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  • Cervical cancer is the fourth cancer worldwide. The Human Papilloma Virus is responsible for 99% of the cases but the distribution of its genotypes varies among populations. We aimed to identify HPV genotypes distribution in women with grade 2/3 cervical intraepithelial dysplasia or invasive cervical cancer in Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean territory with a population mainly of African descent.

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  • Data on the current burden of adenocarcinoma (ADC) and histology-specific human papillomavirus (HPV) type distribution are relevant to predict the future impact of prophylactic HPV vaccines. It is predicted that the currently available HPV vaccines will be highly effective in preventing HPVrelated cervical ADC.

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  • Cervical cancer ranks second among all cancers reported in Sri Lankan women. This study assessed the prevalence and type-distribution of human papillomavirus (HPV) among Sri Lankan women with invasive cervical cancer (ICC) and pre-cancerous lesions.

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  • Persistent infection with high-risk (HR) human papillomavirus (HPV) causes cervical cancer, the fourth most frequent cancer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with an annual incidence of four per 100,000 women.

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  • Limited national information is available in Morocco on the prevalence and distribution of HPV-sub-types of cervical cancer and the role of other risk factors. The aim was to determine the frequency of HPV-sub-types of cervical cancer in Morocco and investigate risk factors for this disease.

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  • Obwona (2000) estimated a trans log production function to determine technical efficiency differentials between small- and medium-scale tobacco farmers in Uganda using a stochastic frontier approach. The estimated efficiencies were explained by socioeconomic and demographic factors. The results showed that, credit accessibility extension services and farm assets contribute positively towards the improvement of efficiency.

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  • Design the content, not the box it comes in Use your pixels on things that communicate meaning. It used to be very common for web designers to make just templates – attractive or jazzy containers which would have “content” added at a later time. This is a fundamentally wrong approach, because it doesn't fulfil the designer's mission - facilitating communication.

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  • An electronic record is any information that is recorded in machine readable form.3 Electronic records include numeric, graphic, audio, video, and textual information which is recorded or transmitted in analog or digital form such as electronic spreadsheets, word processing files, databases, electronic mail, instant messages, scanned images, digital photographs, and multimedia files. An electronic recordkeeping system is an automated information system for the organized collection, processing, transmission, and dissemination of information in accordance with defined procedures....

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  • By considering the provision of education of design professionals, it is possible to assess the changing nature of the design professions, in terms of discipline and growth. More recently, Sweden and Denmark have increased their investment in product design, which particularly feeds into the development of the telecommunications sector. In the UK, graphics, corporate identity and packaging dominate the educational provision for design.

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  • Hevea brasiliensis, like many plants produces latex that oozes from injuries to the stem in the form of a milky sap. Latex is produced by special cells called laticifers and is thought to be a defence against insect pathogens and possibly a medium for depositing metabolic waste of the tree. Latex flows from the living parts of a rubber tree in response to wounding, tapping being in fact controlled wounding using the sap for the manufacture of rubber without seriously damaging the tree (Edgar, 1947).

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  • The European Master (Laurea Magistrale) in Tourism Economics and Management (TEaM) is a two- year postgraduate degree which is equivalent to an M.A. or M.Sc. The TEaM programme aims at preparing managers and professionals able to tackle the global challenges of contemporary touri- sm: being, at the same time, engine of economic growth, key-player of sustainable development, and promoter of the cultural heritage. The supply of tourism services, even in the complexity of global competition, pivots around three specific factors: natural, cultural, and organizational resources.

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  • The EPA’s ecosystem protection programs encompass a wide range of approaches that address specific at-risk regional areas and larger categories of threatened systems, such as urban waters, estuaries, and wetlands. Locally generated pollution, combined with pollution carried by rivers and streams and through air deposition, can accumulate in these ecosystems and degrade them over time. The EPA and its federal partners along with states, tribes, municipalities, and private parties, will continue efforts to restore the integrity of the imperiled waters of the United States.

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  • Paper consumption can represent significant costs associated with the communications and marketing activities of a planned event. It is often considered a necessary cost of doing business. Yet, when looking at a standard piece of paper, many of us do not consider the true cost of producing it. Conventional paper uses chemicals that produce, along with the paper itself, harsh toxic substances and the living trees used to make the paper provide priceless ecological services.

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  • It aims at providing assistance in compiling the specifications for your digital projection equipment. It exclusively focuses on technical questions and does not address the economic, financial and political dimensions of digital cinema. Although it does not claim to be complete, this guide intends to be as complete as possible to assist you with planning your installation. The latter has to meet in France the AFNOR NF S27-100 standard (“Salle de projection électronique de type cinéma numérique” [“Electronic projection room of the type digital cinema”]), ...

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  • Our technique determines per-application resource quo- tas in the database and storage caches, on the fly, in a transparent manner, with minimal changes to the DBMS, and no changes to existing interfaces between compo- nents. Towards this objective, we use an online perfor- mance estimation algorithm to dynamically determine the mapping between any given resource configuration setting and the corresponding application latency.

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  • CDs make great plastic wheels if you have plastic inserts to fit inside the center hole. The inserts fit a 1 ⁄4-inch dowel. Since these are much larger than the other wheels, cars using them can roll easily. The Web site sells plastic inserts, and your postal carrier probably delivers free CDs, such as those offering Internet services. A pine board with one-inch by four-inch sideboards (to keep cars from falling off the edge) makes a great ramp. To reduce the gap between the ramp and floor, plane or rasp wood off the bottom edge of the ramp.

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  • Alpine destinations attract leisure travellers for winter sports, such as skiing, as well as holidaymakers who appreciate natural attractions in all seasons. They also attract activity holidaymakers such as naturalists, mountain cyclists, walkers etc. Although the majority of alpine sports are for recreational purposes a wide range of expeditions and challenges are organised for mountains such as the Everest or the Alps. Lakes may also offer facilities for sea sports such as surfing and skiing.

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  • Social network analysis is a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary paradigm , much of which is taking place with online data. As such, some concepts will only be addressed superficially, while others (such as positions, p* models and multilevel analysis) will be excluded entirely. The goal is to facilitate enough network literacy to begin a research project rather than provide a complete end-to-end solution. Social network analysis has emerged in the past half-century as a compelling complement to the standard toolkit of social science researchers.

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  • • The classifications most likely to yield significant differences among identifiable groups of small businesses are industry, employee size of business, and years of business ownership. Industry produces the most divergent evaluation of problems, though some similarities be- tween industries do exist. The other classifications examined, for example legal form of business, exhibit fewer substantial differences among their components. It is important to note that when they differ, the differences are often functions of variations among groups in the aforementioned classifications.

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  • The US subprime turmoil that first emerged in August 2007 and morphed into an international financial crisis following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 was a shock that affected output globally (BIS (2009)). Long before Lehman’s failure, fear of counterparty defaults had disrupted interbank funding markets, including both secured and unsecured money markets.

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