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  • Describe the necessity and the advantage of the framework Develop the Web application by using the framework. Struts: The Apache Software Foundation JSF (JavaServer Faces): The Java Community Process(JCP) Webcoordinator: FUJITSU Ltd.Framework to develop the Web app. by using Servlet and JSP. Starts according to the request from a client Offers the mechanism to process request, storage of data, screen transition control, etc. Defines screen transition information in XML file (strutsconfig. xml)...

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  • ‘java.sql’ and ‘javax.sql’ package SQL Interfaces for application JDBC Driver Manager manage two or more JDBC drivers ‘DriverManager’ class in the java.sql package. JDBC Driver API defined for connecting between the JDBC driver manager and JDBC drivers JDBC Driver access each database 4 types : JDBCODBC bridge Native API partly – Java technologybased driver Netprotocol all Java technologybased driver

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  • At the end of the lesson, the student should be able to: Describe the features of Java technology Describe the different phases of a Java program. Java was created in 1991 by James Gosling et al. of Sun Microsystems. Initially called Oak, in honor of the tree outside Gosling's window, its name was changed to Java because there was already a language called Oak.

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  • Language Lap trinh JAVA Java is the language programming direction objects (as C + +) do Sun Microsystem output to the first hex niên 90 the ky 20. Program Việt using Java can be running on any hệ system that have installed your virtual Java (JVM - Java Virtual Machine). Máy virtual Java (JVM - Java Virtual Machine): One programs write by Java will be compile ra mã of the virtual Java (mã java bytecode)

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  • The eXperT’s Voice ® in open source Liferay Java -based Portal Applications Development ™ Practical A down-to-earth, practical approach to developing full-featured Java™-based web portals with blogs, wikis, and more Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. ..Practical Liferay Java -based Portal Applications Development ™ Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. .Practical Liferay: Java™-based Portal Applications Development Copyright © 2009 by Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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  • Cài đặt Java Server trên Ubuntu I – Cài đặt Java SDK Với Java SDK không cần phải dùng dòng lệnh mà có thể dùng giao diện. Giống như cài MySQL, làm như sau: Search java và install OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime

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  • In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, you can learn how to create Java applications with the free NetBeans visual editing tools. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, popular author Rogers Cadenhead helps you master the skills and technology you need to create desktop and web programs, web services, and even an Android app in Java.

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  • Welcome to the world of Object-Oriented Programming with Java. Please take your time to read this introduction. It will help you set up your computer system so that you can execute the Java program examples used throughout this book and so that you will be able to create and execute your own Java programs. The chapter begins by instructing you how to download and install the Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) from Sun Microsystems, Inc

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  • The fact is your brain craves novelty. It's constantly searching, scanning, waiting for something unusual to happen. After all, that's the way it was built to help you stay alive. It takes all the routine, ordinary, dull stuff and filters it to the background so it won't interfere with your brain's real work--recording things that matter. How does your brain know what matters? It's like the creators of the Head First approach say, suppose you're out for a hike and a tiger jumps in front of you, what happens in your brain? Neurons fire. Emotions crank up. Chemicals surge. That's...

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  • The newest release of Java has more robust functionality to help web and mobile developers get the most ouf of this platform-independent programming language. Like its bestselling previous editions, Java All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition has what you need to get up and running quickly with the new version. Covering the enhanced mobile development and syntax features as well as programming improvements, this guide makes it easy to find what you want and put it to use.

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  • The authors fully reveal the power of Eclipse as a desktop application development platform; introduce important new improvements in Eclipse 3.5; and walk through developing a full-featured, branded RCP application for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other platforms—including handheld devices and kiosks.

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  • Sử dụng Oracle Universal Installer để loại bỏ bảo mật Oracle Label. Chạy Oracle Universal Installer gỡ bỏ cài đặt Oracle Tin nhắn Gateway. Sử dụng các bản sao lưu của listener.ora và tnsnames.ora để trả lại các tập tin vào trạng thái trước đó của họ. Hủy bỏ bất kỳ người dùng tạo ra hàng đợi có trọng tải là Oracle Tin nhắn loại Gateway kinh điển

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  • JSP viết tắt cho JavaServer Page. JSP công nghệ là một phần mở rộng với công nghệ Servlet Java của Sun Microsystems cung cấp một phương tiện lập trình đơn giản để hiển thị nội dung động trên một trang Web. JSP là một công nghệ phía máy chủ. JSP là một trang HTML có nhúng mã nguồn Java được thực hiện trong các máy chủ Web hoặc máy chủ ứng dụng. HTML cung cấp bố trí trang được trả về cho trình duyệt Web, và Java cung cấp các logic kinh doanh. bố trí...

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  • Bắt đầu trình cài đặt như được mô tả trong "cài đặt Oracle Universal" trên trang 3-10. Click vào nút Hủy bỏ cài đặt sản phẩm trên cửa sổ Welcome hoặc các sản phẩm cài đặt ... nút có sẵn trên bất kỳ cửa sổ cài đặt. Cửa sổ tồn kho xuất hiện, danh sách các cài đặt, Loại bỏ Oracle phần mềm với Oracle Universal Installer

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  • Một môi trường để phát triển và triển khai các ứng dụng doanh nghiệp trong Java bao gồm một tập hợp các dịch vụ, giao diện lập trình ứng dụng và các giao thức cung cấp cho phát triển ứng dụng dựa trên Web multitiered,.

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  • Prepared Statement : compile only one time Statement : compile each time to run If we have to use one SQL statement several times, it would better to use Preparerd Statement. PreparedStatement java.sql.Connection.prepareStatement(String sql) throws SQLException Arguments : setting by parameters “?”

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  • Java programmers know how finicky Java can be to work with. An omitted semi-colon or the slightest typo will cause the Java command-line compiler to spew pages of annoying error messages across your screen. And it doesn't fix them--that's up to you: fix them, compile again, and hope that nothing goes wrong this time.

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  • Master SAP NetWeaver Portal with the most comprehensive, step-by-step reference available on the entire portal implementation life cycle. Written by SAP architect Rabi Jay, this book provides everything you need to plan, design, install, configure, and administer SAP NetWeaver Portal, including SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java.

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  • MICHAEL SEKLER graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1987 and has worked as a software engineer, developer, software architect, and consultant for several large and small companies. Michael’s expertise lies mainly in design, development, and support with databases, the Web, and content management systems. In the last few years, he has worked with open source systems, gaining experience with Linux and Java technologies. In his spare time, Michael enjoys good music and walks in the countryside....

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