Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 9: THE POST OFFIC-WRITING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 9: THE POST OFFIC-WRITING

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  1. UNIT 9 THE POST OFFICE LESSON 4: WRITING A)Objectives: -By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to write a letter to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the services of the Post Office. Lexical items: quality, prices, security condition, the attitude of the staff. Teaching aids : - the picture in the text book, text book. B) Language focus: *Vocabulary: -puntuallt, security, pickpocket, arrogant *grammar:Simple present tense C)Techniques: -ordering words, RO & R, write it up D) Time : 45’ E) Procedures: I.Check up: *Answer the questions: 1.Which countries has the highest growth in the number of telephone surcribers?
  2. 2.How does Vietnam for growth in the number of telephone surcribers? 3.How many communal post office era there in Vietnam? II. Warm up(Ordering words) -Ss read the following adjectives and order ones make can people / thing satisfied *polite, rude, cold, helpful, spacious,, cramped, large ,small, good, bad./ reasonable, cheap, punctual, arrogant, reliable *Answers: polite, spacious, large, good, cheap, reasonalbe C)Techniques: -Chatting ,RO & R, multiple choice, ask and answer, discussion D)Teaching aids:- text book , hand outs, boards, -Textbook, Cassette, Pictures, Real objects. E) Time: 45 minutes F) Procedures T Contents T & Ss’activities * Warm up: 3’ -_ Teacher raised a few Have you ever used a service of the Post Office ? guiding questions : Are you satisfied with the services ? -Free answers(Ss)
  3. * Pre-writing : 10’ - Explains the new words : the quality of the equipment, arrogant, pickpocket. - Encourages the Ss to give English equivalents, or Vietnamese meanings of the new words. - Gives English equivalents, or Vietnamese Task 1.Work with a partner .Imaagine that meanings of the new words you have been using some of the services if possible. provided by Thanh Ba post office .Discuss the thing that may make you satisfied (or dissatisfied ) with the service there . - Pair work _ T gives Sts some useful structures to discuss: - Gives English - Take notes. equivalents, or Vietnamese - I think…. meanings of the new words - I believe … if possible. - As I know….. -Ss work in pairs , after that *Some useful languages: work in groups 1*the opening hours of the post office-too late/too early
  4. 2*The quality of the equipment -good /bad /poor quality.nee 3*The security conditions of the post office -good/bad /poor security condition 4* The atitude of the staff—polite, helpful, rude /arrogant 5* The prices of the services- low/high/ reasonable 6*The puntuality of delivery of ltters and newspapers --always/never puntual/sometimes late/letters _ T can help Sts to write and newspapers are lost* their letters. While writing : 20’ _ T can divide the class Task 2:After a year in the job, the director of into three group. One group Thanh Ba post office has invited residents in the will write their satisfaction neighbourhood to write letter to him describing . the other will write their the quality of the services they have dissatisfaction. The last one received.Write such a letter , using the ideas you will write about both. discussed in Task 1
  5. Suggested key Dear Sir, I have been using the services Pair work provided by Thanh Ba Post Office for years and I am writing in respond to your call for customers to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Like many other customers, I find your Post Office a well-equipped and reliable address for our needs in communication. I am really impressed by your spacious place for transaction. The seats in the lobby are pretty and always clean. The nine telephone boxes are always available so customers don’t have to wait to make their calls. More interestingly, I appreciate your ideas of offering envelopes free of charge. The cost of an envelope can be small but your care for customers is surely not. I also have my belief in your service quality. The fax machines are Group work. always in good condition and my colleagues in Some Sts go to the board to
  6. the provinces have never complained about the write the parts of their quality of the documents I sent them. letters However, there are some minor drawbacks that need mentioning here. Although the parking area is large, it has no security guards and I sometimes feel insecure leaving my motorbike there. And I think it would be much better if the Post Office is open until 11 pm so that customers can have more access to your services. And I think you also need to pay attention to the attitude of some of your staff who sometimes seem a bit cold and not very helpful. I know that making everyone satisfied is hard work and sometimes seems impossible . What you and your staff have done so far for the development of the Post Office is encouraging and this letter is written in the hope that your post office will become better and better in future. Yours sincerely, Nguyen Phu.
  7.  Post - writing : 10’ _ T goes around the class to help students to write their letters. _ T asks some Sts to go to the board to write the parts of their letters ( each of them a part). * Homework : 2’ _ Asks Sts to prepare for the next period_ Language focus.
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