Business efficiency of the Fund

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  • The main research purpose of the dissertation is to propose solutions to improve risk management at the Bac Ninh Development Investment Fund, contributing to improving the business efficiency of the Fund.

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  • Since many social businesses are also SMEs, measures that facilitate access to finance for SMEs could also help social businesses. In this context, of notable importance are the support and regulatory frameworks for venture capital, in particular the steps to be taken to develop a EU passport for Venture Capital funds. The extent to which work on establishing such a passport might aid social businesses is central in considering the effectiveness and efficiency of the options identified in this impact assessment.

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  • In spite of the limited evidence about the behaviour of mutual funds in emerging markets, mutual fund investment in these areas has grown markedly over the past decade at a quicker pace than even the developed markets have shown. The growth in mutual fund investment is influential because it shapes the future development in the securities market and has important policy implications. The high proportion of institutional investors creates more timely information and therefore makes the market more efficient.

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  • More importantly, while most of the theoretical models which we use to evaluate mutual fund performance are based on the assumption of efficient markets, emerging markets fail to meet these assumptions. Returns in emerging markets suffer from several chronic conditions such as high volatility, high trading cost, non-normality, and infrequent trading (Bekaert and Harvey, 2002). Furthermore, there is still some doubt whether the factors documented in developed markets can also explain stock returns in emerging markets (for example, Claessens et al.

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  • Title IV of the Act - entitled “Regulation of Advisers to Hedge Funds and Others”1 - eliminates the “private adviser” exemption from registration under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the “Advisers Act”).

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  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Arlington’s transportation connections within and beyond our borders is critical, because of our central location in the region. We know that we need to be connected to the rest of North Texas through regional transportation partnerships for today and for tomorrow such as high- speed rail opportunities.

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  • This book is an explanation and analysis of micro cap stocks. These very small companies have endured a checkered history. In general terms, micro caps are large in absolute numbers but historically have been a small and misunderstood sector of the investment landscape. In this world of efficient markets and index funds, this perception has started to change. Many micro cap com- panies are well-managed, high-quality businesses that present an excellent investment opportunity.

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  • Reform of development processes is especially important to niche developers and investors within the cultural community because they are often least able to incur the high transaction costs of idiosyncratic public processes. Small arts entrepreneurs also lack the financial and political clout to maneuver through entrenched real estate development systems. The greatest efficiency is created if there is clarity and predictability at points of public entry and adequate assistance at the civic level to maximize access.

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  • The Progress Microfinance investment by the EIB is part of EIB Group’s long term financing role seeking to increase value added and catalyse funds in support of small companies. Progress Microfinance illustrates the enhanced cooperation between the EU and the EIB Group through innovative risk sharing structures with subordinated capital from the European Union, allowing higher leverage on the Community budget and subsequently greater market impact and providing value added to a still emerging market through more effective and efficient use of scarce budgetary funds. ...

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  • What our initial study did contemplate, however, was that support measures need to be flexible to fulfill the markets’ needs. A wide spectrum of financial intermediaries, active in microfinance in the EU (microfinance institutions, “MFIs”), has been developing, and the product range offered to them has to be sufficiently wide in order to meet their diverse needs and to enable them to provide efficient support to the final beneficiaries. Now, the roll-out of Progress Microfinance is well under way since end of 2010.

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  • Peter Tufano is the Sylvan C. Coleman Professor of Financial Management at the Harvard Business School and a senior associate dean at the school. He is a research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research and the founder of D2D fund, a nonprofit organization. Daniel Schneider is a research associate at Harvard Business School. Savings bonds have always served multiple objectives: funding the U.S. government, democratizing national financing, and enabling families to save. Increasingly, the authors write, that last goal has been ignored.

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  • We should support projects that improve the efficiency and productivity of public media operations. Initiatives that help stations raise more money, reduce overhead and operating costs, and attain operating scale will increase the effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of stations whether funding is reduced or increased.  In this context of uncertainty, the Three Ds are more important than ever: Dialogue is at the core of station impact.

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