Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 3: A PARTY-LANGUAGE FOCUS

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 3: A PARTY-LANGUAGE FOCUS

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  1. Period:17 + 18 lanGuage focus Class Teaching date Absentees 11A I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson ,ps will be able to: - pronounce the sounds:/l/, /r/ ,/h/ correctly in a word or a sentence - use infinitive and gerund ,passive infinitive and gerund Language Focus: *pronunciation: /h/, /r/, /l/ *grammar: Infinitive and gerund, passive infinitive and gerund *skill: 4 skills II. Method and Tecniques: - Communicative approach , - Gap-filling multiple choice III. teaching aids: text book, handout, poster., real objects
  2. IV. Procedures: New Lesson: T’ACTIVITIES STS’ACTIVITIES I. Pronunciation (10ms) a. Practise the words: - Ss listen to the tape and repeat T introduces 3 sounds /h/, /r/, /l/ for a few - Ss repeat in individually times and explains the differences in NOTES: pronouncing them + Letter “h” is silent when it follows /l/ /r/ /h/ “g, k, g” at the beginning of the word, lunch pretty hit or in the words "honest, hour, honour" lovely everyone house + Letter “r” is silent if there is no lemonade parents vowel sound after it holiday + Letter “l” is silent in the words “ Jelly really half, calm, talk, could hospital Read aloud the given sentences and glass restaurant underline words contain 3 sounds /h/, husband /r/,/l/ salad library helocopter Read individually
  3. T asks Ss to work in pairs and take turn to read aloud the given sentences (p. 39, *Gerund (V-ing) Là hình thức động từ được sử dụng như Practise these sentences). T goes around to listen and takes notes of một danh từ và có chức năng giống như một danh từ the typical errors. - Subject (chủ ngữ): Smoking is bad T calls some Ss to read the sentences for health again. - Object (t©n ng÷): II. Grammar: (33ms) -Sau một số từ: enjoy, appreciate, *Review infinitive , To –infinitive mind, risk, postpone, quit, avoid, *Infinitive (meaning in the future) dislike, keep, finish, mention, consider, *V-ing (meaning in the past) suggest, delay Asks Ss work in groups to divide the list of verbs into 2 groups: verbs followed by - Sau giới từ: - Sau một số cụm từ: INF and verbs followed by Gerund It’s no good, It’s(not) worth,it’s not any enjoy, plan, appreciate, decide, mind, good/use refuse, risk, postpone, quit, agree, seem, - Subject complement (bổ ng÷ cho chủ avoid, ask, dislike, keep, offer, finish, ng÷) promise, intend, delay, consider, + His interest is colecting stamps suggest, mention, hope -Sau một số từ với Have:have (any),
  4. Answer: problem, have fun, have a good time, Verbs followed by INF: plan, have trouble, have diffficult, have a decide, refuse, agree, seem, ask, offer, hard time promise, intend, hope, want - Verb + infinitive or Gerund with a Verbs followed by Gerund: different meaning enjoy, appreciate, mind, risk, postpone, + stop, remember, forget, regret, try, quit, avoid, dislike, keep, finish, mention, mean, go on consider, suggest, delay Work in pairs Answers: 1. having 2. getting Exercise 1: ( 39, 40) 3. to tell 4. practising Asks ss to practise with pairwork 5. to see Calls ss to present their answers Listen and take note T gives feedback Passive infinitive: T uses examples to introduce passive *Form: infinitive and passive gerund *Passive infinitive and gerund (10ms) Ex: I want to tell you a story (active) I want to be told a story (passive) passive rerund:
  5. T uses examples to introduces passive Take note infinitive and passive gerund * Form: *passive rerund: I remember Mr Nam telling him that matter = I remember him being told that matter by Mr Nam Exercise 2 : ( p. 40) Work in pairs Asks ss to practise with pairwork Answer: Calls ss to present their answers 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.B T checks with the whole class and 5. A provides corrective feedback. Work individually and then find a Exercise 3 (P.41) partner to check their answers with. T gets Ss to do Exercise 3 individually Answer: and then find a partner to check their 1. D 2.C 3.B 4.B answers with. 5.C T checks with the whole class and Listen provides corrective feedback. Home work:
  6. - Learning the given verbs by heart WRAPPING UP (2ms) S + want / hope / expect / agree+ (o) + to- S + enjoyactive) infinitive ( / dislike / avoid….+ V-ing T summarises the main points of the - Reviewing Units 1,2,3 to prepare for (active)ant / hope / expect / agree + to =S+ w be+PP (passive) the test : TEST YOURSELF A lesson. S + enjoy / di)slike / avoid….+ being For PP (passive) Ss review the uses of + homework, different tenses that have been covered in the lesson. Assigns homework
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