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  • We have aligned Japanese and English news articles and sentences to make a large parallel corpus. We first used a method based on cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) to align the Japanese and English articles and then used a method based on dynamic programming (DP) matching to align the Japanese and English sentences in these articles. However, the results included many incorrect alignments.

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  • This paper addresses the problem of extracting the most important facts from a news article. Our approach uses syntactic, semantic, and general statistical features to identify the most important sentences in a document. The importance of the individual features is estimated using generalized iterative scaling methods trained on an annotated newswire corpus.

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  • In summarization, sentence ordering is conducted to enhance summary readability by accommodating text coherence. We propose a grouping-based ordering framework that integrates local and global coherence concerns. Summary sentences are grouped before ordering is applied on two levels: group-level and sentence-level. Different algorithms for grouping and ordering are discussed. The preliminary results on single-document news datasets demonstrate the advantage of our method over a widely accepted method. ...

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  • We investigate the expression of opinions about human entities in user-generated content (UGC). A set of 2,800 online news comments (8,000 sentences) was manually annotated, following a rich annotation scheme designed for this purpose. We conclude that the challenge in performing opinion mining in such type of content is correctly identifying the positive opinions, because (i) they are much less frequent than negative opinions and (ii) they are particularly exposed to verbal irony.

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  • Comparative News Summarization aims to highlight the commonalities and differences between two comparable news topics. In this study, we propose a novel approach to generating comparative news summaries. We formulate the task as an optimization problem of selecting proper sentences to maximize the comparativeness within the summary and the representativeness to both news topics. We consider semantic-related cross-topic concept pairs as comparative evidences, and consider topic-related concepts as representative evidences....

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  • The paper presents a multi-document summarization system which builds companyspecific summaries from a collection of financial news such that the extracted sentences contain novel and relevant information about the corresponding organization. The user’s familiarity with the company’s profile is assumed. The goal of such summaries is to provide information useful for the short-term trading of the corresponding company, i.e., to facilitate the inference from news to stock price movement in the next day. We introduce a novel query (i.e.

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  • We show that we can automatically classify semantically related phrases into 10 classes. Classification robustness is improved by training with multiple sources of evidence, including within-document cooccurrence, HTML markup, syntactic relationships in sentences, substitutability in query logs, and string similarity. Our work provides a benchmark for automatic n-way classification into WordNet’s semantic classes, both on a TREC news corpus and on a corpus of substitutable search query phrases. ...

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  • We extend previous work on tree kernels to estimate the similarity between the dependency trees of sentences. Using this kernel within a Support Vector Machine, we detect and classify relations between entities in the Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) corpus of news articles. We examine the utility of different features such as Wordnet hypernyms, parts of speech, and entity types, and find that the dependency tree kernel achieves a 20% F1 improvement over a “bag-of-words” kernel.

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  • We present a simple and effective method for extracting parallel sentences from comparable corpora. We employ a statistical machine translation (SMT) system built from small amounts of parallel texts to translate the source side of the nonparallel corpus. The target side texts are used, along with other corpora, in the language model of this SMT system. We then use information retrieval techniques and simple filters to create French/English parallel data from a comparable news corpora.

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