Quality and pregnancy

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  • Significant rates of anxiety, depressive symptoms, and low quality of life (QoL) have been found among pregnant women in developed countries. These psychosocial disturbances have not been adequately assessed during pregnancy in many developing countries.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Frontiers in gynecological endocrinology (Volume 1: From symptoms to therapies)" provide readers with content about: premature ovarian insufficiency and its fertility implications; quality of life and sexual health; hormone and pregnancy; ovarian ageing and menopause;... Please refer to the part 2 of ebook for details!

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  • After getting pregnant by in vitro fertilization (IVF), pregnancy loss is one factor that prevents the baby from being born. An estimated 80% of pregnancy loss occurs in the first trimester, which is higher than in the natural pregnancy. The reason is said to be that the age of women receiving fertility treatment is often higher, leading to ovarian reserve, and decreased oocyte quantity and quality.

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  • Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) is a multifactorial condition, which can be mentally and physically compromising both during and after pregnancy. However, long-term pregnancy-related PGP has been poorly investigated.

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  • Unsafe abortion remains a reality for many Ethiopian women and will remain so until safe abortion is more accessible across the country. The house of representatives of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) revised the abortion law and Ministry of Health (MoH) of FDRE developed a revised technical and procedural guideline for safe abortion services in Ethiopia; emphasizing the need to increase knowledge and practice of health service providers on safe abortion care (SAC) and access to safe terminations of pregnancy at high standard and quality.

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  • Significant gaps exist in education for prospective and new parents, especially for some of the most vulnerable families. Prospective parents would like more information during pregnancy to prepare them for parenting, and need access to trusted and quality information.

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  • Mục tiêu nghiên cứu: 1. Khảo sát mức độ nôn nghén của thai phụ trong nửa đầu thai kỳ bằng bộ công cụ “Rhodes Index of Nausea, Vomiting and Retching” (INVR). 2. Xác định các yếu tố liên quan và đánh giá chất lượng sống của thai phụ nôn nghén nhiều trong quý I thai kỳ bằng bộ câu hỏi “Health-Related Quality of Life for Nausea and Vomiting during Pregnancy” (NVPQOL).

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  • The benefits and risks inherent to food technology and food safety in Europe have brought these topics to the centre of public interest in the recent years. The challenge for the future is to maintain the food sector competitive and innovative at a global level, while increasing the safety of production processes along the food chain. Therefore research priorities have to be developed at the European level which integrate these requirements into a long term perspective.

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  • There are five things to keep in mind as you write comments about the beers you judge. First, your comments should be as positive as possible. Acknowledge the good aspects of the beer rather than focusing only on the negative characteristics. Not only does this help make any negative comments easier to take as a brewer, but it gives your evaluation more credibility. Second, and related, be polite in everything that you write about a beer. Sarcastic and deprecating remarks should never be made on a scoresheet. Third, be descriptive and avoid using ambiguous terms like “nice.

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  • Every organization should make sure that its board members know and understand what it expects from them as not-for-profit directors. It is not enough to put people on a board and expect them to do the right thing. Even if they have previous board experience, they need to know how things are done in this particular organization and the extent to which they will be expected to participate in operating activities in addition to their governance role.

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  • In both operations, a typical hen produces about 55 kg/hen/year of manure . A very rough 15 estimate of the amount of poultry manure produced in Canada for 1989 was approximately 5.5 million tonnes per year (See Appendix II). Comparatively, in the United States in 1980, 158 million tonnes of manure were produced, of which over 7 million tonnes were attributed to broiler and layer production . These numbers do not take into account hatchery wastes, 10 turkey or waterfowl manure.

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  • The human development aspects of the ECE industry also have a significant economic impact on California. Studies of the costs and long-term benefits of high-quality ECE programs have consistently found substantial savings derived over the course of years and decades from reduced need for remedial and special education, reduced incarceration rates, lower rates of teen pregnancy, and many other factors. Analyses of the costs and benefits of ECE have found impressive returns on investment to the public, ranging from $2.69 to $7.16 per dollar invested.

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  • Finland experienced an exceptionally deep economic crisis during the first half of the 1990s. Within four years, output was reduced by more than 10% and the unemployment rate quadrupled to almost 17%. External shocks (the collapse of trade with the former Soviet Union in 1991, but also a sharp downturn in the OECD area), combined with a domestic banking crisis, led to a collapse of consumption and investment spending.

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  • This upcoming two year masters program aims to promote health systems and public health research and implementing solutions in institutional and fi eld settings. It will prepare health professionals to work in socially, culturally and economically diverse populations by being attentive to needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. It will work towards imparting qualities of leadership among public health professionals and eff ectively use communication skills for health advocacy.

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  • SQL/LPP is a system that adds time-series extensions to SQL [Perng and Parker 1999]. SQL/LPP models time-series as attributed queues (queues aug- mented with attributes that are used to hold aggregate values and are updated uponmodifications to the queue). Each time-series is partitioned into segments that are stored in the database. The SQL/LPP optimizer uses pattern-length analysis to prune the search space and deduce properties of composite pat- terns from properties of the simple patterns.

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  • The sense of feeling can effectively be used to enforce virtual artistic activities like virtual sculpting or modeling. In this paper, we describe how a virtual sculpture system has been extended with haptical feedback. In practice, we use the scalar field defining the implicit surface being modeled to efficiently compute several type of force feedback. We present a method for combining these forces differently depending whether the user is just touching his artwork or editing it by adding virtual matter.

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  • The continuity style deliberately sets out to make the camera, camerawork and editing invisible or, at the very least, unobtrusive. The events on screen seem to take place within a world of their own. They look as though they have simply been captured by some kind of unseen observer, who just happened to be watching and recording the action from convenient and suitable positions or angles. This is the key to the continuity style; its ability to tell a story whilst at the same time hiding the storytelling mechanisms themselves. ...

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  • The nonholonomic nature of the car-like robot is related to the assump- tion that the robot wheels roll without slipping. This implies the presence of a nonintegrable set of rst-order di erential constraints on the con guration variables. While these nonholonomic constraints reduce the instantaneous mo- tions that the robot can perform, they still allow global controllability in the con guration space. This unique feature leads to some challenging problems in the synthesis of feedback controllers, which parallel the new research issues arising in nonholonomic motion planning.

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  • Swiss producers of high-quality consumer products will have to be aware of the risks inherent to selling products through the multiple layers of the traditional retail sector with its small stores and the many wholesalers/distributors between producer and customer: Control over the product is easily lost, and a producer must make sure that the quality (and brand image) of his products are not compromised by inadequate handling, storage, delays in delivery etc.

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  • For example, in the case of a multinational corporation, it might be reason- able to assume a high degree of control and coordination in the administration of the cluster of subnets of the corporation’s intranet. The administrators of this intranet might very well be able to design and manage the whole network of event servers deployed on their subnets, and thus it might be a good idea to adopt a hierarchical architecture within the intranet. Of course, the intranet would connect to other networks outside of the influence of the administrators.

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