Causal structure

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  • This is the second in a series of three papers in which we initiate the study of very rough solutions to the initial value problem for the Einstein vacuum equations expressed relative to wave coordinates. By very rough we mean solutions which cannot be constructed by the classical techniques of energy estimates and Sobolev inequalities. In this paper we develop the geometric analysis of the Eikonal equation for microlocalized rough Einstein metrics. This is a crucial step in the derivation of the decay estimates needed in the first paper. ...

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  • This paper develops a minimally supervised approach, based on focused distributional sim- ilarity methods and discourse connectives, for identifying of causality relations between events in context. While it has been shown that distributional similarity can help identify- ing causality, we observe that discourse con- nectives and the particular discourse relation they evoke in context provide additional in- formation towards determining causality be- tween events.

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  • Finding temporal and causal relations is crucial to understanding the semantic structure of a text. Since existing corpora provide no parallel temporal and causal annotations, we annotated 1000 conjoined event pairs, achieving inter-annotator agreement of 81.2% on temporal relations and 77.8% on causal relations. We trained machine learning models using features derived from WordNet and the Google N-gram corpus, and they outperformed a variety of baselines, achieving an F-measure of 49.0 for temporals and 52.4 for causals. ...

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  • Aeromonas salmonicidais a pathogenic aquatic bacterium and the causal agent of furunculosis in salmon. In the course of this study, it was found that when grownin vitro on tryptic soy agar,A. salmonicidastrain 80204-1 produced a capsular polysaccharide with the identical structure to that of the lipopolysaccharide O-chain polysaccharide.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài: Inferring causal phenotype networks using structural equation models

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  • This is a book that you will find difficult to stop reading, and it is a book that you will not easily forget. There are facts in this book about causal analysis, measurement, and statistical methodology that will cause you to rethink much of what you assumed or were told was “best practice.” It is also an exciting book because of what it promises the social scientistda pioneering venture into the undiscovered country of a 21st-century psychological science.

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  • The study estimates the impact of inflation, unemployment and population on the education in the Philippines. This study determines the causality between the education expenditure and GDP. This study used the structural stability test to examine the stability of the coefficients of the model between different time periods despite the economic environment in previous years.

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  • This book is written for all those interested in arguments and arguing—and especially for students enrolled in courses designed to improve their critical thinking abilities. My goal in this work is to present enough theory to explain why certain kinds of argument are good or bad and enough illustrations and examples to show how that theory can be applied. The book includes lively illustrations from contemporary debates and issues and ample student exercises. Responses to some exercises are provided within the book, while the remainder are answered in a manual available to instructors.

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  • This study has focused on cardio-respiratory illnesses caused by the principal components of smog, namely ozone and air-borne particulate matter. 2 Smog consists of a complex “soup” of pollutants, some of which may cause human health problems directly and others which may be precursors to causal contaminants or which are closely correlated with causal contaminants and hence act as “markers” for human health risks. The complexities associated with the cause/effect relationships between this soup of pollutants and human health are explored in this report.

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  • For the B-H and A-H pairings, we nd similar patterns: The rst sub-period is dominated by causal spillovers (from H to B, respectively from A to H), which give way to correlated structural innovations after 2001. However, the interaction between B and H, and even more so between A and H, is far less developed than in the A-B case. The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 brie y introduces the history of the Chinese stock market and o ers a literature review. Section 3 elaborates the methodology of the SDCC model. Empirical results are reported in Section 4.

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  • As we can see, the findings of the little available work on GCC countries are contradictory. These findings are puzzling because the GCC countries are heavy oil exporters and have similar economic structures. Furthermore, the GCC economies are oil dependent and are thus sensitive to oil price changes. But previous results are based on country analysis and use time series data from relatively short periods. Our paper differs from previous studies by applying a recent bootstrap panel causality test to examine the relationship between oil and stock markets in GCC countries. ...

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  • Event-based summarization attempts to select and organize the sentences in a summary with respect to the events or the sub-events that the sentences describe. Each event has its own internal structure, and meanwhile often relates to other events semantically, temporally, spatially, causally or conditionally.

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