Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 9: THE POST OFFICE-READING

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 9: THE POST OFFICE-READING

Period: 58

I. Objectives:

By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to read and find the key

words in situations, information and contents of reading to relate to the


Language focus:

*Vocabulary: courteous, fascimile, notify, spacious, speedy,


* Skill: reading comprehension

II. Method and Tecniques

-Communicative approach, Integrated, mainly communicative

II. Teaching aids: text book , hand outs, boards

III. Procedures:

I. Warm up(5’)

T shows some pictures on the posters about the post office and asks Ss:
-What can you see in the photos?

-How far is it from your house to near the post ofice?

-Have you ever been there?

-What services do you think the post office offer?---T leads to the

new lesson

II.New lesson:

R Contents T & Ss’activities

_ Ts gives some more

* Pre-reading : 5’ questions

- Explains the new words : - Mail and Take notes.

Parcel service, Express Money Transfer, - Gives English

Phone calls and Faxes, Press equivalents, or

Distribution, spacious, courteous, Vietnamese meanings of
speedy, receive, subscribe,… the new words if possible.

- Encourages the Ss to give English

equivalents, or Vietnamese meanings of

the new words.

How often do you go to the Post

Office? What for? -T uses some method and

What services do you think the Post teniques to teach the

Office offers vocabularies

*Vocabulary: -S listen and give the

-spacious(a)= large(a) meaning of these words

-courteous(a) = polite -T modern and asks ss to

-speedy(a) =quick. Fast repeat in chorus and

-To notify(v)= announce individually

-recipient(n) =receiver(n)

-fascimile(n)= fax, _ Free answers.

-subcribe(v)= đăng kí

-secure(a)= _ T gets Sts to read the
*Checking vocabulary: RO & R text silently to do the task.

* While reading : 25’ _ T explain how to do the

* Task 1:Circle the letter (A, B, C or task.

D) before the word that has the opposite _ T goes round to help

meaning to the italicised word. them with their work and

Cramped , spacious speedy, slow correct their mistakes if

Rude, courteous original, possible.

changed _ T can write some pairs

Key: 1. C 2. B 3. D 4. C of adjectives opposite in

meaning for Sts to

understand it.

Sts do their task in their

note books

Sts do their task in their

note books.
_ Some Sts will go to the
*Task 2.Read the text again and answer
board to write their
the questions

1. It’s equipped with advanced

technology and a spacious and pleasant

front office.
- T asks Ss to reread the
2. Mail and Parcel Service, express
passage to do task 2.
Money Transfer, Phone Calls and Faxes,
_ T goes around to help
Press Distribution.
Sts with their difficulties.
3. They are air mail, surface mail, and
_ T gets some Sts to
the Express Mail Service (EMS).
answer the questions.
4. It’s used for notifying the recipient

of the time and place to receive the call.

5. You’ll have to subscribe to your

favourite newspapers and magazines.
_ T lets Sts find in the text
* Task 3.Find the evidence in the text to
the evidence to support
support these statements:
Key the statements.

1. The Post Office opens daily from 7 _ T calls some Sts to do

am to 9 pm. their task on the board and

2. We offer a very competitive rate for T will correct the task.

parcels of under 15 kg.

3. We also have the Express Mail

Service and your EMS mail will be

delivered in the shorted possible time . _ Sts do their task in their

4. We offer a speedy and secure service note books.

of transferring money in less than 24 _ Some Sts will go to the

hours. board to write their

* Post-reading : 10’ answers.

T gets Sts to answer the questions in

After you read (p.102)

* Homework : 2’

_ Asks Sts to prepare for the next

period_ speaking.
Group work.

Free answers.
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