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  • We introduce a first-order version of Categorial Grammar, based on the idea of encoding syntactic types as definite clauses. Thus, we drop all explicit requirements of adjacency between combinable constituents, and we capture wordorder constraints simply by allowing subformulae of complex types to share variables ranging over string positions. We are in this way able to account for constructiods involving discontinuous constituents.

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  • There has recendy been a revival of interest in Categorial Grammars (CG) among computational linguists. The various versions noted below which extend pure C G by including operations such as functional composition have been claimed to offer simple and uniform accounts of a wide range of natural language (NL) constructions involving bounded and unbounded "movement" and coordination "reduction" in a number of languages. Such grammars have obvious advantages for computational applications, provided that they can be parsed efficiently.

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  • There is currently much interest in bringing together the tradition of categorial grammar, and especially the Lambek calculus (Lambek, 1958), with the more recent paradigm of linear logic (Girard, 1987) to which it has strong ties. One active research area concerns the design of non-commutative versions of linear logic (Abrusci, 1991; Rdtor6, 1993) which can be sensitive to word order while retaining the hypothetical reasoning capabilities of standard (commutative) linear logic that make it so well-adapted to handling such phenomena as quantifier scoping (Dalrymple et al., 1995). ...

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  • I propose a uniform approach to the elimination of redundancy in CCG lexicons, where grammars incorporate inheritance hierarchies of lexical types, defined over a simple, feature-based category description language. The resulting formalism is partially ‘constraint-based’, in that the category notation is interpreted against an underlying set of tree-like feature structures. I argue that this version of CCG subsumes a number of other proposed category notations devised to allow for the construction of more efficient lexicons.

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