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  • This paper presents a corpus study that explores the extent to which captions contribute to recognizing the intended message of an information graphic. It then presents an implemented graphic interpretation system that takes into account a variety of communicative signals, and an evaluation study showing that evidence obtained from shallow processing of the graphic’s caption has a significant impact on the system’s success. This work is part of a larger project whose goal is to provide sight-impaired users with effective access to information graphics. ...

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  • This paper introduces B IU T EE1 , an opensource system for recognizing textual entailment. Its main advantages are its ability to utilize various types of knowledge resources, and its extensibility by which new knowledge resources and inference components can be easily integrated.

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  • This paper presents a general-purpose open source package for recognizing Textual Entailment. The system implements a collection of algorithms, providing a configurable framework to quickly set up a working environment to experiment with the RTE task. Fast prototyping of new solutions is also allowed by the possibility to extend its modular architecture. We present the tool as a useful resource to approach the Textual Entailment problem, as an instrument for didactic purposes, and as an opportunity to create a collaborative environment to promote research in the field. ...

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  • Understanding language requires both linguistic knowledge and knowledge about how the world works, also known as common-sense knowledge. We attempt to characterize the kinds of common-sense knowledge most often involved in recognizing textual entailments.

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  • This paper presents an unsupervised opinion analysis method for debate-side classification, i.e., recognizing which stance a person is taking in an online debate. In order to handle the complexities of this genre, we mine the web to learn associations that are indicative of opinion stances in debates. We combine this knowledge with discourse information, and formulate the debate side classification task as an Integer Linear Programming problem. Our results show that our method is substantially better than challenging baseline methods. ...

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  • This paper proposes a knowledge representation model and a logic proving setting with axioms on demand successfully used for recognizing textual entailments. It also details a lexical inference system which boosts the performance of the deep semantic oriented approach on the RTE data. The linear combination of two slightly different logical systems with the third lexical inference system achieves 73.75% accuracy on the RTE 2006 data.

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  • We present a portable translator that recognizes and translates phrases on signboards and menus as captured by a builtin camera. This system can be used on PDAs or mobile phones and resolves the difficulty of inputting some character sets such as Japanese and Chinese if the user doesn’t know their readings. Through the high speed mobile network, small images of signboards can be quickly sent to the recognition and translation server.

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  • Miscommunication in speech recognition systems is unavoidable, but a detailed characterization of user corrections will enable speech systems to identify when a correction is taking place and to more accurately recognize the content of correction utterances. In this paper we investigate the adaptations of users when they encounter recognition errors in interactions with a voice-in/voice-out spoken language system.

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  • Many real-world texts contain tables. In order to process these texts correctly and extract the information contained within the tables, it is important to identify the presence and structure of tables. In this paper, we present a new approach that learns to recognize tables in free text, including the boundary, rows and columns of tables. When tested on Wall Street Journal news documents, our learning approach outperforms a deterministic table recognition algorithm that identifies tables based on a fixed set of conditions. ...

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  • In this paper, we explore ways of improving an inference rule collection and its application to the task of recognizing textual entailment. For this purpose, we start with an automatically acquired collection and we propose methods to refine it and obtain more rules using a hand-crafted lexical resource. Following this, we derive a dependency-based structure representation from texts, which aims to provide a proper base for the inference rule application.

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  • We present an unsupervised approach to recognizing discourse relations of CON TRAST, EXPLANATION - EVIDENCE , CON DITION and ELABORATION that hold between arbitrary spans of texts. We show that discourse relation classifiers trained on examples that are automatically extracted from massive amounts of text can be used to distinguish between some of these relations with accuracies as high as 93%, even when the relations are not explicitly marked by cue phrases.

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  • Detection of discourse structure is crucial in many text-based applications. This paper presents an original framework for describing textual parallelism which allows us to generalize various discourse phenomena and to propose a unique method to recognize them. With this prospect, we discuss several methods in order to identify the most appropriate one for the problem, and evaluate them based on a manually annotated corpus.

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  • The Vietnamese Government has recognized these problems and is implementing economic reform policies in which institutional reform is considered as a breakthrough. The success of institutional reform will not only help create a new impetus for economic growth, but also to encourage foreign investors consider domestic production of products, participate in global production value chains, and mount the domestic production chain into the global production system.

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  • Chapter 4 - Recognizing revenues in governmental funds. After studying chapter 4, you should understand: Why focus on current financial resources and the modified accrual basis for governmental funds, why focus on economic resources and the full accrual basis for government-wide financial statements, distinction between the modified accrual and full accrual basis of accounting,...

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  • Chapter 5 - Recognizing expenditures in governmental funds. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Modified accrual basis of accounting for expenditures, difference between accrual and full accrual, accounting for particular expenditures, types of interfund activities and how they are reported, other financing sources and uses, limitations of the fund statement.

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  • The technology of recombinant single chain variable fragments (scFvs) expression has been used in research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In the previous study, we studied the expression of a recombinant single chain variable fragment recognizing blood A antigen (antiA-scFv) in E. coli. However, the protein was insoluble form resulting in difficulty for purification, refolding and activity assesment. Here, we present the study on fused expression of the recombinant scFv - specific blood A antigen with thioredoxin (Trx) in the expression vector pET32a(+).

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  • This is the first report in Vietnam showing the extraction and purification of the recombinant single chain antibody recognizing antigen of ABO system using E. coli expression system. It can be considered as a reference for further studies to improve the specificity of recombinant antibody antiA-scFv to identify ABO-type blood antigens.

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  • It has obtained great results in theory as well as practical applications. However, the accuracy of identification is still limited, especially in the case of low-quality input images. In this article, we propose an efficient method to recognize information fields for identification in ID card using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Long Short-Term Memory networks (LSTM).

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  • Proteins recognize many different aspects of RNA ranging from single stranded regions to discrete secondary or tertiary structures. High-throughput sequencing (HTS) of in vitro selected populations offers a large scale method to study RNA-proteins interactions.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'beauty in naturebeauty is hard to define but easy to recognize.', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng viết tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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