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  • Although not specifically referred to as quick starting, previous Faculty guidance has advised that contraceptive methods can be started at any point in the menstrual cycle if a practitioner is reasonably certain that the woman is not currently pregnant (Box 1)8 or at risk of pregnancy. As sperm may be viable in the female reproductive tract for up to 7 days, health professionals should consider if a woman is at risk of becoming pregnant as a result of unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI) within the last 7 days.

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  • Trends in education and health outcomes are not closely related to spending trends in G7 countries. A comparison of Tables 1 and 2 shows that the U.K. achieved above-average improvements in education outcomes with relatively modest increases in real spending, while the U.S. achieved less with more additional resources. Similarly, trends in real health expenditure and health status show that Germany has been able to achieve more gains with a smaller increase in real resources than Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. These issues will be investigated in more depth in the following section.

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  • Development initiatives in the past have emphasized genetic improvement, usually through the introduction of exotic genes, arguing that improved feed would have no effect on indigenous birds of low genetic potential. There is a growing awareness of the need to balance the rate of genetic improvement with improvement in feed availability, health care and management. There is also an increased recognition of the potential of indigenous breeds and their role in converting locally available feed resources into sustainable production.

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  • In the present sample of 23 countries in which patients are required to purchase medicines in the public sector, prices paid for the lowest-priced generic medicines, on average, range from 1.9 times the international reference price (IRP) in the Eastern Mediterranean to 3.7 times the IRP in Europe. In some individual countries, local prices for generics exceed the interna- tional reference prices by a factor of four and above: examples include, Ukraine (MPR, 4.0), Sudan (MPR, 4.4), Kazakhstan (MPR, 4.8) and the Philippines (MPR, 6.4).

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  • The retirement crisis is directly attributable to the failure of the “three-legged stool” of retirement security. Traditionally, defined benefit pension plans (“pensions”), personal savings, and Social Security were seen as the three pillars creating a solid foundation for our retirement system. Each should play an important role in supporting people in old age. However, the stool, never sturdy, has become increasingly wobbly as pensions have disappeared and the middle class is finding it harder and harder to save. ...

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  • The cancer registry is an essential part of any rational programme of can- cer control. Its data can be used in a wide variety of areas of cancer control ranging from etiological research, through primary and secondary preven- tion to health-care planning and patient care. Although most cancer reg- istries are not obliged to do more than provide the basis for such uses of the data, they possess the potential for developing and supporting important research programmes making use of the information they collect....

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  • A properly prepared and approved Records Retention Schedule is an agency’s legal authority to do whatever needs to be done with records and documents entrusted to the agency’s care. It certifies the life, care, and disposition of all agency records. If subpoenaed records have been destroyed, agency schedules (AND EVIDENCE OF COMPLIANCE WITH THOSE SCHEDULES) will defend the agency’s actions. However, to prove there was no adverse intent when records were destroyed, schedules must be specific and consistently used.

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  • and gait is mostly derived from studies that measured and reported EF as a composite score [12,18,19]. Relatively few studies have focused on the age-related deficits in specific components of executive function and most of these studies were based on a traditional set of tests of executive function, without detailing specific components. The conclusions drawn from these studies might, therefore, be limited by their methodologies. The putative executive measures might not load on a single executive construct, and might overlap with each other [20,21].

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  • The goal of equality between women and men is a basic principle of the United Nations (UN), which is set out in the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations.

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  • The planned biofuels increase will be a boon for the farm sector, which will see production of biofuel crops jump from today's 320,000 hectares to more than 1.2 million hectares by 2007. Three-quarters of current biofuel production is rapeseed-based "diester," a vegetable oil-sourced diesel fuel known as "bio-diesel" in other parts of Europe, while the remainder is comprised of ethanol sourced from a variety of crops, including beetroot, sugar cane, corn, potato, and wheat, according to government data.

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  • Popular American films penetrate nearly every aspect of contemporaryWestern life, and to an only somewhat lesser degreemost all cultures of the world. Historically, there are powerful sociological, cultural, economic, and even political reasons for this, but we would also argue thatHollywood-style filmhas evolved so that filmmakers havemore control over the attention of filmgoers (Smith 2006) and, in essence, the humanmind. One source of evidence concerns the changing pattern of shot lengths.

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  • This session is an occasion to discuss good practices in MDG achievement with regard to gender equality that can help improve the way in which development cooperation promotes gender equality in a more systematic way while also improving its own effectiveness and coherence in line with national and international agreements. Achievement of such commitments is a key driver of effective development cooperation on all fronts.

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  • A seminal idea proposed in The Intimate Enemy which has subsequently come rather to define Nandy's (frequently mis-represented) public political stance concerns the disjunctions imposed by colonialism which have returned to haunt contemporary India. The pen- etration of the West has created a class of mimic men, "modernists, whose attempts to identify with the colo- nial aggressors has produced...pathetic copies of...

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  • Some medical schools have a dedicated ambulatory internal medicine rotation, others combine this experience with the inpatient rotation, and some hybridize it with other primary care fields. Often thought of as a less essential and less exciting rotation, let it be said that the outpatient encounter is where a lot of action happens. Keeping people well, establishing long-term relationships, and having the privilege of bearing witness to improving health or even declining health are, at least to me, the essence of what it means to not just be a doctor but someone’s doctor.

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  • These can be difficult to measure. A common mistake is to confuse de-registration of businesses with policy failure - a myth often quoted by politicians is that three out of five new businesses fail within five years. This ‘failure rate’ is then quoted as a sign of the high risk of entry into an independent business activity. It has also served as a justification against intervention because of the risk that a high proportion of investment support to start-ups will be quickly written off. The policy implication is that it is better to target public support on existing businesses.

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  • The recent boom has focused world attention on the GCC economies—not only as exporters of oil and gas, but as investment destinations with major infrastructure projects, booming tourism and financial services sectors. As US economic growth has slowed, GCC investors have begun to diversify their assets more widely, making investments in Asia, Africa and within the Gulf region itself.

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  • Consumer-price inflation in the EU is projected to remain relatively high in 2012 (2.7%), inter alia due to the impact of fiscal measures, but is expected to abate gradually over the forecast horizon, averaging 2.0% and 1.8% in 2013 and 2014 respectively (see Graph I.2). Pronounced cross-country divergences will remain a defining feature of the outlook. They span across a number of dimensions – including financing conditions, the labour market situation and the need for, and advancement of, private and public-debt deleveraging.

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  • We apply our method in a variety of bank credit decisions: the credit capacity decision for a constrained consumer, the credit limit for new credit card products, and the monthly pay- ments a§ordable for a mortgage borrower. We choose these settings to focus in on loan product customers whose credit application outcome is determined by the bank (supply determined). Furthermore we apply our analysis to this variety of settings to produce population represen- tative results.

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  • Next, Loretta accompanied me to the Italian equivalent of the Social Security Office to obtain my Partita Iva (a type of tax identification number for businesses). Due to the Bilateral Work Agreement, I am allowed to work in Italy, but must meet Italian tax requirements. Italian taxes are high, but I knew it would be worth it to start my practice for the English speaking community The next step was finding a knowledgeable commercialista, which is equivalent to a tax accountant. Loretta gave me the names of some folks she knew and I hired a man who...

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  • With each passing year, international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization become more essential to serving the vital requirements of states and state goals of security and well-being for their central interests, especially their people. Organizations at one level serve the needs of their members and at a higher level "harmonize the action of nations" in the pursuit of common goals in the finely crafted words of Article 1 of the U.N. Charter and constitution.

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