Laparoscopic surgery

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  • It is more enjoyable to read about complications than to manage them. Surgical complications are challenging for several reasons. It is difficult to watch patients and their families suffer. Although some complications are minor setbacks that resolve over time, some lead to longstanding disability. As surgeons, we sometimes doubt ourselves in the wake of a complication and lose confidence in our abilities. In some cases, surgeons avoid surgery or practice heightened defensive surgery, rendering them surgically dysfunctional.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: A role of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission/computed tomography in a strategy for abdominal wall metastasis of colorectal mucinous adenocarcinoma developed after laparoscopic surgery

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  • The horizons of laparoscopic surgery are expanding, such that the overwhelming majority of abdominal urologic procedures have now been performed laparoscopically. In some of these procedures, the laparoscopic alternative has been demonstrated to be superior to its open counterpart; in others comparative analyses are ongoing; and in yet others, only the initial forays into minimally invasive surgery have been undertaken.

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  • This book gathers recommendations of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), as compiled by leading European laparoscopic surgeons. The book offers an overview of current surgical research. All recommendations precisely describe the proven benefit of each surgical procedure and technique. Chapters follow a structured format to allow quick identification of recommendations. This work provides a highly usable and practice-oriented overview of the achievements in laparoscopic surgery throughout the last decade....

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Master techniques in general surgery - Gastric surgery" presentation of content: Truncal vagotomy with gastrojejunostomy, truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty, proximal gastric vagotomy, laparoscopic proximal gastric vagotomy, patch for perforated ulcer,... and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Master techniques in general surgery - Gastric surgery" presentation of content: Laparoscopic resection of gastrointestinal stromal tumors, dumping syndrome, surgical management of the afferent limb syndrome, open bariatric operations, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy technique,...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Master techniques in general surgery - Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery" presentation of content: Pancreaticoduodenectomy with or without pylorus preservation, laparoscopic pancreatic surgery, total pancreatectomy, enucleation of a pancreatic tumor, enucleation of a pancreatic tumor,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Master techniques in surgery hernia" presentation of content: Laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair, totally extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair, onlay mesh repair, sports hernia, umbilical hernia repair, massive ventral hernia with loss of domain, components separation,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "General surgery prepare for the MRCS key articles from the surgery journal" presentation of content: Anatomy of the caecum, appendix and colon, anatomy of the rectum and anal canal, the pathology of colorectal polyps and cancers, chemotherapy andradiotherapy for colorectal cancers,... and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Minimally invasive bariatric surgery" presents the following contents: Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding - outcomes, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding - long-term management, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding - management of complications, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding - controversies

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  • Objectives: To evaluate the results of laparoscopic colectomy for colon cancer at 103 Military Hospital. Subjects and methods: A cross-sectional retrospective study was conducted on 139 patients who had colon cancer and were treated by laparoscopic colectomy at Abdominal Surgery Department (BM2), 103 Military Hospital from 01-2007 to 12-2016.

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  • The general meaning of gene therapy is to correct defective genes that are responsible for disease development. The most common form of gene therapy involves the insertion, alteration or removal of genes within an individual's cells and biological tissues. Many of gene transfer vectors are modified viruses. The ability for the delivery of therapeutic genes made them desirable for engineering virus vector systems. Recently, the viral vectors in laboratory and clinical use have been based on RNA and DNA viruses processing very different genomic structures and host ranges.

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  • Những năm gần đây trên thế giới và Việt Nam đã phát triển mạnh mẽ một loại hình phẫu thuật mới, đó là Phẫu thuật nội soi bụng với danh từ tiếng Anh là: Laparoscopic Surgery và tiếng Pháp là Chirurgie ceolioscopic.

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  • Because the pixel vectors connecting with each other are the priority, these uncovered pixel vectors usually have the judgment upon the distance difference with the connected regions conducted to carry out region growing. It is the major reason why CSF is covered by GM and eroded. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the pixel vector, simultaneously calculate the distance difference with all the regions, and grow it into one of the regions with the minimum difference.

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  • The field of general surgery has changed dramatically over the last ten years with the acceptance of laparoscopy as an extension of the scalpel. Once ridiculed by most academic centers, laparoscopy has revolutionized the management of biliary tract disease and has led to a critical reassessment of how patients with other general surgical problems are managed. The rapid advancement and acceptance of laparoscopy as a part of general surgery is apparent today since most academic centers have laparoscopic sections and many offer laparoscopic fellowships....

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  • Overall development objectives may include employment creation, productivity, competitiveness, GDP growth, price stability; and external payments equilibrium; as well as social, sectoral and regional equality including poverty reduction. Positioning SME development policy against national targets makes it easier to co-ordinate the relevant activities of different ministries and to prioritise goals. It also establishes the basis for a tighter process of decision-making.

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  • Endoscopy has had a major impact in the development of modern medicine and other medical specialties. The field of endoscopic procedure has developed over the last decade. By using different data it provided a better understanding of pathogenic mechanisms, described new entities and used for early detection, diagnostic procedures and therapeutic procedures. The advantages of many technical advances and modern endoscopic equipments, endoscopy has had a developed spectacularly.

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  • Bảng 5. Nội soi tiết niệu dẫn dòng ± kỹ thuật bước và các tùy chọn Operative Bước chuyển vị của niệu quản Tạo Không Tùy chọn hồ chứa Intracorporeally Extracorporeally (laparoscopically hỗ trợ) Intracorporeally Extracorporeally, niệu đạo hai mạch máu tiếp hợp với nhau

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  • My motivation for the transition was the opportunity to develop and launch innovative, efficient energy technologies that have minimal impact on the environment yet still provide the reliability our society demands. I’m a true believer that global climate change is an immediate concern, so I manage my career accordingly. I am thrilled to be at UTC Power, a world leader in providing environmentally responsible power solutions.

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  • Poverty is higher in remote rural areas and in inner cities, but the rural elderly are much more likely to be poor than those living in urban areas. Thirteen percent of rural elders 60 years and older were poor in 2000, compared with nine percent of elders living in a metro area [20]. Thus we expect to find the most evidence of impeded access for the poor elderly who reside in rural areas. We interact the proportion of elderly in poverty with the proportion in rural areas to include in the model.

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