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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Reemergence of dengue virus type-3 (subtype-III) in India: Implications for increased incidence of DHF & DSS

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  • The Forum on Emerging Infections was created by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1996 in response to a request from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The purpose of the Forum is to provide structured opportunities for leaders from government, academia, and industry to meet and examine issues of shared concern regarding research, prevention, detection, and management of emerging or reemerging infectious diseases.

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  • Prompted by the need of non-petroleum-based fuels, coal research has reemerged to center stage after a lengthy dormant period. Pyrolysis research, in particular, has gained considerable momentum because of its close connection to combustion, hydropyrolysis and liquefaction. Spectroscopic and other instrumental techniques are currently producing prodigious information about coal structure and pyrolysis mechanisms, while modeling efforts are breaking new ground in sorting out chemical and physical phenomena to provide a fundamental although simplified description....

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  • Việc chuyển tấm thạch quyển tạo ra lớp vỏ mới đại dương trong một chu kỳ liên tục trẻ hóa của vỏ trái đất. Thạch quyển subducting lưu thông qua lớp vỏ và reemerges macma ở hàng chục hay rặng núi để midocean trên khắp thế giới, tạo ra hơn một nửa của vỏ trái đất.

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  • Historical experience has shown that successful strategies to combat terrorism that is spawned by serious, deep-rooted problems have involved first crushing the current threat and then bringing about changes to make terrorism’s reemergence less likely. While deterrence of terrorism may at first glance seem to be an unrealistic goal

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