Multi-document summarization

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  • In this paper, we present a supervised learning approach to training submodular scoring functions for extractive multidocument summarization. By taking a structured prediction approach, we provide a large-margin method that directly optimizes a convex relaxation of the desired performance measure.

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  • This paper introduces a novel hierarchical summarization approach for automatic multidocument summarization. By creating a hierarchical representation of the words in the input document set, the proposed approach is able to incorporate various objectives of multidocument summarization through an integrated framework. The evaluation is conducted on the DUC 2007 data set.

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  • We describe a biographical multidocument summarizer that summarizes information about people described in the news. The summarizer uses corpus statistics along with linguistic knowledge to select and merge descriptions of people from a document collection, removing redundant descriptions. The summarization components have been extensively evaluated for coherence, accuracy, and non-redundancy of the descriptions produced.

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  • Ordering information is a critical task for natural language generation applications. In this paper we propose an approach to information ordering that is particularly suited for text-to-text generation. We describe a model that learns constraints on sentence order from a corpus of domainspecific texts and an algorithm that yields the most likely order among several alternatives. We evaluate the automatically generated orderings against authored texts from our corpus and against human subjects that are asked to mimic the model’s task.

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