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  • This paper is the fourth in a series where we describe the space of all embedded minimal surfaces of fixed genus in a fixed (but arbitrary) closed 3manifold. The key is to understand the structure of an embedded minimal disk in a ball in R3 . This was undertaken in [CM3], [CM4] and the global version of it will be completed here; see the discussion around Figure 12 for the local case and [CM15] for some more details. Our main results are Theorem 0.1 (the lamination theorem) and Theorem 0.2 (the one-sided curvature estimate). ...

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  • Discourse connectives are words or phrases such as once, since, and on the contrary that explicitly signal the presence of a discourse relation. There are two types of ambiguity that need to be resolved during discourse processing. First, a word can be ambiguous between discourse or non-discourse usage. For example, once can be either a temporal discourse connective or a simply a word meaning “formerly”. Secondly, some connectives are ambiguous in terms of the relation they mark.

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  • In this chapter you can find a brief guide for a quick setup of Kerio Control. After this setup the firewall should be immediately available and able to share your Internet connection and protect your local network. For a detailed guide refer to the separate Kerio Control — Step-by- Step Configuration guide. If you are unsure about any element of Kerio Control, simply look up an appropriate chapter in the manual. For information about your Internet connection (such as your IP address, default gateway, DNS server, etc.) contact your ISP....

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  • This chapter contains two questions which are not confined to one particular part of the syllabus but are broader. Such questions are often included in examinations in order to test your knowledge of recent developments in the subject or simply to give you an opportunity, which most questions in law papers do not, to demonstrate a joined-up, wide knowledge of the syllabus. The second question is a general question, such as one sometimes finds in examinations, which invites the examinee to take an overview of the subject and to do so from a particular perspective.

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  • My journey within the field of spirituality and mental health has been an interesting one. It began 30-odd years ago on the day that I wandered into my first psychiatric ward, a student psychiatric nurse with not much of a clue about anything. In this strange land of madness, medication and control, spiritualitywas not a priority and the idea of spiritual care as a discrete aspect of nursing was not really on the agenda either in terms of education or practice. It’s not so much that it was avoided, it simply wasn’t an issue....

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  • We investigate the relationship between an open simply-connected region Ω ⊂ S2 and the boundary Y of the hyperbolic convex hull in H3 of S2 \ Ω. A counterexample is given to Thurston’s conjecture that these spaces are related by a 2-quasiconformal homeomorphism which extends to the identity map on their common boundary, in the case when the homeomorphism is required to respect any group of M¨bius transformations which preserves Ω.

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  • 1.Introduction A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a connection of hardware, is a connection of hardware components and computer interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information. Where at least one process in one device is able to send/receive data to/from at least one process residing in a remote device, then the two device are said to be in a network

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  • We introduce a class of metric spaces which we call “bolic”. They include hyperbolic spaces, simply connected complete manifolds of nonpositive curvature, euclidean buildings, etc. We prove the Novikov conjecture on higher signatures for any discrete group which admits a proper isometric action on a “bolic”, weakly geodesic metric space of bounded geometry. 1. Introduction This work has grown out of an attempt to give a purely KK-theoretic proof of a result of A. Connes and H. Moscovici ([CM], [CGM]) that hyperbolic groups satisfy the Novikov conjecture. ...

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  • Introduction Data link control layer – often abbreviated simply to data link layer – is concerned with the transfer of data over a serial data link The transmission mode may be either asynchronous or synchronous and based on either a character-oriented or a bit-oriented transmission control protocol The data link layer is fundamental to the operation of all data communication applications

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  • The form of the barbute was in one other im- portant sense not a new one. The close-fitting barbute, with its narrow opening for the eyes and nose, very much resembles the Corinthian helmet of the Greeks (Figure 8). The barbute, of course, had an independent origin, and this is simply a case of recurrence of type-forged in ...

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  • There are very few examples of Riemannian manifolds with positive sectional curvature known. In fact in dimensions above 24 all known examples are diffeomorphic to locally rank one symmetric spaces. We give a partial explanation of this phenomenon by showing that a positively curved, simply connected, compact manifold (M, g) is up to homotopy given by a rank one symmetric space, provided that its isometry group Iso(M, g) is large. More precisely we prove first that if dim(Iso(M, g)) ≥ 2 dim(M ) − 6, then M is tangentially homotopically equivalent to a rank one symmetric space or M...

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  • The studios adapted and survived, and since the 1970s, they have enjoyed a remarkable resurgence and have reasserted their collective control of the so-called New Hollywood. Now the studios’ film divisions produce far more than simply feature films, however, and the studios themselves are all subsidiaries of massive, transnational multimedia conglomerates such as Sony, Viacom, News Corp, and TimeWarner.

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  • The contribution to GDP growth can be hardly differentiated between countries and sectors, therefore we simply summarize our average estimates to the European countries. As shown in Table 1, the range is between 0.05% in the short run under slow adoption and 0.3% in the medium run under fast adoption of cloud comput- ing.

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  • Yet we need to consume responsibly. Simply by turning off a light switch when you leave a room, riding your bike instead of driving, or re-using grocery bags, you are helping to reduce your consumption of resources. There are a ton of ways you can help the environment and reduce pollution. Afterall the easiest way to reduce pollution is to reduce consumption. By reducing the amount of resources we use and making simple, environmentally friendly decisions, we can help to reverse the global trends of pollution. ...

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  • In this paper, we introduce all subalgebras of gl 3, which are 4-dimensional MDalgebras, i.e. the solvable real Lie algebras of dimension 4 such that the co-adjoint orbits of its corresponding connected and simply connected Lie groups are either orbits of dimension zero or orbits of maximal dimension.

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  • In this important resource, 30 real, winning scholarship essays are analyzed, revealing what makes them successful and how they fit the judges' criteria. Essays and interviews are the two components of scholarship competition that often determine the award's recipient, yet most books on scholarships simply provide a directory of awards. This book includes sample interview questions and answers, along with strategies to help students overcome nervousness and be more prepared.

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  • A further considerable simplification in the mechanics resulted from introducing microcomputers in connection with decentralized electrical drives, as can be seen from electronic typewriters, sewing machines, multi-axis handling systems, and automatic gears. The design of lightweight constructions leads to elastic systems which are weakly damped through the material. An electronic damping through position, speed, or vibration sensors and electronic feedback can be realized with the additional advantage of an adjustable damping through the algorithms.

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  • This is book is intended for students at all levels who seek to enhance their Spanish vocabulary, as well as for those who wish simply to explore the wide- ranging connections between Spanish and English vocabulary.

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  • Increasing the iMEMS Accelerometer’s Output Scale Factor Figure 15 shows the basic connections for using an external buffer amplifier to increase die output scale factor. The output multiplied by the gain of the buffer, which is simply the value of resistor R3 divided by RI. Choose a convenient scale factor, keeping in mind that the buffer pin not only amplifies the signal, but my noise or drift as well. Too much pin can also cause the buffer to saturate and clip the output waveform. Note that the “+” input of the external op amp uses the offset null pin of...

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  • The internet has provided the global audience instant information, broad connections to billions and a revolutionary form of communication. However, for all of this seemingly effortless access to consumers, the internet has traditionally been a complex problem for marketers. Numerous organizations either do not have or maintain an appropriate interactive / internet marketing plan. More still simply include an isolated online component, typically a banner advertising campaign, in an overall marketing plan.

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