Constraints on their composition

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  • This paper proposes a set of representations for tenses and a set of constraints on how they can be combined in adjunct clauses. The semantics we propose explains the possible meanings of tenses in a variety of sentential contexts. It also supports an elegant constraint on tense combination in adjunct clauses. These semantic representations provide insights into the interpretations of tenses, and the constraints provide a source of syntactic disambiguation that has not previously been demonstrated.

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  • Governments everywhere responded to the panic by pumping more equity into banks, greatly expanding the ambit of their deposit insurance, and opening up various central bank discount windows for distress borrowers. This gigantic effort seems to have reduced counterparty party risk, the fear of bank failure, in interbank trading. Figure 1 shows the one- month LIBOR rate coming down close to the Fed funds rate, now near zero, by mid 2009.

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