Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIP-LISTENING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIP-LISTENING

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  1. UNIT 1: Period:4 C- listenING Class Teaching Absentees date 11A I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson , ss will be able to: - Listen comprehension about one’s daily dayactivities - Listen and decide true or fasle statements II. Language focus: *vocabulary :apartment building, guitarist, sense of humour, around *skills: 4 skills, especially :Listen and speaking III. Method and teaching aids:
  2. - Communicative approach - text book, cassette player, poster * Tecniques: Braistorming, T/F statements, discussion IV. Procedures: A. Warm up: and check-up (5ms) -T: tell me your best/close friend ? Do you have any close friend?who is your best friend ? How did you meet him/her? How long have you know each other? - What qualities do you admire in your best friend? "Thank you for telling us about your best friend. So we know that your best friend is ..... You'veknown each other for ...... years. You first met when you .... What you like best about her/him is that she/ he is ....." -Today you 'll hear some people talk about their best friends. B. New lesson: T’ACTIVITIES STS’ACTIVITIES 1)Before you listen:(7ms)
  3. Asks ss to listen and repeat: -Sts open their books and read the -T helps ss to pronounce the words words in the text book (chorus) given in the book and explain the - apartment building (n): toµ nhµ meaning of them cã nhiÒu c¨n hé - sense of humour: he or she is Teaches some words taken from capable of making you laugh (khiÕu hµi h­íc) the listening passage - Go through a rough time: Tr¶i qua thêi kú khã kh¨n - Give Sb a ring = Phone sb 2) While you listen:(20ms) -T puts the poster on bb You will hear Long and Lan talk *Task 1: about their best friends .Listen to -sts read through and predict T or F their talks and decide they are true -Sts listen to the tape and pay or false attention to the key words - T plays the tape twice or three - Decide whether statements are times true or false.
  4. T asks for sts'answers and writes - Ss work in groups of 4 to them on the board. compare their answers -T gives feedback *Lan’s talks (from 1 to 6 at page 18) 1. F (They used to live in the same building there) 2. F. (It is what people think) 3. T 4. F (Lan went to Do Son first and then called Ha, so Ha rode on her motorbike to Do Son to meet Lan) 5.T 6. F (They have been best friends since Lan’s frip to Do Son) *Long’ talks: (from 1 to 5 at page 18) 1. F (they met in college)
  5. 2. F (Minh was a guitarist) 3. T 4. T 5. T T guides sts to do task 2. *Task 2: filling in the table T may ask them to try to fill the - Ss try to fill the table table with the things they - Ss to complete their notes. remember from the previous times - Work in pairs and check the of listening. answers T plays the tape again Suggested answers: T gets Ss to work in pairs and How & where did they met? check their answers What do they like about -T corrects and gives the results their friends? Lan -They used to live in the same residential area in Ha Noi -Lan went on a two-day trip to Do Son and Ha went their to hepl her-
  6. Ha’s very friendly and helpful -Ha’sociable.She got many friends in Do Son and she introduced Lan around Long-They met in college -Minh play the guitar and Long was a singer -They work together -Minh has a sense of humour -Minh likes to go plays and movies -Minh is a good listener -Minh is friendly and helpful Sts work in pairs a.Who is Lan’s best friend? - Ha b. How long have they been friend? - for a long time
  7. c.Where did they use to live? - They used to live in Nguyen Cong 3)After you listen (6ms) T gets sts to work in pairs to talk Tru Residential area in Ha Noi about how Ha has been Lan's best d.When did Ha’ family move to Hai friend and how Minh has been Phong? - in 1985 Long's best friend. e. How is Ha? - Ha is very friendly. T calls some pairs to present their f.When did lan first start to get to know Ha? - When Lan was going answers. — T elicits feedback from the class on a two day trip to Do Son last year and gives final comments. g. How and where did Long and Minh meet? - They met in college Long was a singer and Minh was a guitarist h.What is Minh’good quality? - He has a goodsense of humour, he is funny , helpful and very good
  8. listener i.What do they like to go together? WRAPPING UP — T summarises the main points - They like to plays and movies together. of the lesson. Home work(2ms) — T asks Ss to learn by heart all -Write a paragraph for 100 words new words about how you and your friend has become best friend - learn by heart all new words -prepare writing
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