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  • Therapist Lisa Lieberman stresses that it is impor- tant to make the information available to kids at a developmentally appropriate level. Particularly at first, you may want to talk to each child individ- ually if they have different information needs. A six-year-old may just need to be told that a part of mommy’s brain isn’t working like it should, and that makes her move funny, but she’s going to be okay. An adolescent may need more specific infor- mation about the disease. Outside resources can help in guiding your discus- sions.

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  • Bệnh thủy đậu là bệnh do siêu vi khuẩn gây ra. Siêu vi bệnh thủy đậu còn gọi là siêu vi bệnh trái rạ. Nó cùng loại siêu vi gây bệnh “giời ăn”. Bệnh thủy đậu thường bắt đầu từ một mụn đỏ, nhưng nhiều mụn sẽ phát rất nhanh, kèm với nóng sốt, nhức đầu, sổ mũi, ho và cảm thấy rất mệt. Các mụn đỏ bắt đầu nổi trên ngực và sau lưng, rồi lan lên mặt, da đầu, cánh tay và chân. Mụn đỏ có thể phát ra khắp người, bên trong...

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  • Under GHI, the U.S. is striving to coordinate all of its health programming, but integration is not being pursued for the sake of integration alone. We are working towards “smart integration,” which means selecting those opportunities for integration that make sense technically, economically, and in the context in which they are to be implemented.

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  • As someone who is currently planning to start trying to get pregnant within the next year, I spent a good deal of time browsing Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sources for books that focus on pre-pregnancy planning. Unfortunately, there are not many good resources out there but I've outlined a few here that focus on planning for pregnancy, maximizing fertility, and dealing with infertility problems.

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  • When I discuss children and development with my students they often ask me how long have psychologists known about certain aspects and why don’t they know such valuable information. I tell them that I believe psychologists and educators need to get their research into the general public’s hands more often. Our science has so much to offer parents and teachers in practical terms.

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  • I had the privilege of being IACAPAP’s delegate to this meeting but almost could not make it due to demonstrations and a nationwide strike in my country, Nigeria, in the period leading right up to the dates scheduled for the meeting. Fortunately, I arrived in the afternoon of day one of the crucial meeting just a few minutes before the item on the “global burden of mental disorders” came up.

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  • Bệnh thuỷ đậu, bà con ta quen gọi là bệnh phỏng rạ (ở miền Bắc), bệnh trái rạ (ở miền Nam). Thủ phạm gây bệnh là virut Varicella zoster. Nguồn lây duy nhất là người bệnh. Tỷ lệ mắc bệnh thường cao ở các đô thị, nơi đông dân, nhất là lúc giao mùa. Tuổi mắc nhiều nhất là 2-7 tuổi, phần lớn là trẻ chưa được tiêm phòng thủy đậu; ít khi gặp ở trẻ dưới 6 tháng. Người lớn cũng mắc. Sau một thời gian ủ bệnh chừng 14-15 ngày thì bệnh phát.

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  • A student magazine asserts that a key action towards sustainability is ‘don’t have kids’ (Anon. 2008: 29). Another ‘green’ magazine for parents points out that ‘in the US, even having just one child creates a carbon legacy almost six times greater than each parent’s own lifetime carbon emissions’ (McAleer 2009). Sustainability and birthing human children are figured as mutually exclusive. So how do we get an edited collection of essays in a book with both the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘birth’ in the title?...

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  • We all know that keeping a positive attitude can affect our mental and physical health. So main- taining a certain amount of calm and acceptance about your circumstances can set the tone for your family interactions. If the parent with PD is con- stantly complaining or embarrassed, kids will pick up on that and act the same way. Of course, that’s not to say that you have to keep everyone’s spirits up all the time. You need to experience your own emotions and give them validation. The key is to not get caught up in your emotions and let them drag you down.

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  • That idea gets a firm nod from therapist Lisa Lieberman. “It’s important not to parentify kids,” she says. They may learn more responsibility, but they need permission to be kids, have friends and be normal in that respect. “They are not there to be in charge of everything. They need to have some of the carefree spirit of being a kid.” There is a fine line between developing an appropriate sense of responsibility — not pretending that things aren’t any different — and putting too much onto their shoulders.

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  • We will also use weight for height, weight for age, and leg length for age as health measures. Weight for Height provides a measure of short run changes in nutritional status. Wasting, or low weight relative to kids of the same age and sex of the reference population, might be due to starvation and severe disease (in particular diarrhea). Lack of evidence of wasting in a population does not imply the absence of long run nutritional status reflected in low height for age. The relation between weight and age is a composite measure of height for age and weight for...

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  • We recognize that the creative, effective solutions that positively transform societies and their health ultimately grow from processes that take place within those societies. In both child health and maternal health there are powerful stories of true success, which tell us that change is possible, that the MDGs need not be pie-in-the-sky, and that leaders of change speak many languages. At the same time, we are keenly aware that global forces both constrain and facilitate the ability of local and national actors to think and act boldly.

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  • In order to secure child’s healthy development, having a healthy nutrition and maintaining a desirable level of physical exercise are not enough only by themselves. Following rules of hygiene is also required, so that the likelihood of kids getting sick is limited. It has been proven that frequent hand-washing is an effective way to protect children from infectious diseases, since spreading of diseases at school becomes limited in this way.

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  • Local child health status reports help boards of health monitor local-level data and indicators over time. Recent examples include The Health of Toronto’s Young Children series (118), A Community Fit for Children: A Focus on Young Children in Waterloo Region, 2nd Edition (119) cms/SearchableDatabase/SearchableDatabase.aspx, and A Vision for Children in Halton Report Card (87)

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  • Why can some athletes seemingly play through injuries but succumb to incredible pain immediately after the competition ends? The explanation is thought to be related to the intense motivational states that may interfere with the perception of pain. The effects of emotional states may also explain why individuals with clinical depression report more pain than their counterparts without depression, and why anxiety increases pain perception.

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