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Trong bối cảnh hội nhập và với xu thế toàn cầu hóa hiện nay thì ngoại ngữ - phổ biến là tiếng Anh - có một vai trò vô cùng quan trọng. Việc học một ngoại ngữ không phải tiếng mẹ đẻ, bao giờ cũng đem lại cho bạn nhiều khó khăn, vì thế để học tốt tiếng Anh hay bất kì thứ tiếng nào khác đòi hỏi bạn phải có những động lực khá rõ ràng. Để giúp các bạn hiểu được tầm quan trọng và lợi ích của việc học Tiếng Anh cũng như giúp bạn có thêm nhiều động lực thúc đẩy việc học ngoại ngữ. TaiLieu.VN đã cập nhật nhiều tài liệu, sách, ebook, giáo trình, đề thi Ngoại Ngữ phổ biến nhất hiện nay, giúp bạn có nguồn tài nguyên phong phú rèn luyện nâng cao trình độ ngoại ngữ: Anh, Hoa, Nhật, Hàn, Pháp...
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  • Want to give your career a boost? Can your job performance appraisal help? It surely will not if you do not know what you want to achieve from it. You cannot just wing it and it is simply too important to be left to chance. Appraisals represent a unique opportunity to check progress and, more importantly, to look to the future. Being prepared is the first step to making these meetings go well.

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  • Ebook Your future: From dream to reality is for everyone who wants take responsibility for their life rather than letting life happen to them. For business owners who believe that their business is not going in the direction they want; for those who want to harness the positive energy generated from the fear of beginning something new; for those who feel trapped in their current job just because it pays the bills; for those who think they lack the confidence to live their dream.

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  • Ebook Your boss: Sorted! shows how. It sets out proven approaches and practical tips about a range of matters from communications to job appraisals where you can take an initiative with action that can help create the relationship that you want, and which your boss finds works and which they like. Such action can affect how well you can do your job, the satisfaction, indeed enjoyment, and rewards you get from it and how your present situation can lead on to a career of increasing success.

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  • Ebook Working as an independent contractor serves as a guide to help you set up and maintain your independent business and helps you find answers to questions such as how to generate and keep clients, the need for a business plan, how to work with budgets, and much more. Survival tips are included at the end. The author is an active independent consultant experienced with the hiring process from the perspective of a consultant and subcontractor as well as hiring contractors himself.

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  • EBook Working abroad: European perspectives is a very sensible concise guide aimed at European nationals who want to abroad. The book is admirably clear in addressing the issues that arise when moving abroad. Invite you to consult the detailed content of documents.

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  • Ebook Towards career fitness is an invaluable aid: it can allow you to add, in a manageable way, a powerful thread to your career management activity and thus give your career progression a positive boost.

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  • Ebook The anatomy of your creativity aims to awaken parts of your psycho-physical system to give you a head start, and a good feeling in your heart about your life and work. Whether you have an idea for a startup; Your business is static, safe, steady but needs stretch; You are “worried well” between “stretch” and “panic”; Or you have a leaky, rocky, pear-shaped project and have just had enough - open The Anatomy of Your Creativity.

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  • Ebook Swim out to your ship presented the main contents: Standing on the Shore, the Swim to Your ship, what Type of Ship do I Deserve, a Yacht or an Ocean Going Liner, happiness is a ship called, who’s Steering Your ship, shall I Go Out to Sea or Stay by the Shore, getting on Board Your ship.

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  • Ebook Setting your vision and defining your goals shelp etting your vision and defining your goals will guide individuals and business owners alike through the process of establishing a personal mission statement that helps provide clarity and a sense of purpose. How do you want to live? What impact to you want to make? What do you value? A series of exercises will help you answer these questions and more as you begin building a life you love.

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  • Ebook Preparing for personality tests explains how and why organizations use personality tests as part of their recruitment process. It describes how personality tests work and what aspects of your personality organizations are interested in measuring.

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