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  • Unification-based grammar formalisms use structures containing sets of features to describe linguistic objects. Although computational algorithms for unification of feature structures have been worked out in experimental research, these algcwithms become quite complicated, and a more precise description of feature structures is desirable. We have developed a model in which descriptions of feature structures can be regarded as logical formulas, and interpreted by sets of directed graphs which satisfy them.

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  • Kay's functional-unification grammar notation [5] is a way of expressing grammars which relies on very few primitive notions. The primary syntactic structure is the feature structure, which can be visualised as a directed graph with arcs labeled by attributes of a constituent, and the primary structure-building operation is unification. In this paper we propose a mathematical formulation of FUG, using logic to give a precise account of the strings and the structures defined by any grammar written in this notation. ...

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  • We prove in this paper that unordered, or I D / L P grammars, are e.xponentially more succinct than contextfree grammars, by exhibiting a sequence (L,~) of finite languages such that the size of any CFG for L,~ must grow exponentially in n, but which can be described by polynomial-size I D / L P grammars. The results have implications for the description of free word order languages.

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  • 4 ACTIVITY-BASED COSTING. William C. Lawler. Dave Roger, CEO of Electronic Transaction Network (ETN/ W), sat stunned in his office. He had just come out of a preliminary third-round financing meeting with potential investors. Six months ago his CFO had assured him that third-round financing would not be a problem. Much had happened since that date. The Internet stocks had crashed. Money for the technology sector was now tight.

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