Positive and negative spaces

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  • This paper proposes a new state-space model that can well represent a real threephase power system by taking into account the unbalance conditions and harmonic distortion of a three-phase power system. The model associated with Extended Kalman Filter is then applied to estimate the positive and negative sequences of the fundamental component.

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  • PERIODIC SOLUTIONS FOR A COUPLED PAIR OF DELAY DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS GUANG ZHANG, SHUGUI KANG, AND SUI SUN CHENG Received 31 January 2005 and in revised form 24 March 2005 Based on the fixed-point index theory for a Banach space, positive periodic solutions are found for a system of delay difference equations. By using such results, the existence of nontrivial periodic solutions for delay difference equations with positive and negative terms is also considered. 1.

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  • Chapter 20 - Tourism's future. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Examine forecasts concerning the growth of international tourism; identify the major global forces which are shaping the tourism of tomorrow; understand the impacts, both positive and negative, that these forces are likely to have on tourism markets and on the ability of destinations to respond to the demands of these markets.

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  • A field experiment was conducted during kharif crop season 2015-16 at college of agriculture, Indore (M.P.) on cultivar RVS 2001-4 to assess the effect of weather factors on the trend of blue beetle and tobacco caterpillar activities. The crop was sown in second week of June, 2015-16 in an area of 200 (20x10m) square meters following the recommended agronomical practices with the spacing of 40 x10 cm rows and plants, respectively.

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  • In the following pages I have confined myself in the main to those problems of philosophy in regard to which I thought it possible to say something positive and constructive, since merely negative criticism seemed out of place. For this reason, theory of knowledge occupies a larger space than metaphysics in the present volume, and some topics much discussed by philosophers are treated very briefly, if at all. I have derived valuable assistance from unpublished writings of G. E. Moore and J. M.

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  • Discussions regarding the generation of abnormal profits through active trading have long held a prominent position in the finance literature. Beginning with Jensen (1968), a large literature has explored the ability of mutual fund managers to systematically picks stocks and time their investments so as to generate abnormal performance and justify the fees and expenses of active money management.

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  • Lupus nephritis (LN) carries high morbidity and mortality and whenever added to neuropsychiatric manifestations lead to more unfavorable prognosis. Though silent brain MRI findings in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) had been widely studied, the current work focused on LN patients comparing them to those without kidney affection, studying their cerebral MRI and its correlation with the histopathological classes of LN and disease activity. This may enable us to know more about early brain affection in LN patients for better follow up, management, and prognosis of this serious comorbidity.

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  • An experiment was carried out at Agricultural Meteorology Department farm, College of Agriculture, Vasantrao NaikMarathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani, during kharif season 2016. The field experiment was laid out in the split spot design with three replication and treatment combination of four sowing dates viz., D1 (27 MW), D2 (28 MW), D3 (29 MW) and D4 (30 MW) as main plot and four genotypes Phule til -1,Gujarat - 2, JLT - 408 and JLT – 7 as sub-plot treatment. The crop was sown with spacing 45x15 cm on 5.4 x 4.0 m2 gross plot size and 4.5x3.6 m2 net plot size.

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  • The research study was conducted on impact of training programme on knowledge, perception and attitude of stakeholders towards Bhoochetana programme. The Raichur, Koppal and Bellary districts were purposively selected based on their maximum area under groundnut cultivation. The random sampling procedure is being used to identify 180 beneficiaries. The ex-post –facto research design used for the study. It was observed that 45.56 per cent of the beneficiaries belonged to medium knowledge category followed by low (27.78 %) and high (26.67 %) categories.

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  • The effect is to leave the North with positive rates of genuine savings, and many resource-rich Southern countries with negative or near-zero rates. This distracts attention from analysis of the ‘environmental space’ occupied by economies with strong, traditionally-defined economic growth — and excessive consumption of the world’s resources. 23 Many people argue that reducing Northern consumption levels is central to curbing excessive resource depletion and pollution and reducing global inequalities in energy use and other forms of consumption.

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