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PART C: Listening

I. Objectives

II. –By the end of the lesson , Students will be able to

- Listen to the hobbies of a student.

- listen to a talk a fill in blanks with True or False

III. Material:

- Cassette player, board

- Some books

III.Skills: Listening skill

IV. Procedures

Time Content T&Ss’ activities
5 Warmer Ss work in pairs

stamps / fish / book / swimming

-Ask students to work in pairs -Asks students to close

-Have some students to write theirs their books

sentences on the board and check for -Gives them prompts

correction and asks them make

-Show some books and ask students: sentences with those

What are the benefit of reading books? prompts provided

* Before listening

Find the letter

1.It is noun with four letter

2.It can be your friend or even your

teacher T introduces the new

5 3.It gives you knowledge about the lesson


4.It can be found in a library

Lead in new lesson

Do you read book?

How often do you read them?

Do people collect books as a hobby?

Today you are going to listen to someone Ss show meanings and

talking about his hobby of reading parts of speech of the

books.In the first place I’m going to help words

you know some new words




2.fairy tale(n)

Ex:My grandmother used to tell story to

me before I went to sleep

3.Profitably(adv)translation Ss work in pairs say T

4.bygone days(question or F
What do you call the days which have


*While listening (25’)

II.Task1:Listen and decide whether T or


Ss work in groups

Play the tape 2 times and students give complete the

the answers of the task 1. Students can following sentences

write their answers on the board

- Play the tape the third time and give

students the right answers

Answers T Explains the

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 instruction of the task 2

T F F F T T T F to the students and ask

them prepare the task 2
silently, walk around

and give students help

III.Task 2: Listen and write the missing

words Ss Listen to the tape,

the go to the board and

- Play the tape 2 times and students give write their answers

the answers of the task 2. Students can - Pay attention on to

write their answers on the board the listening passage

and take note the

correct answers

Play the tape the third time sentence by

sentence and correct the answers on the


1 2 3 4 5

wonderful disease jungle certainly



- Ask students to work in groups and

give them the instruction of the task:

Talking about the disadvantages of over-

reading, give many examples to the task

- Ask them write the report on a sheet of


- Call one student of each group to write

the report on the board


Write a passage 50words about
disadvantages of over-reading
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