D. Mac OS X

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D. Mac OS X

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D.1.1. Mac OS X A gold mine of tips, tricks, and hints. An excellent daily dose of reporting about Mac questions, problems, and news.

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  1. D. Where to Go From Here If read in a comfortable chair with good lighting, this book can be the foundation of a sturdy Mac OS X education. But particularly when it comes to mastering the Unix side of this operating system, years of study may await you still. D.1. Web Sites The Web is the salvation of the Mac OS X fan, especially considering the information vacuum that marked Mac OS X's early days. The Internet was the only place where people could find out what the heck was going on with their beloved Macs. Here are the most notable Web sites for learning the finer points of Mac OS X. D.1.1. Mac OS X • A gold mine of tips, tricks, and hints. • An excellent daily dose of reporting about Mac questions, problems, and news. • Unix tips and techniques, frequently asked questions, and links to useful sites. • A rich source of information on the underpinnings of Mac OS X, with a focus on changing them. • and Massive databases that track, and provide links to, all the latest software for Mac OS X. • Even if you aren't a developer, joining the Developer Connection (Apple's programmers' club) gets you an email newsletter and access to the discussion boards, which are a great place for hearing Mac news first—all for free. (Pay $500 a year to become a Select member, and you get CDs mailed to you containing upcoming versions of Mac OS X.) • A good source for news and commentary about the Mac and related products. • The discussion boards are an ideal place to find solutions for problems. When a bug pops up, the posts here are a great place to look for fixes. • The ultimate Mac troubleshooting Web site, complete with a hotbed of Mac OS X discussion. • O'Reilly's own Mac site. Full of tutorials, news, and interesting weblogs (techie diaries). • A hilarious satire site, dedicated to lampooning our tech addiction—especially Apple tech. Perhaps best known for the David Pogue's Head icon for Mac OS X (
  2. Or perhaps not. D.1.2. Mac OS X–Style Unix Lessons and Reference • A command reference of cd, ls, rm, and all the other commands you can use in Terminal or the console. • A convenient, free Web-based course in Unix for beginners. Tip: Typing unix for beginners into a search page like nets dozens of superb help, tutorial, and reference Web sites. If possible, stick to those that feature the bash shell; that way, everything you learn online should be perfectly applicable to navigating Mac OS X via Terminal.  



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