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Xem 1-20 trên 494 kết quả Uncertainty
  • The market for lemons quality uncertainty and mechanism present about the model with automobiles as an example; example and application; counteracting institutions; conclusion of The market for lemons quality uncertainty and mechanism.

    pdf14p thanhvy28591 26-03-2015 46 8   Download

  • THE EFFECTS OF MACROECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY ON IRREVERSIBLE INVESTMENT Peer group and, by extension, average student performance are endogenous to unobserved determinants of housing prices. One estimation strategy that accommodates this endogeneity is that taken by Bayer, McMillan, and Reuben (2002), who estimate a structural model for housing prices and community composition in San Francisco.

    pdf129p mualan_mualan 25-02-2013 41 7   Download

  • Water-resource managers have long strived to meet their goals of system reliability and environmental protection in the face of many uncertainties, including demographic and economic forecasts, intrinsic weather variability, and short-term climate change induced by El Ni

    pdf1p trinhosieupham 06-02-2013 23 3   Download

  • In spoken dialogue systems, Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) provide a formal framework for making dialogue management decisions under uncertainty, but efficiency and interpretability considerations mean that most current statistical dialogue managers are only MDPs. These MDP systems encode uncertainty explicitly in a single state representation.

    pdf4p hongphan_1 15-04-2013 23 2   Download

  • Under uncertainty of exchange rate, we extend the build to order production model of Lin et al. (2002) by considering the export-oriented manufacturer to make decisions to switch production location freely between domestic and foreign ones. When we transfer the production location from domestic (foreign) to foreign (domestic), and the production location transferring cost and the drift of real exchange rate are both equal to zero, then the optimal entry and exit threshold value of Cobb-Douglas production function are equal, no matter whether we use real options or net present value method.

    pdf16p vinguyentuongdanh 20-12-2018 14 2   Download

  • This paper proposes the use of uncertainty reduction in machine learning methods such as co-training and bilingual bootstrapping, which are referred to, in a general term, as ‘collaborative bootstrapping’. The paper indicates that uncertainty reduction is an important factor for enhancing the performance of collaborative bootstrapping.

    pdf8p bunbo_1 17-04-2013 34 1   Download

  • We show that feature logic extended by functional uncertainty is decidable, even if one admits cyclic descriptions. We present an algorithm, which solves feature descriptions containing functional uncertainty in two phases, both phases using a set of deterministic and non-deterministic rewrite rules. We then compare our algorithm with the one of Kaplan and Maxwell, that does not cover cyclic feature descriptions. 1 Introduction the form x L y , where L is a finite description of a regular language of feature paths. A constraint x L y holds if there is a path w E L such that z...

    pdf8p bunmoc_1 20-04-2013 33 1   Download

  • In this paper the functional uncertainty machinery in L F G is compared with the treatment of long distance dependencies in TAG. It is shown that the functional uncertainty machinery is redundant in TAG, i.e.,what functional uncertainty accomplishes for L F G follows f~om the T A G formalism itself and some aspects of the linguistic theory instantiated in TAG. It is also shown that the analyses provided by the functional uncertainty machinery can be obtained without requiring power beyond mildly context-sensitive grammars.

    pdf8p bungio_1 03-05-2013 31 1   Download

  • Risk attitude and corporate investment under output market uncertainty: Evidence from the mekong river delta, Vietnam. This paper aims to detect the impact of firm managers’ risk attitude on the relationship between the degree of output market uncertainty and firm investment.

    pdf12p tranminhluanluan 29-05-2018 12 1   Download

  • In the electricity market operation, electricity prices or Locational Marginal Prices (LMP) vary according to both electric demand and the penetration level of the wind power. The variable domain identification of LMP plays a very important role for market participants to assess and mitigate the risk on account of the combined uncertainty of wind power and demand.

    pdf6p visasuke2711 25-04-2019 1 0   Download

  • This paper presents a number of verification case studies for a recently developed sensitivity/uncertainty code package. The code package, ROMUSE (Reduced Order Modeling based Uncertainty/Sensitivity Estimator) is an effort to provide an analysis tool to be used in conjunction with reactor core simulators, in particular the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA) core simulator.

    pdf9p minhxaminhyeu3 12-06-2019 1 0   Download

  • This study proposes to conduct uncertainty analysis of CDR for core damage assessment. First, based on source term estimation, the Monte Carlo (MC) and point-kernel integration methods were used to estimate the probability density function of the CDR under different extents of core damage in accident scenarios with late containment failure. Second, the results were verified by comparing the results of both methods.

    pdf10p minhxaminhyeu3 25-06-2019 3 0   Download

  • In the LSTF test, core uncovery started simultaneously with liquid level drop in crossover leg downflow-side before loop seal clearing, and water remaining occurred on the upper core plate in the upper plenum. Results of the uncertainty analysis with RELAP5/MOD3.3 code clarified the influences of the combination of multiple uncertain parameters on peak cladding temperature within the defined uncertain ranges.

    pdf13p minhxaminhyeu3 25-06-2019 1 0   Download

  • In this paper, we present an application of particle filtering for the prediction of degradation in steam generator tubes. With a case study, we also show how the prediction results vary depending on the uncertainty of the measurement data.

    pdf10p minhxaminhyeu3 25-06-2019 3 0   Download

  • The corresponding neutron transport calculations are performed with the deterministic discrete-ordinates code NEWT. In addition, the Monte Carlo code KENO in multi-group mode is used to demonstrate a method with which the number of neutron histories per calculation run can be substantially reduced as compared to that in a calculation for the nominal case without uncertainties, while uncertainties and sensitivities are obtained with almost the same accuracy.

    pdf10p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 0 0   Download

  • The effects of nuclear data uncertainties are studied on a typical PWR fuel assembly model in the framework of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency UAM (Uncertainty Analysis in Modeling) expert working group. The “Fast Total Monte Carlo” method is applied on a model for the Monte Carlo transport and burnup code SERPENT. Uncertainties on k∞, reaction rates, two-group cross sections, inventory and local pin power density during burnup are obtained, due to transport cross sections for the actinides and fission products, fission yields and thermal scattering data.

    pdf10p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 0 0   Download

  • This paper discusses Phase I, known as the “Neutronics Phase”, which is devoted mostly to the propagation of nuclear data (cross-section) uncertainty throughout steady-state stand-alone neutronics core calculations. Three reactor systems (for which design, operation and measured data are available) are rigorously studied in this benchmark: Peach Bottom Unit 2 BWR, Three Mile Island Unit 1 PWR, and VVER-1000 Kozloduy-6/Kalinin-3. Additional measured data is analyzed such as the KRITZ LEU criticality experiments and the SNEAK-7A and 7B experiments of the Karlsruhe Fast Critical Facility.

    pdf30p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 2 0   Download

  • The results show that the proposed method increases the applicability and user-friendliness preserving accuracy in quantifying uncertainty propagation. We expect that the proposed strategy will contribute to efficient and accurate two-step MC calculations.

    pdf8p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 0 0   Download

  • An uncertainty propagation methodology based on the Monte Carlo method is applied to PWR nuclear design analysis to assess the impact of nuclear data uncertainties. The importance of the nuclear data uncertainties for 235,238U, 239Pu, and the thermal scattering library for hydrogen in water is analyzed. This uncertainty analysis is compared with the design and acceptance criteria to assure the adequacy of bounding estimates in safety margins.

    pdf14p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 0 0   Download

  • In this paper, a Dempster-Shafer Theory (DST) framework for handling uncertainties in NPP SPRAs is proposed and applied to an example case study. The main contributions of this paper are two: (i) applying the complete DST framework to SPRA models, showing how to build the Dempster-Shafer structures of the uncertainty parameters based on industry generic data, and (ii) embedding Bayesian updating based on plant specific data into the framework.

    pdf16p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 3 0   Download


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