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Giáo án mẫu môn Tiếng anh

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  1. Lesson Plan Instructor: Pham Thi Bich Hong Student: Phung Thi Kim Nhung Class: EnglishBK42 Unit 8: The story of my village Lesson 1: Reading Teaching class: 10A9 School: Luong Ngoc Quyen high school I-Aim Reading about the changes in the country life II-Objectives By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: -Improve their reading skill through vocabulary “ matching and table completion exercises - Enlarrge vocabulary about the country life such as bumper crop, cash crop, straw... III-Materials Text book, black board, chalks... IV- Anticipated problems V- Procedure Step Time Teacher’s activities Students’ Interaction activities Warm 5’ *Greeting up
  2. -Good morning! -Good morning! -T Ss - Mornitor, are there any -Answer one absent today? -“Last time we -What did we learn last learn language time? focus of unit 7” * Introduce the new lesson -Write the title and write the title on the board. “ Today, we will learn unit 8: The story of my village, lesson 1: your books on the pages 82 and 83” Before 10’ *Look at the picture and T Ss reading discuss the questions - Ask students to read the -Read and answer requirement of “ before you read” and check understanding by asking ” What are you going to do?” - Ask students” How many -Answer: 4 questions are there?” questions -Ask students to find new -Find new words words in the questions. ” Any new words?” *New words: + Crop ( n): mua mang -Write new words
  3. + Produce(v): san xuat -Work in pairs and discuss. -Ask students to work in -Ss Ss pairs and discuss four questions. -Give answer -Ask students to give -Listen and write answers correct answer. -Check and give correct answer 1. The farmer are harvesting tne crop. 2. They are working very hard. 3. It ‘s a good/bumper crop. 4. Good farming methods, morden technology used.... While 25’ *Read the passage and do reading the tasks that follow. -Ask students to read the -Read and answer requirement of “while you read” and check -TSs understanding by asking the question” What are you going to do?”. -Ask students to read the -Read the passage passage silently and find and find new new words. words. *New words: -Write new words.
  4. + To make end meet: Kiem du song. + Straw(n): Rom ra. + Mud (n): Bun + Shortage(n): Su thieu thon. + Farming method (n): Phuong phap canh tac. + Technical high school: Truong trung hoc ky thuat day nghe. + Bumper crop : Vu mua boi thu. -Teacher reads out and -Repeat students repeat. -Listen -Teacher plays the tape once. Task 1: Match the words in A with their definition in B. -Ask students to read the -Read and answer. requirement of task 1 and check understanding by asking” What are you going to do?” -Give instruction: -Work in pairs and -SsSs “ Now, work in pairs, read match. the passage and match the words in A with their
  5. definition in B”. -Call on some students to -Give answers. give the answers and to -T Ss explain them in front of the class. -Feedback and give correct -Listen and write answers correct answers. 1.b 4. e 2.d 5. c 3.a Task 2: Complete the table. - Ask students to read the - Read and requirement of task 2 and translate. translate to make sure that they know what they are going to do. -Ask students to scan the passage to get specific information to complete the table. -Give instruction: “ Work in pairs, read the -Work in pairs and passage again to get complete the table. information to complete the table” -SsSs - Ask students to give -Give the answers answers -Listen and write -Check the answers in front correct answers.
  6. of the class and give correct answer. - Correct answers Houses: -T Ss Now: made od brick Radio and TV: Before: Few families had a radio or a TV set Now: Many families have a radio or a TV set Farming methods: Before: Old Now: New. Crops: Before: Poor Now: Good/bumper Task 3: Answer the questions -Read -Ask students to read the -Answer: 5 requirement of task 3. questions -Ask students”How many question are there?” -Work in pairs and -Ask students to work in answer questions pairs and discuss five questions -Give answers
  7. -Have students give answers -Write the correct -Ss Ss answers -Check and give correct answers: 1. It was very poor and simple. 2. Because they hoped that with an education of science and technology, their children could find a way of bettering their lives. 3. They introduced new farming methods which resulted in bumper crops.They also helped the villagers grow cash crops for export. 4. He said their lives had changed a lot thanks to the knowledge their children had brought home. 5. He told his grandchildren: “ Study harder so that you can do more for the village than your parents did”. Post 5’ -Summarise the main points -Answer T Ss reading “ What have you just learnt?” “ We learn vocabulary
  8. about the country life” -Assign home work -Write homework + Do” after you read at home” + Learn new words by heart. + Prepare for “ Speaking”
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