Mẫu PowerPoint: Marketing Plan

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Mẫu PowerPoint: Marketing Plan

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Market Summary: Market: past, present, & future. Review changes in market share, leadership,  players, market shifts, costs, pricing,  competition. Product Definition: Describe product/service being marketed. The competitive landscape: Provide an overview of product competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. Position each competitor’s product against new product.

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  1. [Product Name] Marketing Plan [Name]    
  2. Market Summary • Market: past, present, & future – Review changes in market share, leadership,  players, market shifts, costs, pricing,  competition Mass Market/ Followers Number  of Early Adopters/ customers Pioneers End of Life Time    
  3. Product Definition • Describe product/service being marketed    
  4. Competition • The competitive  landscape – Provide an  overview of  A B Price product  competitors, their  strengths and  D weaknesses C – Position each  competitor’s  Performance product against  new product    
  5. Positioning • Positioning of product or service – Statement that distinctly defines the product in  its market and against its competition over time • Consumer promise – Statement summarizing the benefit of the  product or service to the consumer    
  6. Communication Strategies • Messaging by audience • Target consumer demographics    
  7. Packaging & Fulfillment • Product packaging – Discuss form­factor, pricing, look, strategy – Discuss fulfillment issues for items not shipped  directly with product • COGs – Summarize Cost of Goods and high­level Bill of  Materials    
  8. Launch Strategies • Launch plan – If product is being announced • Promotion budget – Supply back­up material with detailed budget  information for review Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Sep Oct Nov Dec    
  9. Public Relations • Strategy & execution – PR strategies – PR plan highlights – Have back­up PR plan, including editorial  calendars, speaking engagements, conference  schedules, etc.    
  10. Advertising • Strategy & execution – Overview of strategy – Overview of media & timing – Overview of ad spending    
  11. Other Promotion • Direct marketing – Overview of strategy, vehicles & timing – Overview of response targets, goals & budget • Third­party marketing – Co­marketing arrangements with other  companies • Marketing programs – Other promotional programs    
  12. Pricing • Pricing – Summarize specific pricing or pricing strategies – Compare to similar products • Policies – Summarize policy relevant to understanding  key pricing issues    
  13. Distribution • Distribution strategy • Channels of distribution – Summarize channels of distribution • Distribution by channel – Show plan of what percent share of distribution  will be contributed by each channel ­­ a pie  chart might be helpful    
  14. Vertical Markets/Segments • Vertical market opportunities – Discuss specific market segment opportunities – Address distribution strategies for those  markets or segments – Address use of third­party partner role in  distribution to vertical markets    
  15. International • International distribution – Address distribution strategies – Discuss issues specific to international  distribution • International pricing strategy • Localization issues – Highlight requirements for local product  variations    
  16. Success Metrics • First year goals • Additional year goals • Measures of success/failure • Requirements for success    
  17. Schedule • 18­month schedule highlights • Timing – Isolate timing dependencies critical to success Task 1 Task 2 Milestone Task 3 Task 4 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Sep Oct Nov Dec    
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