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  • Part 2 book "The philosophy of psychology" includes contents: Content for psychology, content naturalised, forms of representation, consciousness - the final frontier.

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  • Mạng nơ-ron nhân tạo hay thường gọi ngắn gọn là mạng nơ-ron là một mô hình toán học hay mô hình tính toán được xây dựng dựa trên các mạng nơ-ron sinh học. Nó gồm có một nhóm các nơ-ron nhân tạo (nút) nối với nhau, và xử lý thông tin bằng cách truyền theo các kết nối và tính giá trị mới tại các nút (cách tiếp cận connectionism đối với tính toán). Trong nhiều trường hợp, mạng nơ-ron nhân tạo là một hệ thống thích ứng (adaptive system) tự thay đổi cấu trúc của mình dựa trên các...

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  • I will then pose some questions for the panel and the audience to discuss, if they are interested, and I will make a few critical comments on the abstracts submitted by Waltz and Sejnowski, intended to provoke responses from them. The situation is reminiscent of automata theory, where the basic metaphor of finite control, read/write head(s), input and output tape(s) has m a n y different variations. The general theory of connectionist machines seems to be at a relatively early stage, however. ...

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  • The talk proceeds as follows: (1) we summarize OT and its applications to UG. The we present (2) learning and (3) parsing algorithms for OT. Finally, (4) we show how crucial elements of OT emerge from connectionism, and discuss the one central feature of OT which so far eludes connectionist explanation. (1) In OT, UG provides a set of highly general universal constraints which apply in parallel to assess the wellformedness of possible structural descriptions of linguistic inputs.

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  • TSC and DST have only recently entered into the general discussion about the mind and brain, and cannot be regarded as common ground. Several of the features that make the combination of the two a viable alterna- tive to connectionism and traditional theories of cognition based in symbol manipulation so far have not been widely recognised. The initial discussion of TSC and DST will present some of the elements that together provide a comprehensive and radically different view of the mind from the received one, and that might illuminate contemporary aesthetics....

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  • This book would not have been possible without the help of many people. They include Michael E. Zimmerman, John Glenn, Jr and Bruce Brower, who helped to shape the early version of this book, Michael McCully and especially Julie Rudd, for reading the final draft.

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  • This edition has been fully revised and updated, and includes a new chapter on consciousness and a new section on modularity. There are also guides for further reading, and a new glossary of terms such as mentalese, connectionism, and the homunculus fallacy.

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  • Decision support systems (DSS) have evolved over the past four decades from theoretical concepts into real world computerized applications. DSS architecture contains three key components: a knowledge base, a computerized model, and a user interface. DSS simulate cognitive decision-making functions of humans based on artificial intelligence methodologies (including expert systems, data mining, machine learning, connectionism, logistical reasoning, etc.) in order to perform decision support functions.

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