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  • In Vietnam nowadays, the Vietnam National University, Hanoi in particular, a new standard for English proficiency is set; that is the required overall score of 5.0 on the IELTS or equivalent. Thus, many universities emphasize the development of IELTS skills. While efforts have been made to teach the four macro skills of writing, reading, listening in many language colleges, far less attention is paid to teach necessary techniques to develop good IELTS speaking skill.

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  • Some common practical questions and suggested answers During the development of coating formulae and processes, common problems tend to recur. This section brings together a collection of typical queries and provides suggested solutions. 1. Question: What major process and formulation parameters do I need to take into account in the change from organic solvent coating to aqueous coating? Answer: Looking first of all at the formulation-based parameters, there is a need to increase the solids loading of the coating suspension to something like 12 %w/w if using a typical HPMC-based formula.

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  • Aim: Basing on the basis of theoretical and practical research, the author suggests solutions to implement the autonomy and social responsibility better in financial management of colleges in the Northwest.

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  • This paper analyses the current situation in Vietnam before the ongoing social degeneration, giving explanations for the inadequate consequences, drawing some conclusions, and suggesting practical measures to deal with pressing issues, remedy problems in public opinion as well as take proper control over conflicts in order to ensure healthy development and social security in Vietnam.

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  • The government bond market plays an important role in the socio-economic development cause of every nation. In recent years, despite certain achievements it has gained, Vietnam's government bond market has still remained many limitations. Upon researching the situation of market development in the 2010 - 2015 period from primary data, the article points out some limitations of the market in terms of product ranges, transaction modes, investors and identifies the main reasons for its development limitations such as market information system, infrastructure, legal environment, etc.

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  • With reference to the organizational models and different types of investment banking of commercial banks in the world, the survey in Vietnams commercial banks from secondary data, the article pointed out some weaknesses and the reasons so as to suggest some approaches and recommendations for diversifying the organization model, increasing the number and improving the quality of investment banking for commercial banks in Vietnam in the coming time.

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  • Strengthening the exports of forestry-agricultural products represents a strategic target in Vietnam's economic development in the coming time. A particularly large market like China will be a potential market to Vietnam's forestry-agricultural exports. The article generalizes the situation of exporting forestry-agricultural products of Vietnam in recent time, on this basis suggests some solutions to strengthening its exports in the near future.

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  • I could not complete my assignment without the great help and useful advice from my teacher, my family as well as my friends. Firstly, I would like to express my great thanks to y supervisor, M.A. Nguyen Thi Van Lam for her enthusiastic help. Secondly, I would like to express my deep thanks to all the teachers in Foreign Language Department of Vinh University for giving me helpful lectures. My thanks also go to my director, Ms Nguyen Thi Yen and all the colleagues at

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  • The book you’re holding in your hand (or reading on the screen) owes its genesis to a tongue-in-cheek exchange with Steve Fleischer of Flying Tiger Web Design (www., who suggested I should write Powers Object-Oriented PHP. Actually, he phrased it rather differently. If you take the initial letters of the suggested title, you’ll get the drift . . . But Steve had an important point: he felt that books on object-oriented programming (OOP) frequently assumed too much prior knowledge or weren’t easily adaptable to PHP in a practical way.

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  • When fuel cells were first suggested and discussed back in the nineteenth century, it was firmly hoped that distinctly higher efficiencies could be attained with them when converting the chemical energy of natural fuels to electric power. Now that the world supply of fossil fuels is seen to be finite, this hope turns into a need, into a question of maintaining advanced standards of life.

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  • We met with representatives from the other company for over 4 hours yesterday. Jerry didn't waste any time. He took the bull by the horns and gave them our list of concerns right away. Then he asked for a list of their concerns and put both lists on the white board, so he could be sure we were all on the same page. He told the group that we were going to have to think out of the box and suggest creative solutions. We talked for over an hour. Jerry likes to shoot from the hip, which makes some people...

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  • 2 Sustainable concepts. There are many suggested solutions to the sustainable farming problem. These range from ‘landcare’ and ‘conservation farming’ to ‘permaculture’, ‘biodynamics’ and ‘financial restructuring’. Most of these solutions are very

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  • Ở Việt Nam hiện nay, Đại học Quốc gia Việt Nam, Hà Nội nói riêng, một tiêu chuẩn mới cho trình độ tiếng Anh được thiết lập, có nghĩa là số điểm tổng thể yêu cầu 5.0 IELTS hoặc tương đương.

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  • THE FORM AND FUNCTION of multicellular organism would not be possible without efficient communication among cells, tissues, and organs. In higher plants, regulation and coordination of metabolism, growth, and morphogenesis often depend on chemical signals from one part of the plant to another. This idea originated in the nineteenth century with the German botanist Julius von Sachs (1832–1897). Sachs proposed that chemical messengers are responsible for the formation and growth of different plant organs.

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  • It has been mentioned in the Preface that the material of this book has been arranged in a way that should make it accessible to as wide a readership as possible. Prospective readers will have different backgrounds and objectives. The following four groups are suggestions to help use the book more efficiently.

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  • why are we working towards becoming the Greenest City and why now? Vancouver residents have an ecological footprint three times larger than the Earth can sustain. he decisions we make every day about how we move around the city, what we buy or eat, and how we deal with our waste means that we currently use far more than our fair share of the Earth’s resources.

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  • accountants probably have always been concerned with measuring and reporting the relationship between cost and output. The preeminence of fi nancial accounting in this century resulted in directing much of our attention toward attaching costs to inventories. However, the recent emphasis on decision making is causing us to consider ways of measuring the variability of cost with output and other decisions variables. In this essay, the application, use, and limitations of multiple regression analysis, a valuable tool for measuring costs, are discussed....

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  • Indeed, these tough times can be seen as an opportunity for the industry to reinvent itself. Perhaps, the industry has moved beyond the first phase, in which it established itself as a part and parcel of the investment matrix. The industry needs to evolve again to strengthen its position and proposition. It is probably time to question established wisdom and explore alternatives. In the present situation, there may be no single ‘silver bullet’ solution, but it will require a multitude of initiatives to be taken across the entire spectrum of activities of a mutual fund.

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  • In Spain, the savings banks’ model enables them to devote a substantial part of their profits to what is known as the Obra Social, whose allocation, distribution, policy and administra- tion are decided independently by the savings bank. French savings banks have launched the Local and Social Economy Projects (Projets d’Economie Locale et Sociale, PELS), a programme through which they finance local projects that will foster business or economic value and support people in fragile social situations.

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  • Over the next 100 years, climate models suggest that warmer temperatures will very likely lead to greater climate variability and an increase in the risk of hydrologic extremes, i.e., floods and droughts. Perhaps the most significant and likely impact is a change in the timing of runoff in watersheds with large amounts of winter snowfall as higher temperatures lead to an increase in the ratio of rain to snow, faster snowmelt runoff, and earlier loss of snow.

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