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  • Bài giảng tiếng Anh chủ đề "Lời khuyên và lời đề nghị" dành cho các bạn yêu thích học môn anh văn tham khảo, ôn tập phần ngữ pháp tiếng anh để giao tiếp tiếng anh tốt.

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  • THE RATE OF RETURN TO EDUCATION AND THE GENDER EARNINGS DIFFERENTIAL : A COMPARISON OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE REPULIC OF IRELAND I am very much indebted to David Card, for limitless advice and support throughout my graduate school career. The research here has benefited in innumerable ways from his many suggestions, as have I. It is hard to imagine a better advisor.

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  • Prevention of Gastrointestinal Illness Diarrhea, the leading cause of illness in travelers (Chap. 122), is usually a short-lived, self-limited condition; however, 40% of affected individuals need to alter their scheduled activities, and another 20% are confined to bed. The most important determinant of risk is the destination. Incidence rates per 2-week stay have been reported to be as low as 8% in industrialized countries and as high as 55% in parts of Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Infants and young adults are at particularly high risk.

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  • Physical Activity Physical activity is associated with a decreased risk of colon and breast cancer. A variety of mechanisms have been proposed. However, such studies are prone to confounding factors such as recall bias, association of exercise with other health-related practices, and effects of preclinical cancers on exercise habits (reverse causality). Recommending adults to engage in at least 30 min of vigorous activity for ≥3 days a week is good health advice, though its effects on cancer incidence are unproven.

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  • My subject was suggested to me by Professor Vincent, to whom as well as to Professor Andrews I am indebted for advice and assistance throughout this work. In England I have to thank Messrs. Sidney Webb, Hubert Hall and George Unwin, of the London School of Economics, for reading manuscript and suggesting improvements. For similar help and for reference to new material my acknowledgments are due to Mr. C.H. Firth, Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford, and to Mr. C.R.L. Fletcher, of Magdalen College.

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  • I could not complete my assignment without the great help and useful advice from my teacher, my family as well as my friends. Firstly, I would like to express my great thanks to y supervisor, M.A. Nguyen Thi Van Lam for her enthusiastic help. Secondly, I would like to express my deep thanks to all the teachers in Foreign Language Department of Vinh University for giving me helpful lectures. My thanks also go to my director, Ms Nguyen Thi Yen and all the colleagues at

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  • Although there are many how-to books on negotiating, they provide little useful guidance on how to conduct complex realworld negotiations. Advice on conducting two-party negotiations about a modest number of issues isn’t hard to come by, but few negotiations are that simple. While dealing with the other side, negotiators typically also have to manage difficult internal negotiations, work to prevent disputes from escalating, and build supportive coalitions.

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  • This publication is designed to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is offered with the understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering medical or psychological service. This book is not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional advice.

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  • We wish to acknowledge help, suggestions, and advice from several Union colleagues and especially from coteachers for the Union freshman engineering course: Dean Cherrice Traver, Professors Brad Bruno, James Hedrick, Thomas Jewell, John Spinelli, and Frank Wicks. Dr. John Rogers, Mechanical Engineering Division, West Point, and Dr. Andrew Wolfe, Civil Engineering Technology, State University of New York—Institute of Technology, Utica, NY were also of great assistance in developing this text....

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  • Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this book is complete and accurate. However, the publisher is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the individual reader. The ideas, procedures and suggestions contained in this book are general and not intended as a substitute for consulting a relevant specialist in individual cases. The publisher would in any event always advise the reader to consult his or her doctor or other health professional for specific information on personal health matters.

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  • Finally, the analysis of national sanctioning regimes carried out by the Commission, along with the Committees of Supervisors (now transformed into European Supervisory Authorities) has shown a number of divergences and weaknesses which may have a negative impact on the proper application of EU legislation, the effectiveness of financial supervision, and ultimately on competition, stability and integrity of financial markets and consumer protection.

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  • The private bond market remains much smaller than that for the government. The outstanding issuance of corporate bonds has risen to almost 10 percent of GDP in 2011, but the market is still very concentrated in short duration rates, with a limited investor base and less diversified issuers. This suggests that the private fixed income market is not a significant long-term financing source for non-financial corporations. Indexation: Around 90 percent of private bonds are linked to the DI rate, resulting in little incentive for active trading.

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  • This book was written as a thesis for the Doctorate of Laws, Leiden University. I am most grateful, first of all, to my supervisor, Professor Peter Kooijmans. Throughout my working at this study he allowed me to make use of his wisdom while at the same time affording inspiration and freedom. He never permitted his demanding task as a Judge at the International Court of Justice to stand in the way of discussing my thesis with me for many hours. I also wish to express my profound gratitude to Professor John Dugard, who acted as referent.

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  • We also investigate whether the effect of independent directors varies with the degree of industry similarity between the firms where these directors have their jobs. First, we consider the impact of appointing an independent executive director who is also an executive director in a firm that operates in the same industry. We argue that directors who work as executive directors in the same industry as that of the appointing firm will enhance the quality of advice offered to the appointing firm. This suggests that the human capital of these directors...

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  • This study was begun as one of the several researches of the Bureau of Social Research of the New York School of Philanthropy, largely at the suggestion of Dr. Samuel McCune Lindsay, the director, to whose interest, advice and sympathy its completion is largely due. Sincere thanks are due the Bureau for making the investigation possible. The material was gathered between January, 1909, and January, 1910, except about four weeks in August, 1909, during the time that I was pursuing studies at the School of Philanthropy and at Columbia University.

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  • The extraordinarily broad scope of the congressional request for advice on coal resources and future coal research and development needs provided a significant challenge for the committee appointed by the National Research Council (NRC). Fortunately, clarifications by staff members from the offices of U.S. Senators Robert C. Byrd and Arlen Specter—the originators of this study—were most helpful, suggesting that the report should be brief and contain limited detail, but with abundant references to other, more comprehensive studies.

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  • Tài liệu tham khảo anh văn giao tiếp EVERYDAY ENGLISH FROM AUSTRALIA – Series 2_ Bài 6: Making suggestions and giving advice.

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  • Bài 06: making suggestions and giving advice (đề nghị và khuyên) Part 1 - THE DIALOGUES (đối thoại) Anh Daren làm việc ở chương trình đàm thoại trực tiếp trên đài phát thanh. Bạn nghe đài gọi điện thoại đến và hỏi anh đủ loại câu hỏi. Chị Kathy gọi điện đến và nhờ anh chỉ bảo một chuyện. Dialogue 1: DARREN: KATHY: Hello. Who do we have here, and how can I help? My name's Kathy. I've been invited to a wedding next month and I've never been to an Australian wedding before. Should I wear a formal dress? You must...

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  • Bài 06: making suggestions and giving advice (đề nghị và khuyên) Part 1 - THE DIALOGUES (đối thoại) Anh Daren làm việc ở chương trình đàm thoại trực tiếp trên đài phát thanh. Bạn nghe đài gọi điện thoại đến và hỏi anh đủ loại câu hỏi. Chị Kathy gọi điện đến và nhờ anh chỉ bảo một chuyện.

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  • The books contain the kind of advice that we have frequently proffered our research students and colleagues, often over a cup of coffee or a meal. We suggest that you consume their contents in a similar ambience: read the whole thing through in a relaxed way first and then dip into it where and when you feel the need.

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