Managing table data

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  • Tree stump diameter plays a big role in forest resource management. The study used data from 23 plots. The results showed that the acacia community was classified into 2 clusters. The stump diameter mean of cluster 1 is larger than cluster 2. The stump diameter frequency distribution of cluster 1 was more right-skewed.

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  • Information retrieval techniques: Lecture 1. The main topics covered in this chapter include: library management system; structured data storage/tables; semi-structured and unstructured; employee department salary; information retrieval models; search computing;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Part 1 of book "Beginning T-SQL 2012 (Second edition)" provide students with knowledge about: getting started; writing simple select queries; using functions and expressions; querying multiple tables; grouping and summarizing data;...

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  • Distributed Database Management Systems: Lecture 24. The main topics covered in this chapter include: fragmentation; design phase and have got the predicates to be used as basis for PHF; name our fragments/local tables as custQTA, custPESH;...

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  • Lecture Database management systems: Lesson 20. The main topics covered in this chapter include: data definition language, create command, create table command, format of create table, chevrons explained, create table with constraint,...

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  • Lecture Database management systems: Lesson 27. The main topics covered in this chapter include: alter table statement, removing or changing attribute, removing rows and tables, data manipulation language, insert statement, truncate table class, alter table student,...

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  • Lecture Database management systems: Lesson 33. The main topics covered in this chapter include: designing input forms, user friendly, data integrity, arranging form, adding command buttons, checks can be applied within the tables definition or through input forms,...

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  • Lecture Database management systems: Lesson 40. The main topics covered in this chapter include: dynamic views example, with check option, characteristics of views, different attribute names, data from multiple tables, updating data, one of the multiple tables,...

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  • This paper investigated several algorithms for data pre-processing including image deskewing, table and document layout analysis to improve the accuracy of the OCR model and then built an end-to-end scanned document management system. We verified the algorithms using a well-known OCR software namely Tesseract.

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  • In water resource management the main basic requirement is the estimation of runoff resulted from precipitation. In present study, runoff from Chaskaman catchment estimated using different empirical methods such as Inglis and DeSouza formula, Khosla’s formula, Coutagine relationship, Department of irrigation India, and Strange’s table method. Hydrological data such as observed daily runoff of 15 years (2000-2014) was collected from Superintending Engineer, Department of Irrigation, Government of Maharashtra, Pune.

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  • The present study was undertaken to analyze the optimum extraction of groundwater in watershed areas for sustainable use. There was lack of efficient irrigation facility is the major cause for low agricultural productivity in Karnataka due to its over exploitation is leading to continuous decline in the groundwater table. The study was followed purposive random sampling for selection of micro-watersheds and based on the primary data all groundwater irrigated farmers of respective micro-watershed areas were interviewed.

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  • This study aims to develop WIO model that is expanded from Vietnam's IO tables in order to obtain data sets for quantifying certain environmental burdens of the economy. With a topdown approach, the country’s waste management and treatment capacity as well as its energy requirements and CO2 emissions can be evaluated.

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  • Good drug supply management is an essential component of effective health care system. This study investigated the relationship of dependent and independent influential attributes towards overall patient satisfaction in addition to its impact on the quality improvement process of healthcare organizations. Subjects and methods: Face-to-face interviews with doctors about patients’ satisfaction (80 doctors and 800 patients) were the main research method and the population of the study was 800 patients in 8 general hospitals. Tables and graphs were used to represent data.

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  • part 2 book “data structures and algorithms in c++” has contents: heaps and priority queues, hash tables, maps, and skip lists, search trees, sorting, sets, and selection, strings and dynamic programming, graph algorithms, memory management and b-trees.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "statistics for managers using - microsoft excel" has contents: introduction and data collection, presenting data in tables and charts, numerical descriptive measures, basic probability, some important discrete probability distributions, the normal distribution and other continuous distributions.

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  • excel 2016 advanced presentation on the main contents: apply conditional logic in formula, create and apply range names, charts, apply and manipulate illustrations, smartart, shapes, screenshots, manage comments inserting and editing com, sorting data, filtering data, format as table, filter a table, grouping and outlining, subtotals, apply conditional formatting, sparkline charts, text functions, quick analysis, macros.

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  • access 2007: part 2 provides detailed explanations of useful topics and tools including: saving data in access, working with records, customizing tables, data entry, field properties, table relationships, sorting and filtering data, creating basic queries, and filtering queries. all explanations are accompanied by screenshots and full-color diagrams.

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  • Chapter 3 - Structured Query Language. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Learn basic SQL statements for creating database structures, learn SQL statements to add data to a database, learn basic SQL SELECT statements and options for processing a single table, learn basic SQL SELECT statements for processing multiple tables with subqueries,...

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  • Chapter 5 - Designing database applications. Learning objectives of this chapter include: Describe the purpose of the relational database model in a database management system, list the relational database model’s basic components, describe why entities and attributes are organized into tables, describe how data redundancy is handled in the relational database model,…

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able to: List the characteristics of an XML document that help determine the right type of database, define and describe content management databases, compare relational database structures to XML document structures, list the limitations of relational data tables with structured data, define and describe what Object-Oriented databases provide, describe the status of XML-based queries.

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