Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 10: NATURE IN DANGER-LISTENING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 10: NATURE IN DANGER-LISTENING

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  1. UNIT 10 NATURE IN DANGER PART C: listening I.Objectives 1. Aim: Students learn to give the reasons and ways to protect the environment and nature. _ Listen to a passage with specific information. _ Listen to some new words and phrases that talk about endangered nature. 2. Lexical items: Words and phrases related to the reasons why nature is threatened and the measures for protecting it. 3. Teaching aids: handout, textbook , board, chalk, pictures II.Procedure 1.Check up: Give some reasons why nature is threatened(7’) 2 New lesson T Contents T & Ss’ activities
  2. I.Before you listen(8’) T.asks sts to give some Cat Ba National Parks,Cuc Phuong Nationalnational parks in VN. Parks, Phong Nha National Park,Ba Be National Sts work in pairs. Park… T. explains difficult New words: words . Scenic features ;= Sts listen and repeat Devastating : destroy after the teacher. Maintenance: su bao tri Approximately: xâp x ỉ Vehicles: xe cô Completely: hoàn toàn * Checking vocabulary:what and where II.While you listen( 25’) T.introduces the Task 1: Listen to the passage and decide situation. if the following statements are True or T.asks Sts to look Fasle through Task 1 so that
  3. they can understand Key new words and 1.T 2.T structures in it. 3.F (Many national parks……) T. plays the tape once 4. T 5. T or twice and asks sts to do task 1 Task 2: Listen again and answer the T. asks some sts to give questions answers the others give remarks on them. Key: T.corrects them. 1. There are 52 national parks in the US. 2. Millions of people visit national parks every year. T.asks sts to read the 3. Rare animals are killed or hunted for fur, questions in Task 2. skin or other parts.Trees are cut down for plays the tape again . T. wood. Sts listen and answer Large areas of national parks experience the questions. After
  4. devastating fires they work in pairs. caused by careless people. The increasing T. asks some pairs of number of visitors sts to ask and answer a is harming the parks due to the population from loud. their vehicles. 4. Rare animals and trees should be protected, fires caused by careless people should be limited, pollution from their visitors’ vehicles should be decreased and money should be raised for the parks’ staff and maintenance of their resources. III.After you listen.(4’) T. asks sts to summarizes the passage, using the information in Task 1 and 2. Sts work in groups.
  5. Homework(1’) T. asks sts to prepare for the next part
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