Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 11 SOURCES OF ENERGY-WRITING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 11 SOURCES OF ENERGY-WRITING

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  1. UNIT 11 SOURCES OF ENERGY PART D: Writing I. OBJECTIVES: Aims: To know how to describe the information from the chart. Teaching aids: chart, text book, cassette player Skill: Listening comprehension Techniques: gap-filling, multiple choice. Pair work , group work II.Procedure T Contents T & Ss’activities I.Pre-writing: T asks Ss to play a 1.Warmer:(5ms) game( T gives four .a.Water power/ supply/energy/not sentences in cues, then cause/pollution. asks them to write b.It/ expensive/build/a dam/ meaningful sentences hydroelectricity.
  2. c.Fossil fuels/ exhauted /within /  Work in groups relatively/ short time. d.natural environment/ consist/ natural resources. Suggeted answers: Water power supplies energy not causing pollution. It is expensive to build a dam for -T calls Ss to go to bb hydroelectricity. answer Fossil fuels will be exhauted within a the question( expected relatively short time. answers)  The natural environment consists of all asnwer the questions natural resources. of 2. Check up: Write some meaning of these words: T leads to the new Ecologist, fossil fuels, resources, lesson renewable, unlimited, fertilized Close the book and
  3. 3.Lead in:(2ms) answer T:What kinds of energy are consumed the  work in groups most in Viet nam? Petroleum, II. While-writing:(25 ms) -To ask Ss to interpret Task 1:Study the chart about energy the information from consumption in Highland in 2000 and fill the and take in the gap with the information from thr the exact figure for chart: each item and fill in * (suggested answers) the gaps. 2000: nuclear and hydroelectricity -20 -Ss work in groups and tons million write the naswers on petroleum –57 million tons the posters coal – 40 million tons 2005: nuclear and hydroelectricity-75 million tons. petroleum –50million tons
  4. coal –45million tons To ask Ss to fill in the Task 2:Continue your description of the gaps in the passage trends in energy consumption in the year with the exact 2005 in Highland information from the *(suggested answers) chart given. 1. 117 2. coal Work in pairs 3. smallest III. Post –writing(13ms) 1.Chart/ show/energy consumption/ Highland/2005/ energy consumption/170 million To ask Ss to write a tons short paragraph from 3.Petroleum/ make/largest amount/figure. cues in 2005 4.This/ follow/ by/ consumption/ coal// 40 million tons. 5.Nuclear and hydroelectricity /make/
  5. smallest amount/ energy consumption . IV. Homework: To ask Ss to write a paragraph to compare energy consumption in Highland in 2000 with one in 2005.


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