Đáp án đề thi ĐH-CĐ môn Tiếng Anh khối D 2003

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Đáp án đề thi ĐH-CĐ môn Tiếng Anh khối D 2003

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Nội dung Text: Đáp án đề thi ĐH-CĐ môn Tiếng Anh khối D 2003

  1. Bé gi¸o dôc vµ ®µo t¹o kú thi tuyÓn sinh ®¹i häc, cao ®¼ng n¨m 2003 M«n thi: tiÕng anh khèi d1 §¸p ¸n vµ thang ®iÓm 1 (®Ò chÝnh thøc) PhÇn I. Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 1 ®Õn 5. PhÇn VI . Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 41 ®Õn 50 . Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 1 ®iÓm. → 5 ®iÓm Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 2 ®iÓm. → 20 ®iÓm 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 C 5 B 41. It was such an unexpected remark that she/ didn’t know what to say. / couldn’t say a word. PhÇn II. Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 6 ®Õn 15. 42. No one (else) in the world plays the guitar as/so badly Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 1 ®iÓm. → 10 ®iÓm as you (do). 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. B 10. B 43. I needn’t have written that letter. 11. C 12. A 13. C 14. D 15. A 44. The man in chief suggested checking everything once more./ ..... that they (should) check everything once PhÇn III . Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 16 ®Õn 25 . more. Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 2 ®iÓm. → 20 ®iÓm 45. Contrary to its harmless appearance, the fish is quite 16. Flexibility 17. imaginative dangerous. 18. compulsory 19. officially 46. What the students really appreciate is the teacher’s 20. environmentalists 21. mastering sense of humor. 22. success 23. overweight 47. Vietnam is acknowledged to have/ completely 24. dangerously 25. unreliable controlled SARS from a very early stage of the epidemic. / had a complete control over SARS ... PhÇn IV . Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 26 ®Õn 35 . 48. He forgot all/everything about it, and so did she. Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 2 ®iÓm. → 20 ®iÓm 49. If it hadn’t been for my father’s encouragement, we 26. built/ constructed couldn’t have managed it. 27. board/ it 50. It is a pity/ regret (that) I didn’t apply for that job. 28. crew 29. later/ after/ afterwards PhÇn VII . Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 51 ®Õn 60 . 30. noticed/ spotted/ saw/ found Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 1,5 ®iÓm. → 15 ®iÓm 31. anyone/ anybody 51 Conservation is the safeguarding and preservation of 32. to natural resources. 33. attacked 52 In the past, most people believed that the world’s 34. Others resources could never be used up. 35. off/ from 53 Today we know that this is not true. 54 There is serious waste of forests, soil, wildlife and PhÇn V. Gåm c¸c c©u tõ 36 ®Õn 40 . animals. Mçi c©u ®óng ®−îc 2 ®iÓm. → 10 ®iÓm 55 Therefore, the prevention of waste is an important part 36. Moderately prosperous/ Not very rich. in conservation. 37. At five/ When he was five/ In 1761 when he was five. 56 The fight against the pollution of our environment is also of 38. He toured the courts and musical centres. great importance. 39. Because he spent almost a third of his short life 57 In particular/ Particularly, we have to fight against the travelling. / Because he travelled a lot. dirtying and poisoning of our air and water. 40. A child prodigy. 58 Conservation is also concerned with the reclaiming of land. 59 This is done by irrigating deserts, draining swamps or pushing back the sea. 60 Conservation also includes searching alternative fuels, such as the energy of the wind or the sun. Tæng ®iÓm th«: 100 ®iÓm Quy ra ®iÓm 10 100:10 = 10 ®iÓm Ngµy th¸ng 6 n¨m 2003 Tr−ëng m«n thi 1 - §Ò nghÞ gi¸m kh¶o tham kh¶o thªm b¶n H−íng dÉn chÊm. - DÊu “/ “cã nghÜa lµ hoÆc; dÊu ( ) cã nghÜa lµ cã hoÆc kh«ng ®Òu ®−îc (optional).



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