Standard Parts for Mould Making P1

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Standard Parts for Mould Making P1

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Your Production Partner Guide Elements Locating units, round Locating units, flat Compensation Discs Adjusting washers Ejector rods Centering sleeves Guide pillars Guide pillars, shouldered Locating guide pillars, shouldered Guide pillars with flange Guide pillars (diagonal load pillars) Guide sleeves Guide bushes Locating guide bushes Guide bushes, Bronze with Non-Liquid Lubricant Angled Guide Gibs, Bronze with Non-Liquid Lubricant Flat Guide Bars, Bronze with Non-Liquid Lubricant Ball bearing guides Rectangular guides with rollers Socket Head Cap Screws Countersunk Head Cap Screws Flat mushroom head screw Setscrews Collar Nuts Washers T-Head Bolts Spring...

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