Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 3: A PARTY-SPEAKING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 3: A PARTY-SPEAKING

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  1. Period:14 SPEAKING Class Teaching date Absentees 11A I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson , ss will be able to talk about the party they take part in Language focus:* Grammar:simple past, present tense * Skill: speaking II. Method and Tecniques: Communicative approach, retell III. teaching aids: text book, handout, poster., real object IV. Procedures: New lesson: T’ACTIVITIES STS’ACTIVITIES WARM - UP (7ms) Gives the situation: Yesterday I went to a Ask some questions
  2. party. Please ask me some questionsto 1. Who gave the party? get as much information about the party 2. Where did it take place? Was it a as you can.. nice place? Answers ss' questions 3. What time did it start and end? 4. On what occasion was the party held? 5. What activities did you do there? 6. Did you have a good time? 7. How were the people like? 8. What about foods and drinks? T teaches necessary language for talking - Take note about parties. A birthday/house-warming party *notes: A family/social gathering - Host (n): ông chủ(bữa tiệc) To have/organize/hold/celebrate/give a - Hostess (n):bà chủ(nt) party - Decoration (n): sự trang trí To celebrate one’s birthday / wedding - Budget (n);ngân quỹ anniversary/graduation To join oneself To have fun/a good time Gifts: flowers, souvenirs, a bottle of
  3. wine, chocolate Decorations: balloons, flowers, lamps, pictures…. Food and drinks: main courses, cakes, ice-cream, sweets, soft drink, fruits, .... Music: pop music, jazz, classical music…… Task 1(8m) - Asks ss to open their book and read Choose from the list the things you through all questions and answer the want to talk about questions Sts open their book and read through Gets Ss to do the task individually all questions, think of a party you have - T encourages Ss to take notes while been to and answer the questions doing so (individually work) Goes around the class to check and offer Tell your party to your friend help. (pairwork) Task 2 (10ms) - Put Ss in pairs and tell them to tell each -Someone can report it in front of the other about the party they have been to, class base on the outlines they have made in Sts make some questions and answers task1 with the words (groups )on the posters
  4. -T asks some sts to retell the parties which he/she took - Call some ss to perform their - where (home or restaurant) conversations in front of the class - when (date & time) - who to invite (family, relatives, classmates, teacher, friends) 3. task 3(10ms) You are take part in a competition to - dressing code (former, informer, organize the best party.Decide on the costumes) following - entertainment (dance,music, games) -T moves around and asks sts to have - decorations (colored light, bulbs, answers flowers) -T can ask and answer together - food and drink (cook our own or *Make questions: order) - budget: How much do you spend for - budget (how much to spend?how your party? much to contribute?) - date and time: When do you organize your party? - who to invite: Who have been invited to the party? How many people do you invite to the party?
  5. -place:Where do you organize your party? Formal/informal: What kind of clothes do you dress at the party? - decoration: How do you decorate your party? Sts of groups go to bb and repport the - entertaiment: What activities will take party they are going to organize place? *Example: -food and drink: What food and drink We are having a Holloween party at will be served? 7p.m on October 31.Would you like to come?We have also invited English 4. Task 4 (6ms) Tell the rest of the class about your teacher . There will be lot of foof and party.try to convince them tocome drink that you like as pizzas, -T checks and gives feedback hambugers, cake, fruit juice.Of course there will be dancing and some exciting game with enteresting prizes for the winners Home work -write a paragragh for 50 words , talk
  6. about the birthday party -prepare the next lesson : Listening Assigns homework: (1ms)
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