Hyperbolic surfaces

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  • In this paper, we study the growth of sX(L), the number of simple closed geodesics of length ≤ L on a complete hyperbolic surface X of finite area. We also study the frequencies of different types of simple closed geodesics on X and their relationship with the Weil-Petersson volumes of moduli spaces of bordered Riemann surfaces.

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  • On the other hand a model with dynamically inconsistent (quasi-hyperbolic) time preference can explain the decline, for reasonable short-term and long-term discount rates. We also investigate whether households in our sample appear to make an effort at self-control, using a strategy emphasized in the literature: a mental accounting rule that limits borrowing during the pay period and thus puts a cap on overspending. We find that households who are able to borrow, in the sense that they own a credit card, nevertheless exhibit the spending profile characteristic of credit constraints.

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  • R´sum´ anglais e e For a hyperbolic metric on a 3-dimensional manifold, the boundary of its convex core is a surface which is almost everywhere totally geodesic, but which is bent along a family of disjoint geodesics. The locus and intensity of this bending is described by a measured geodesic lamination, which is a topological object.

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  • We prove the Bers density conjecture for singly degenerate Kleinian surface groups without parabolics. 1. Introduction In this paper we address a conjecture of Bers about singly degenerate Kleinian groups. These are discrete subgroups of PSL2 C that exhibit some unusual behavior: • As groups of projective transformations of the Riemann sphere C they act properly discontinuously on a topological disk whose closure is all of C. • As groups of hyperbolic isometries their action on H3 is not convex cocompact. ...

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