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  • Lesson Vietnamese - German development cooperation in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) present TVET in Viet Nam; key factors of German TVET system; Vietnamese-German programme reform of TVET; potentials of cooperation with German business community in TVET in Viet Nam.

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  • English experience has a lot of capital and has been published in many different books. However, learning experience over the internet is not everyone already know. I hope this article helps you learn more effective online learning and learning styles are like nature of this age.

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  • Lesson present the content structure of presentation, TVET – a key Factor for Development, Vietnamese-German Cooperation in TVET, programme reform of TVET in Viet Nam...

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  • Lesson "Key success factors of german TVET - Cooperation with business community" present structure of keynote input; cooperation with business community; learning in the work process; social acceptance of standards; training of TVET staff; institutionalized research...

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  • Upon their arrival in the United States, the hijackers received a total of approximately $130,000 from overseas facilitators via wire or bank-to-bank transfers. Most of the transfers originated from the Persian Gulf financial center of Dubai, UAE, and were sent by plot facilitator Ali. Ali is the nephew of KSM, the plot’s leader, and his sister is married to convicted terrorist Ramzi Yousef. He lived in the UAE for several years before the September 11 attacks, working for a computer wholesaler in a free trade zone in Dubai.

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  • 11 Principles in Practice Gestalt is a German word meaning “a unified whole . . . that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts.”1 This word could describe the challenge facing planners and designers who seek to incorporate the lessons of ecology into their work.

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  • Gershwin heeded that warning and slowly transformed himself into one of the significant American composer of his generation. Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, Mary Margaret McBride, Gene Autry, and millions of others had to learn the lesson I am trying to hammer home in this chapter. They had to learn the hard way-just as I did. When Charlie Chaplin first started making films, the director of the pictures insisted on Chaplin's imitating a popular German comedian of that day. Charlie Chaplin got nowhere until he acted himself.

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