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  • A central metal atom bonded to a group of molecules or ions is a metal complex. • If it’s charged, it’s a complex ion. Chemistry • Compounds containing complexes are coordination of Coordination Compounds compounds.The molecules or ions coordinating to the metal are the ligands.

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  • Structural properties of Na2O-9SiO2 liquid under compression are studied by computer simulation. The local structure characteristics as well as topology of SiOx are investigated via pair radial distribution function, coordination number, Si-O bond distance and O-Si-O bond angle distribution.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "general chemistry principles and modern applications" has contents: chemistry of the living state, reactions of organic compounds, structures of organic compounds, nuclear chemistry, complex ions and coordination compounds, the transition elements,...and other contents.

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  • Electric Drives Ion Boldea and Syed Nasar Linear Synchronous Motors: Transportation and Automation Systems Jacek Gieras and Jerry Piech Electromechanical Systems, Electric Machines, and Applied Mechatronics Sergey E. Lyshevski Electrical Energy Systems Mohamed E. El-Hawary Distribution System Modeling and Analysis William H. Kersting The Induction Machine Handbook Ion Boldea and Syed Nasar Power Quality C. Sankaran Power System Operations and Electricity Markets Fred I. Denny and David E.

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  • Coordinate covalent bonds: a bond formed when both electrons of the bond are donated by one atom. [H3N: Ag :NH3]+ Ag+ + 2(:NH3) Electron configuration of Ag [Kr]4d105s15P0 Ag+ [Kr]4d105s0 5P0 Sp hybrid orbitals: accommodate 2 pairs of electrons. Linear Complex ion: A metal ion with Lewis base attached to it through coordinate covalent bond. Complex (Coordinate compound): a compound consisting either of complex ions and other ions of opposite charge or of neutral complex species.

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  • The EF-hand protein S100A2 is a cell cycle regulator involved in tumori-genesis, acting through regulation of the p53 activation state. Metal ion-free S100A2 is homodimeric and contains two Ca 2+ -binding sites and two Zn 2+ -binding sites per subunit, whereby the Zn 2+ ion binding to one of the sites is coordinated by residues from two homodimers.

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  • FTIR spectroscopy has been applied to study the coordination structures of Mg2þ and Ca2þ ions bound in Akazara scallop troponin C (TnC), which contains only a single Ca2þ binding site. The region of the COO – antisymmetric stretch provides information about the coordination modes of COO – groups to the metal ions: bidentate, unidentate, or pseudo-bridging. Two bands were observed at 1584 and 1567 cm21 in the apo state, whereas additional bands were observed at 1543 and 1601 cm21 in the Ca2þ-bound and Mg2þ-bound states, respectively.

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  • Since the penetration level of Photovoltaic (PV) system continuously increases, the negative impact caused by the fluctuation of PV power output needs to to be carefully managed. This paper proposes a coordinated control algorithm based on a discrete wavelet transform to eliminate both short-term and long-term fluctuations by using hybrid energy storage system (HESS). While the short-term fluctuation is mitigated by using an electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), the longterm one is reduced by the support of a Li-ion battery.

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  • KHÁI NIỆM Coordination Chemistry Hợp chất phối trí (phức chất) là hợp chất hóa học mà phân tử của nó chứa ion phức Ion phức – Là tập hợp các cation và anion Có ion trung tâm là kim loại Có các phối tử

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  • Salinity stress negatively impacts agricultural yield throughout the world affecting production whether it is for subsistence or economic gain. The plant response to salinity consists of numerous processes that must function in coordination to alleviate both cellular hyperosmolarity and ion disequilibrium. In addition, crop plants must be capable of satisfactory biomass production in a saline environment (yield stability).

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  • Chemical reactions (abiotic reactions) are “classical” chemical reactions that are not mediated by bacteria. They may include reaction processes such as precipitation, hydrolysis, complexation, elimination, substitution etc. that transform chemicals to other chemicals and potentially alter their phase/state (solid, liquid, gas, dissolved). Precipitation is the removal of ions from solution by the formation of insoluble compounds, i.e. a solid-phase precipitate. Hydrolysis is a process of chemical reaction by the addition of water.

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  • The structure of the Mg 2+ -dependent enzyme human phosphoserine phosphatase (HPSP) was exploited to examine the structural and functional role of the divalent cation in the active site of phosphatases. Most interesting is the biochemical observation that a Ca 2+ ion inhibits the activity of HPSP, even in the presence of added Mg 2+ .The sixfold coordinated Mg 2+ ion present in the active site of HPSP under normal physiological conditions, was replaced by a Ca 2+ ion by using a crystallization conditionwith high concentration of CaCl2(0.7M). ...

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  • The structure of peptidase T, or tripeptidase, was deter-mined by multiple wavelength anomalous dispersion (MAD) methodology and re®ned to 2.4 A Ê resolution. Pep-tidase T comprises two domains; a catalytic domainwith an active site containing two metal ions, and a smaller domain formed through a long insertion into the catalytic domain. The twometal ions, presumablyzinc, are separatedby3.3 AÊ , and are coordinated by ®ve carboxylate and histidine ligands.

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  • The Fe-MCM-22 zeolite was successfully synthesized with hexametylenimine template. Several physicochemical techniques (XRD, SEM, BET, AAS, IR and ESR) have been used to characterize this zeolite. Iron exists under three states: Isolated ions in tetrahedral lattice positions, in octahedral coordination as isolated ions at cationic positions and as aggregated oxide species or hydroxide phases.

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  • Dy3+-doped glasses with various compositions (30+x)B2O3+ (60-x)TeO2 + 9Na2O + 1Dy2O3 (x = 10 and 20) were prepared by a melt–quenching technique. The specifically structural properties of boro-tellurite glasses with the high borate content (> 30 mol%) was reflected in the unusually large values of the Judd-Ofelt parameters Ω2 and Ω6 . The CIE chromaticity color coordinates were calculated from the luminescence spectra of Dy3+ ions of the glasses with the different compositions and all of them were located in the white light zone of the color coordination diagram.

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  • The Fe-MCM-22 zeolite was successfully synthesized with hexametylenimine template. Several physicochemical techniques (XRD, SEM, BET, AAS, IR and ESR) have been used to characterize this zeolite. Iron exists under three states: isolated ions in tetrahedral lattice positions, in octahedral coordination as isolated ions at cationic positions and as aggregated oxide species or hydroxide phases.

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  • The chelate of Ytterbium with L-isoleucine (essential amino acid) as ligand, were synthesized in ethanol-water solution and analyzed by spectroscopic means (Raman, FTIR). The comparative analysis of the IR and Raman spectra for the ligand and the complexes indicate the coordination of Ytterbium ion with the carboxylic oxygen atom and the nitrogen atom of the amino group to form chelate.

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  • The effect of the coordination of a Ni(II) ion on the electronic and magnetic properties of the ligand salophen were experimentally and theoretically evaluated. The complex [Ni(salophen)] was synthesized and characterized through FTIR and an elemental analysis. Spectral data obtained using DMSO as a solvent showed that the ligand absorption profile was significantly disturbed after the coordination of the metal atom.

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  • Light absorption of the most plants is in range of blue (440 nm), deep-red (660 nm) and far-red around 700-740 nm. The deep-red and far-red light play important roles in reactions of photomorphogenesis of plants. Although red emission phosphors have been researched extensively for white light-emitting diodes, deep-red and far-red emission phosphors for plant growth have been reported inadequately. Thus, in this work, far-red emitting CaYAlO4:Mn4+ phosphor was synthesized by co-precipitation method coupled with various annealing temperature from 800 oC to 1300 oC for 5 h.

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  • The Charged Hard Sphere (CHS) reference system is applied to study the structural analysis of liquid 3d transition metals. Here we report the structure factor S(q), pair distribution function g (r), interatomic distance r1 of nearest neighbour atoms and coordination number n1 for liquid 3d transition metals viz: Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Cu. To describe electron–ion interaction our own model potential is employed alongwith the local field correction due to Sarkar et al (SS). The present results of S(q) and g (r) are in good agreement with experimental findings.

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