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Some invariants of physics

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  • It is well-known that some famous probability density functions (PDF) of random variables are associated with symmetries of these random variables. The Boltzmann and Gaussian PDFs that are invariant under translation and spherical transformations of their variables, respectively, are obvious and well-studied examples reflecting not only symmetries of many physical phenomena but also their underlying conservation laws.

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  • No excuses, Mr. March." The office was enormous, the desk massive, but sitting behind the latter Pierpont Alton Sturdevant dominated both. Not because of any physical quality. He was below average in stature nor did his graying hair have the patches of white at the temples that fiction writers and the illustrators of advertisements seem to think are the invariable mark of 'men of distinction.

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  • Quantum Field Theory is now well recognized as a powerful tool not only in Particle Physics but also in Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Solid State Physics and even in Mathematics. In this book some current applications of Quantum Field Theory to those areas of modern physics and mathematics are collected, in order to offer a deeper understanding of known facts and unsolved problems.

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  • Thi s int roduc tion to Gro up The ory, wit h its emp hasis on Lie Gro ups and the ir app licat ion to the stu dy of sym metri es of the fun damen tal con stitu ents of mat ter, has its ori gin in a one -seme ster cou rse tha t I tau ght at Yal e Uni versi ty for mor e tha n ten yea rs. The cou rse was dev elope d for Sen iors, and adv anced Jun iors, maj oring in the Phy sical Sci ences .

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