Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 8: CELEBRATION-READING

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 8: CELEBRATION-READING


I. Objectives:

1. Educational aim: Students should know more about the celebration of Tet and

other festivals’ activities

2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge: - Through this unit, students know the history of tet and

some kinds of celebration

- New words: Words related to celebration

3. Skills: Reading for identifying the main idea and specific information

II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative

III. Teaching aids: Real objects, pictures, English textbook 11, hand-outs

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

Warm-up: (4 minutes)
- T shows some real objects and pictures

such as the pictures of Banh Chung,

peach blossom, kumquat tree…., real

objects as red envelops, a box of candied Pair work

fruits…. - Listen to the teacher look at the

- T points the pictures and real objects picture and answer the questions

and ask questions: The answers are various

1. What do you think of when you see

this? - I think of Tet holiday

2. Why so? - Because they are the symblols of

3 What do you often do before Tet? Tet.

- Clean and decorate the house, go

shopping to buy new clothes, candied

fruits, make Banh Chung…….
Before you read (10m)

Discussing Tet holiday

Work in pair and discuss these
-Ask Ss to look at the picture on page 90

activities they enjoy most doing in the
and discuss the 3 questions in pairs

- T goes around to offer help

- T calls on some Ss to present their
answer and elicits comments from other

Ss. T gives feedback if necessary - It is Spring and it should be Tet

1. What time of the year is it? holiday because we can see peach

blossom and kumquat tree full of ripe

2. What are the people in the picture fruits

doing? - The grandmother is giving her niece

and nephew some lucky money. The

girl, the boy and their parents good

3. What else do you see in the picture? health and happiness

- In the picture we can see a five-fruit

tray on the ancestral altar and a dish

of fruits, a tray of candied fruits and a

Pre -teaching vocabulary banh chung on the table.

While you read

Setting the scene

You are going to read a passage about

Tet holiday in Vietnam. While you are

reading, do the tasks in textbook

Whole class pay attention
Task 1 (6m)
Find the meanings of the words. You can

also use your dictionary

+ T writes these words on the board

+ Ask Ss to read the passage quickly and Individual work

stop at the lines that contain these words

to guess their meaning

1. grand: impressive and large

2. banner: along piece of cloth with a

message on it that is carried between two

poles or hung in a public place to show

support for st

3. sugared apples

4. agrarian: connected with farming and 1- Träng ®¹i, hoµnh tr¸ng

the use of land for farming
2- BiÓu ng÷, b¨ng r«n
5. pray: to speak to God especially to

give thanks or ask for help

6. excitement: the state of feeling excited
3-T¸o tÈm ®­êng
Task 2 (5m) 4-Thuéc vÒ n«ng nghiÖp

Asks Ss to work individually to do the
5-CÇu nguyÖn
task and discuss their answers with their
6- sù h¸o høc, nhén nhÞp

Calls some Ss to give their answers and

ask them to explain their choices
individual work and pair work
Task 3(6m)
1- F ; 2- F ;3–T
Asks Ss to work individually to do the
4- F ; 5- T ;6–T
task, then discuss their answer with their

Individual work and pair work
Calls some Ss to write their answers on
1. It falls sometime between 19th
the board and ask them to explain their
January and 20th February
2. Tet’s preparations and celebrations

used to be pread over months

3, They are decorated with coloured

lights and red banners

4. They buy gifts, clean and decorate

their houses and cook traditional


5. It is made from sticky rice, green

beans and fatty pork

After you read (10m) 6. Mut is candied fruit
Asks Ss to work in groups to tell 7. Visiting friends and other family

eachother about their last Tet holiday members, exchanging wishes, going to

When all groups have finished, T calls on the pagoda, playing games..

some Ss to report their ideas to the class Group work

-two students present in front of the
Consolidation and homework(2m)

T summarises the main points and class

assigns homework. homework

-learn by heart all of the new words

and give examples

- Summarise the main ideas of the


- Prepare for READING
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