check out. Receptionist calls to house keeping check room. After that house keeping inform back to receptionist. Receptionist will liquidate money for customers and say goodbye and wish 2.4 Service process of the reception in Tien Thinh hotel  Delivery and receipt of the key customers After customers receive room procedures, receptionist deliver the key and remind them carefully hold the key and return their key to receptionist when they go out When customers come back. If employees don’t remember the face of customers. When they get key to the receptionist who recommended them view card or check name before delivering key.  Provide information to customers Receptionist provide information in the hotel and local attractions, the entertainment zone, events happen on location, socio-economic situation in the locality, the address telephone number of the bank, embassy,….  Preserving valuable property and luggage of customers Receptionist require customers declare all the items on the declaration forms Customers give valuable property and money to an envelop by themselves and then they tick again and affix a seal Customers write name and number of room on an envelop. Customers and receptionist sign on votes (from page posts) Receptionist move page post to the safe of the hotel When receptionist deliver page and luggage to customers, receptionist require customers to give a receipt and check in carefully. Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 7
  8. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao Receptionist deliver the private envelop and require them to check again and assign receipt  The alarm Receptionist record the exact time and date that customers require on the alarm notebook or shift notebook Receptionist check carefully alarm time on the alarm system of the hotel . Step of the alarm: Greeting and suggestion help Ask customers that the alarm in what way: Automatic alarm Direction alarm Alarm by telephone Ask customers number of room, time, date of the alarm carefully alarm process: Alarm by telephone Step1: Greeting, introduction name and department Step2: Notice current time Step3: Wait customers answer Step4: Say goodbye and wish Direction alarm Step1: Knock, press the bell, wait customers answer Step2: Greeting, introduce department name Step3: Notice current time Step4: Say goodbye and wish  Changing room Receptionist research reasons why customers want to change room _ Check availability of the room _ Notice other department to clean the room every day _ Notice posters to help them change room _ Receptionist ask customers about information: Number of room Name Transport method _ Reconfirm the information _ Say goodbye and record notebook _ Notice other department  Reservation air ticket Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 8
  9. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao Receptionist ask customers: _ Name _ Number of room _ Quantity _ Flight time _ Destination _ Class  Reservation table in restaurant Receptionist greets, suggests helping and introducing restaurant of the hotel, asks customers for choosing food by themselves or according menu If they want to choose food by themselves, receptionist introduces location of restaurant, opening and closing time. If customers want to follow fixed menu of the restaurant, receptionist implement: Step1: Introduce menu so that customers choose by themselves Step2: Ask customers information; Time Service method Quantity of meal on one day Payment of method Step3: Check again information Step4: Say goodbye and show respect Step5: Write down notebook and notice restaurant department  Solving complaints When there are complaints of customers, receptionist have to: Listen problems of them Find out main content and write down Express sympathy with them Apologize Thanks Explain necessary something to do and implement immediately Write down and report appropriate Monitor to ensure everything which is conducted Check customer satisfaction Receptionist needs to keep claim, shows their understanding, no argument, apologizes, no put the blame for others, no promise anything beyond the powers with customers Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 9
  10. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao 4. Observation and reflection 4.1 Advantage of receptionist All receptionist of Tien Thinh hotel work actively, enthuslastically and friendly Each receptionist have consciousness with business activities of the hotel. Receptionist combine and help each other in the work. They combine to other department the best service for customers. Receptionist ready to support every information for customers. If customers have complaints, receptionist always solve quickly and skillfully situations. They always create good impressions, confidence, satisfaction about the hotel for customers. 4.2 disadvantage of receptionist Costume’s receptionist don’t really attract customer. Although receptionist wears “ao dai” every day. “ao dai” of each receptionist has different colour and type. This thing don’t create unified and aesthetic hotel Receptiomist coordinate unclosely to otjher departments to solve thoroughly during residence process. Sometimes, requirements of customers aren’t implemented quickly (example: customers require receptionist to bring minibar to their room on 2 or 3 times) Working process of some receptionist is slowly. This thing take a lot of time and influence service process of the hotel. 3. Solution: 3..1 Solution 1: date 20th, April The group of Mr Khanh resided in Tien Thinh hotel go out and have some problems. Therefore, they can’t come back the hotel to check out at 12 o’clock. While the group of Mr Thanh require to check in before 12 o’clock Solving: receptionist call to tour guide of the group and tour guide said that they will check out later. Receptionist suggest the group of Mr Thanh go to lunch and then come back the hotel and they agreed with receptionist 3.2 Solution2: date 1st, May Mrs Marry resevated dulex room (302) from 30th, May to 1st, May in Tien Thinh hotel but she stay to add 1 night (on 2nd,May)while Mr Smith reservated dulex room (302) for nights from 2nd to 5th, May. When Mr Smith check in, the room which he reservated isn’t available and all room in the hotel aren’t available Solving: receptionist apologized and explained to him about this situation. Receptionist suggested introducing for him to other hotel with equivalent class or better but Mr Smith don’t agree. Receptionist persuaded and said that Tien Thinh hotel will pay extra expenditure. At the moment, Mr Sith agree with receptionist 3.3 Solution3: date 25th, May Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 10
  11. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao At night, Mss Diana call to receptionist require to change room because her room have ghosts Solving: receptionist listen customer’s complaints seriously, show sympathy and no argue. After that, receptionist check availability of room but all room in the hotel aren’t available. Receptionist explained that this is a fancy and the hotel have always on duty guard but Mss Diana don’t agree. And then, receptionist promises that they change room for her if there are customers to check out tomorrow. 3.4 Solution4: Date 17th, May Mr Peter stayed in 302 for 3 nights in Tien Thinh hotel. When he check out, he required receptionist to reduce price for him because his room have bugs. It made him feel uncomfortable. Solving: Receptionist apologized and promised that this problems won’t repeat. After that, receptionist explained that up to now the hotel have ever had this event to happen. Receptionist apologized him again. Then, receptionist asked idea’s manager about this situation. III. CONCLUTION: 1. Summary: During practicum process in Tien Thinh hotel. I known arrangement system department of a hotel and working process of the reception. Besides, I also learned some ways to solve complaints of customers. 2. Learned Lesson In contact with customer process, receptionist must be happy, open-heart, friendly make them fell comfortable and wish coming to here later When solving complaint of customers, receptionist must solve quickly, skillfully, professionally, no hurt them. 3. Suggestions Hotel Regarding procedures: Tien Thinh hotel need to develop produces diversification such as massage, bicycle for rent or cyclo for rent, etc…….. Regarding price: if customers stay at hotel for a long time, the hotel should hold birthday party free or free breakfast Regarding facilities: technique department enhance to maintain and recover wrong equipments quickly. Morever, majority of customers is using Internet but wifi of the hotel is weak. Therefore, Tien Thinh hotel needs to overcome this problem. Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 11
  12. Practicum Report Supervisor: Nguyen Thi Thao Receptionist Receptionist should connect to other departments to solve customers’ complaints thoroughly Receptionist need to have uniform in order to create an unified and aesthetic hotel Receptionist of Tien Thinh hotel need more flexible and active to solve complaints and meet to needs of customers Name : Nguyen Thi Bich Loi Page: 12
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