18 Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp Tiếng Anh 12 - Kèm đáp án

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18 Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp Tiếng Anh 12 - Kèm đáp án

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Nhằm giúp các bạn học sinh có tài liệu ôn tập những kiến thức, kĩ năng cơ bản, và biết cách vận dụng giải các bài tập một cách nhanh nhất và chính xác. Hãy tham khảo 18 đề kiểm tra cuối cấp Tiếng Anh 12 có kèm đáp án.

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  1. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 338 I. Make the correct choice: 1. This river has been _______ by industrial waste. a. purified b. contaminated c. cleaned d. darkened 2. Smoke from factories is a kind of ______ . a. fertilizer b. smog c. pollutant d. vapour 3. A volcano ______ smoke and ashes. a. emits b. throws c. gives d. erupts 4. Pure water is _____. a. unpleasant b. colourful c. tasty d. odourless 5. He liked _______stamps. a. collect b. collected c. collecting d. collection 6. They prefer beef ______ pork. a. to b. than c. more than d. rather than 7. Don’t worry. I will protect you ______ harm. a. with b. from c. about d. in 8. She reminds me ______ a girl I was at school with. a. to b. about c. of d. with 9. We are looking forward ______ her again. a. to see b. of seeing c. at seeing d. to seeing 10. I’m _____ of listening to the same thing again and again. a. bored b. tired c. fed up d. interested 11. The President is going to ______ a speech about the international situation. a. make b. perform c. do d. take 23.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: a. choice b. guidance c. intimacy d. prospect 24.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: a. place b. chase c. phrase d. purchase 25. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: a. Canadian b. relaxed c. humanity d. poverty 26. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: a. hesitation b. revolution c. incomplete d. sentences II.Identify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect: 1. Galileo was the first person who he did experiments about how things fall. A B C D 2. Before him, people thought that heavy things always fell faster than light one. A B C D 3. He took a heavy ball and a light one because he dropped them both from a high place. A B C D 4. The bridge was so lower that the lorry couldn’t go under it. A B C D 5. Someone were cleaning the classroom when we arrived. A B C D 6. The policeman said to the little boy what his name was.
  2. A B C D 7. The sportsmen take the first place at the Olympic Games receive gold medals. A B C D III. Read the passage and make the correct choice: Furthermore, the laser beam can also remove bone, and so it is invaluable in ear surgery. The sounds we hear are carried from the eardrum to the nerves of the ear by a delicate set of small bones which sometimes solidify, causing deafness. A laser vaporises the bone without touching any of the surrounding tissue. Birthmarks, once almost untreatable, are a mass of blood vessels and, being red, they absorb the laser beam strongly. It seals them so that the mark becomes less conspicuous. The normal cells on the skin’s surface, which don’t absorb much of the laser beam, act in the healing and help to conceal the mark. 1.In the first paragraph, the laser is used to treat ______. a. bone b. birthmarks c.eardrum d. deafness 2.How is the laser used in ear surgery ?. vaporise the bone touch the surrounding tissues c. to solidify the bone carry sounds from the eardrum to the nerves 3. What is the advantage of using the laser in ear surgery? a. it can carry sounds to the nerves b. it doesn’t touch the surrounding tissues c. it causes deafness d. it solidifies the bone 4. The word “invaluable”in line 1 is nearest in meaning to _____. a. with no values b. penniless c. very valuable d. very cheap 5. Birthmarks absorb the laser beam strongly because_____. a. they are almost untreatable b. they are conspicuous c. they are red d. they can be treated 6. How is the laser used in birhmark treatment? a. to seal blood vessels b. to absorb the laser beam c. to harm normal cells d. to become conspicuous
  3. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 340 I. Make the correct choice: 1. Hunger is a problem _____ the world. a. through b. throughout c. all d. over 2. Mrs. Mai is sad _____ her poverty. a. about b. with c. of d. at 3. Some forms of cancer are now ____ if they are discovered early. a. curing b. cured c. to cure d. to have cured 4. Many people think _____ Faraday is the great inventor in history. a. about b. if c. that d. of 5. The young man broke the chemical glassware because of his _____. a. care b. carefulness c. careless d. being careless 6. Gary is ______ of the fact that he is never late. a. sorry b. disappointed c. proud d. full 7. My new hi-fi kept _____ a funny noise. a. making b. to make c. make d. made 8. ____ the students in our class speak English well. a. Most b. A lot c. A few d. All 9. Every ____ in our company respects Mr. Ward a. employment b. employee c. employed d. unemployment 10. I’m not used ______ speaking English on the phone. a. with b. to c. as d. for II.Identify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect: 1. Japan has much success in industry because management and workers treat as equal partners. A B C D 2. There is no gaps between rich and poor workers. A B C D 3. They share the same canteens and there is only one entrance for all employee. A B C D 4. Japan and Switzerland are both countries with little natural resources. A B C D 5. Likely Japan, Switzerland imports much of its fuel and almost of its raw materials. A B C D 6. It’s no use asking children to keep quiet. They can’t help to make noise. A B C D 7. They don’t allow to smoke in the auditorium; they don’t want to risk setting it on fire. A B C D 8. He has made a big mistake in making business with such a big firm. A B C D 9. To become a pharmacist, you must look the certain state requirements. A B C D 10. Your ethical standards have to be high because you entrust with the distribution of dangerous drugs. A B C D
  4. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 342 I. Make the correct choice: 1. He usually gets up _____ 5 o’clock and walks______ school . a. in / to b. at / to c. at / at d. in / at 2. She ______ to live in the countryside. Now she lives in HCM City. a. had better b. would rather c. used d. was used 3. Farmers can help enrich the soil _____ fertilizers. a. by adding b. to add c. of adding d. with adding 4. A great many people are involved _____ the use of English. a.with c.about 5. English belongs _____ those who use it. b.with c.for d.on 6. Paul lives _____ London. a.on c.over 7. English provides the access _____ world scholarship and world trade. a.for b.with 8. Many people regard him _____ one of the greatest scientists in the world. a.with c.about 9. Don’t go with him ______ he offers you money. b.whenever c.even if d.despite 10. The pronunciation _____ me a lot of difficulties. a. provides b. causes c. makes d. allows 11. Parks play an important _____ in helping to form the city’s character. a. game b. thing c.roll d. part 12. It is _____ to regard any language as the possession of a particular nation. a. reasoning b. reasonably c. unreasonable d. unreasonably 13. A Dane and a Dutch person _____ in Rome will almost automatically find themselves speaking to each other in English. a. meeting b. met c. meet d. are meeting 14. People in _____ speak _____. a. Portugal/Portugal b. Portuguese/Portugal c. Portugal/Portuguese d.Portuguese/ Portuguese 15. English is easily _____ by Chinese. a. outrun b. outnumbered c. outlived d. outweighed 16.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: a. possessed b. regarded c. instructed d. provided 17.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: a. involved b. offered c. outnumbered d. helped 18.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: a. instruction b. possession c. property d. necessary 19.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: a. access b. approach c. lecture d. offer 20.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: a. contamination b. pronunciation c. communication d. automatically II.Identify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect:
  5. 1. He is old enough to have adult problems but too young to know what to handle them. A B C D 2. With the help of a computer, you can make a business plan easy. A B C D 3. She joined the English-speaking club out of curiously. A B C D 4. The child his parents died in the air crash is living with his aunt. A B C D 5.This place, you were standing, used to be the site of an animal market. A B C D 6. The motion picture, one of the most popular forms of entertainment through the world, is both A B C D an art and an industry. 7. The finished motion picture, the final product, may look alike the work of a single person. A B C D 8. Actual, it is the result of the collaboration of many individuals with many different specific A B C D skills and talents. 9. Among these individuals is five whose contributions are important: the scriptwriter, the A B C D cinematographer, the film editor, the actor, and the director. 10. Not all films are making to tell stories or to be shown in theatres. A B C D IV. Read the passage and choose the best answer: Jack London (1876 – 1916) Jack London’s life and writings are thought by many to represent the American love for adventure. He was born in San Francisco, California, and quit school at fourteen to become a sailor. He travelled a great deal during his short lifetime, in the United States, Europe and the Far East. When gold was discovered in Alaska in 1897, Jack London, answering the call of adventure, took part in the famous “gold rush”. His experiences in the wild northern country provided him with material for many of his later stories and novels, including To Build a Fire. Among his best-known novels are The Call of the Wild and The Sea-Wolf. 1. What nationality was Jack London? a. English b. American c. European d. Asian 2. Why did he leave school? a. He wanted to work on a ship b. He wanted to discover gold c. He wanted to show his love for adventure d. He wanted to travel a lot 3. Why did he take part in the famous “gold rush” ? a. because he liked gold b. because he wanted to get rich c. because he loved adventure d. because he lived near Alaska 4. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about him? a. He was an adventurous man b. He left school at an early age c. He wrote The Sea-wolf d. He lived a long life V. Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the above one :
  6. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 347 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: 1. a. tear b.volunteer c. tomorrow d. adventure 2. a.item b.idiom c.ideal d.idea 3. a.helpful b.useful c.ulcer d.thankful 4. a. ago b.machine c.station d.material 5. a.occur b. oblige c.occasion d.oxygen 6. b.indicate c.nice d.complicated 7. a.dead b.bean c.meat 8. a.wool b.wood c.blood d.foot 9. a.chorus b.Christian c.cholesterol d.check 10.a.cost b.most d.cold II.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: 11. a.competition b.exhibition c.supernatural d.attempted 12. a.charming b.discovery c.trustworthy 13. a.activity b.allergic c.reassure d.employee 14. a.dangerous b.assingment c.completion d.collaborate 15. a.conventional b.pronounce c.mountain d.acceptable 16. a.conspicuous b.marvellous c.accurate d.beautiful 17. a.languages b.demanding c.develop d.tradition 18. a.prepare b.pleasant c.symbol d.foreign 19. a.accompany b.participant c.misunderstand d.surprisingly 20. b.volunteer d.influence III. Make the correct choice: 21. Their study is getting on _____. a. satisfaction b. satisfactory c. satisfactorily d. unsatisfactory 22. He was _____ right when he said that the man was guilty. a. reasonable b. unreasonable c. reasonably d. reasoned 23. George has a _____ to talk too much. a. tendency b. tension c. tending d. tense 24. _____ for the job you should have a knowledge of English and French. a. Prepare b. Prepared c. Preparing d. To prepare 25. You can get _____ treatment in this hospital. a. occupying b. occupied c. occupational d. to occupy 26. He did some odd jobs at home _____. a. disappointed b. disappointedly c. disappointing d. disappointment 27. _____ were too many different nationalities in my class and we had to speak English. a. We b. They c. There d. These 28. Most children are ill-prepared for _____. a. employment b. employers c. employees d. employed 29. My homework is full _____ mistakes. a.with b.of c.about 30. She’s not very keen _____ tennis. a.on d.of 32. He is occupied _____ his new job. c.about d.with 33. Did children receive a great deal of guidance _____ parents and teachers?
  7. a.of. b.with c.from d.about 34. The weather wasn’t bad; _____ the contrary, it was very good. a.on b.for c.from 35. They know little _____ what to expect. a.of b.about d.with 36 I took a taxi to the hotel but the traffic was very bad. It _____ quicker if I _____. a. would be / walked b. would be / had walked c. would have been / had walked d.was / walked 36. She went on with her work with an air of _____. a. examination b. determination c. exclamation d. explanation 37. The manager sacked five _____. a. employees b. employers c. employment d. unemployment 38. The goods in this shop were _____ displayed on the shelves. a. attraction b. attracted c. attractive d. attractively 39. To our great _____ , it rained on the day of the picnic. a. disappointing b. disappointed c. disappointment d. disappointedly 40. I think the prices here are _____. a. reasoning b. unreasonable c. reasonably d. reasoned 41. His parents have great _____ for his future. a. expecting b. expectant c. expectantly d. expectation 43. Are you worried _____ your driving test? a.with b.about c.of 44. Robert has gone away _____ holiday for 2 weeks. b.for c.on d.during 45. I spoke _____ Sue this morning. b.of c.on 46. Could you look _____ the baby while I go out shopping? a.for c.down d.after 47. It cannot be inferred _____ the apparent ease of the transition that all is well. a.about b.from d.with 48. Most people are afraid _____ snakes. b.of c.about d.with 49. I wish I’d known Gary was ill. I ______ to see him. a. had gone b. would have gone c.would go d. have gone 50. You’re doing it wrong. Do it _____. a. like so b. like this c. as this d. so 51. Everyone enjoyed _____. a. ourselves b. oneself c. themselves d.itself 52. _____ being late made his boss angry. a. Him b. He’s c. For him d. His 53. That umbrela is _____. a. ours b. our c. us d. to our 54. We might have a picnic. It depends _____ the weather. a. in b.on c.up d.about 55.Thank you very much. It was kind _____ you to help me. a.of c.with 56. That hotel is famous _____ its pleasant atmosphere and fine food. a.with c.for d.about 57. They wonder if they will be sacked _____ the spot. b.with d.on
  8. 58. She has _____ with me for an hour about the future job. a. reasoned b. reasonable c. reasonably d. unreasonable 59. The _____ of the moon for the earth causes the tides. a. attractiveness b. attraction c. action d. movement 60. He is not very _____ of criticism. a. tolerable b. tolerance c. tolerant d. tolerably 61. He has suffered many _____ in his new job. a. disappointing b. disappointments c. disappointedly d. disappoints 62. They are not _____ good at their future job. a. expectantly b. expectant c. expected d. expecting 63. They got the _____ of being successful in life. a. satisfactory b. satisfactorily c.satisfying d. satisfaction 64.We can only get there by plane. There’s no _____. a. choose b. chose c. choice d. chosen 65. He seldom goes to market, _____? a. doesn’t he b. does he c. is he d. isn’t he 66. The fewer bags you take, _____ trouble you will have en route. a. the fewer b. the little c. the less d. the least 67. Electric engines are very clean, for there’s no burning fuel to make _____. a. smoke or dirty b. smoky or dirt c. smoke or dirt d. smoky or dirty 68. Most people prefer flying _____ going by sea because it’s so much faster. a. from b. to c. than d. with 69. The new job _____ him. a. disappoints b. appoints c. points d. disappointing 70. I don’t think the food is very good, _____ it is tolerable. a. for b. so c. but d. and 71. This company offered _____ attractive jobs. a. much b. a lot c. a great deal of d. a lot of 72. Were they _____ when they got the jobs? a. satisfying b. satisfied c. satisfaction d. satisfactorily 73. I hope there won’t be too much difficulty _____ a work permit. a. to get b. for getting c. with getting d. in getting 74. The government has promised to deal with the problem of _____ among young people. a. unemployment b. unemployed c. employer d. employee 75. Sometimes I have problems at work but _____ the whole I enjoy my job. b.on c.with 76. I’ve lost my keys. Can you help me to look _____ them? a.for b.after d.up 77. We had an enormous meal. It consisted _____ seven courses. b.on c.of d.for 78. I hope you succeed _____ getting what you want. a.for b.with c.on 79. Somebody broke _____ my car and stole the radio. b.into c.through d.up 80. How much money do you spend _____ food each week? a.with b.on c.about d.for IV. Identify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect: 81.There’s nothing like to walk as a means of keeping fit . A B C D 82. Your doctor advised to go to bed early, so I can’t understand your wanting to stay up late.
  9. A B C D 83. We considered giving her with a dress for her birthday, but couldn’t help buying her some flowers. A B C D 84. There’s nothing to be done about it now except say the police the truth. A B C D 85. I remember hearing him say the grass needed to cut. A B C D 86. Would you like keeping quiet for a moment ? I’m trying to fill in a form. A B C D 87. They don’t allow smoking in the auditorium; they don’t want to risk setting it with fire. A B C D 88. Would you mind me to turn down the radio a bit ? A B C D 89. We couldn’t help laughing when he was making fun of ourselves . A B C D 90. One of books I lent you is very interesting. A B C D 91. The house for that you’re looking is at the other of the street. A B C D 92. The child who parents died in the air crash is living with his aunt. A B C D 93. The place which you were standing used to be the site of an animal market. A B C D 94. What’s the address of the company whose its advertisement you noticed the other day. A B C D 95. The laboratory where my brother works there is well-equipped. A B C D 96. The years when I were in the army are unforgettable. A B C D 97. The reason why he comes here isn’t explaining. A B C D 98. This subject about which we are going to discuss is very important. A B C D 99. The restaurant where we often have lunch is served good food with a reasonable price. A B C D 100. The man who he wants to see our manager is standing at the door. A B C D
  10. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 417 Part 1: Phonetics: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group 1. A. gun B. one C. phone D. crush 2. A. bought C. caught C. coat D. sort 3. A. shear B. ear C. hear D. pear 4. A. cost B. most C. post D. roast 5. A. boot B. route C. shoot D. shout Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group 6. A. balloon B. reason C. engine D. student 7. A. special B. possible C. routine D. postcard 8. A. sweater B. tonight C. savings D. earrings 9. A. basketball B. aerobics C. bicycling D. apartment 10. A. serious B. several C. wonderful D. exciting Part 2: Vocabulary - grammar and structures Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D 11. It's difficult to pay one's bills when prices keep_____ A. rising B. growing C. gaining D. raising 12. Do you_____ my turning the television on now? A. mind B. disapprove C. want D. object 13. This meat is rather tough; you have to_____ it for a long time. A. chew B. bite C. eat D. swallow 14. She asked me_____ speak Russian. A. I can B. if I can C. I could D. if I could 15. Do they know how often _____ at night? A. do the buses run B. the buses ran C. the buses run D. did the buses run 16. They asked us_____ come back from the vacation. A. when we had to B. when we must C. when must we D. when did we have to 17. He said_____ money from me again. A. he will never borrow B. he never will borrow C. he would never borrow D. he never would borrow 18. After the fire, thirty houses_____ A. have been destroyed B. will be destroyed C. should be destroyed D. would be destroyed 19. She wanted to know_____ her hat and gloves A. where had I put B. where I had put C. where did I put D. that where I had put 20. I'll have my suit_____ before the interview. Last saved by Janny 1 9/15/2011
  11. A. clean B. cleaned C. to clean D. cleaning 21. Unemployment is a serious problem in the area; there are _____ jobs for the people there. A. a little B. a few C. few D. little 22. You can't speak Russian_____ A. Either can I B. Neither can't I C. Neither can I D. I can't neither 23. _____ do you go out? - Once or twice a week. A. How much B. How long C. How many D. How often 24. He arrived_____ at six o'clock A. at home B. home C. in home D. to home 25. I was so tired that I _____ asleep in the chair. A. got B. felt C. went D. fell Which sentence expresses the same idea as the given one? 26. Tom said, "I wan to visit my friends this weekend". A. Tom said he wants to visit his friends this weekend. B. Tom said he wanted to visit his friends this weekend. C. Tom said he wants to visit his friends that weekend. D. Tom said he wanted to visit his friends that weekend. 27. You must never take your helmet off while you are riding a motorcycle. A. Helmets must be worn at all times when riding a motorcycle. B. You must never wear your helmet while you are riding a motorcycle. C. Helmets should be taken off at all times when riding a motorcycle. D. You must never take off your helmet. 28. They wanted to apologize for their behavior: that's why they paid for dinner. A. They felt sorry for paying for dinner B. They apologized for paying for dinner C. They behaved badly by paying for dinner. D. They paid for dinner in order to apologize for their behavior 29. It isn't necessary to bring skis as they are included in the package. A. You don't have to bring skis as they are included in the package. B. You must bring skis as they are not included in the package. C. You need to bring skis as they are not included in the package. D. You have to bring skis as they are included in the package. 30. I though parking was allowed here. A. In my opinion, parking wasn't allowed here. B. I was under the impression that parking was allowed there. C. They allowed people to park here. D. They didn't allow people to park here. Choose a word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting 31. He would not (A) accept the doctor's advise, (B) what (C) was very foolish (D) of him. Last saved by Janny 2 9/15/2011
  12. 32. He (A) went to the doctor because he (B) had not been feeling very well (C) for several (D) weeks. 33. I borrowed (A) some milk from a neighbour of (B) us as we didn't (C) have enough (D) for breakfast. 34. The librarian told (A) us that we (B) could better ask him (C) if we were unable (D) to find a book. 35. He (A) likes to buy (B) a new car this year (C) but I don’t think he can (D) afford to. Part 3: Reading Read the passages below and choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D. FRUITIBIX Do you want to be slim? Do you worry about your family's health? Then you should try Fruitibix, the new healthy fruit and nut biscuit. Fruitibix tastes wonderful, but it contains less sugar than most other biscuits. Each biscuit contains dried fruit and nuts, including apples, coconuts and bananas. Sometimes you feel like eating something between meals. Now, instead of having a chocolate, bite into a Fruitibix. it won’t make you fat and it will keep you healthy. At lunchtime, instead of chips and hamburgers, have a Fruitibix. It contains all the essential foods for a balanced meal. And if you are in a hurry, and you don't have time for a proper meal, Fruitibix will give you the energy to keep on going. So whenever your children ask for something sweet, give them Fruitibix instead of cakes or chocolate. They will love the taste and it won't harm their teeth. Discover Fruitibix! It's on our supermarket shelves now! 36. This is________ A. a letter B. a magazine C. a student's notebook D. an advertisement 37. The writer wants to________ A. persuade people to buy a product B. give advice about healthy living C. explain why people buy this product D. compare Fruitibix with other sorts of food 38. Why, in the writer's opinion, should people eat Fruitibix instead of chocolate? A. Fruitibix tastes better than chocolate. B. Fruitibix contains more fat than chocolate. C. Fruitibix is cheaper and easier to eat than chocolate. D. Fruitibix is healthier and less fattening than chocolate. 39. Why does the writer say that Fruitibix is useful when you are in a hurry? A. You don't need to cook it B. It's as good as a proper meal C. You can buy Fruitibix everywhere D. It won't be harmful to your teeth 40. Which of these people should buy Fruitibix? A. Mrs. Brown is looking for something special to serve for dessert at a dinner party. B. Mr Green wants something to take with him to the office. He is busy today and might not have time for lunch. C. Mr. Taylor is going on a fishing trip and wants to take something to eat with him. He enjoys salty food. Last saved by Janny 3 9/15/2011
  13. D. Mrs. Brook's daughter was ill yesterday. She is getting better but the doctor advised Mrs. Brook to give her liquid food without any sugar or salt in it. How are things with you? Since I saw you last, I have been very ill. By the time I arrive home after seeing you on Monday, I (41)_______ an awful headache. I thought that perhaps my eyes were tire (42)_______ I had been working so hard, so I took some aspirins and went to bed. However, when I woke up the next morning, the headache was (43)_______ than ever, and my throat was sore. I tried to get up but my arms and legs (44)_______ stiff. I saw the doctor and she (45)_______ me I had a temperature. She said I probably had flu. She advised me to take some medicine and (46)_______ in bed. The medicine tasted horrible and it didn't make (47)_______ feel any better. I felt sick and I didn’t want to eat anything at all, although I was very hungry. I have almost (48)_______ now, and I am going to start work again tomorrow. I still have a slight cold and a cough but my chest doesn't hurt when I (49)_______ can we meet on Saturday? I am looking forward to (50)_______ you. 41. A. felt B. had C. was D. caught 42. A. as B. though C. while D. during 43. A. worse B. hand C. more D. painful 44. A. sensed B. moved C. felt D. looked 45. A. examined B. told C. denied D. said 46. A. stay B. stayed C. staying D. stays 47. A. some B. me C. them D. its 48. A. improved B. decided C. recovered D. succeeded 49. A. breathe B. ache C. cure D. bleed 50. A. see B. seeing C. sees D. saw 1. c 2. c 3. d 4. a 5. d 6. a 7. c 8. b 9. d 10. d 11. a 12. a 13. a 14. d 15. c 16. a 17. c 18. a 19. b 20. b 21. c 22. c 23. d 24. b 25. d 26. d 27. a 28. d 29. a 30. b 31. b 32. b 33. b 34. b 35. a 36. d 37. a 38. d 39. b 40. b 41. b 42. a 43. a 44. c 45. b 46. b 47. b 48. c 49. a 50. b Last saved by Janny 4 9/15/2011
  14. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 424 Part 1: Phonetics: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group 1. A. houses B. faces C. horse D. places 2. A. pudding B. put C. bull D. puncture 3. A. medicine B. then C. help D. reflect 4. A. season B. treasure C. pleasure D. dreadful 5. A. danger B. angel C. anger D. magic Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group 6. A. eating B. requests C. follow D. notice 7. A. listen B. cancel C. travel D. regret 8. A. author B. painter C. permit D. surfing 9. A. detail B. distress C. symbol D. sausage 10. A. embarrassing B. communicate C. advertisement D. babysitting Part 2: Vocabulary - grammar and structures Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D 11. She has just bought_________ A. an old interesting painting French B. old an interesting painting French C. a French old interesting painting D. an interesting old French painting 12. He looks younger than his wife, in _______ fact he is a lot older. A. actual B. actually C. action D. acting 13. _______ those present were the Prime Minister and his wife. A. Whatever B. Actually C. Among D. Whoever 14. He didn't wear warm clothes______ cold it was. A. whenever B. however C. whoever D. whatever 15. What is the synonym of trader? A. vendor B. merchant C. seller D. business 16. I have known Jack________ ten years A. since B. in C. almost D. for 17. What do you call the person who collects stamps? A. stamper B. collector C. collecting stamps D. stamp collector 18. The New Oxford Garage is_________ for more salesmen. A. advertising B. informing C. requesting D. advising 19. I have three books. One is mine________ are yours. A. the others B. another C. the other D. others 20. You are________ your time trying to persuade him. He will never help. A. wasting B. spending C. losing D. missing Last saved by Janny 1 9/15/2011
  15. 21. He learnt that the house was for sale through a (n)_________ A. billboard B. product C. advertising D. advertisement 22. We are very disappointed _________ her exam results. A. by B. with C. for D. to 23. She is always afraid________ ghost. A. by B. of C. for D. with 24. _______ of you broke that window will have to pay for it. A. Whoever B. However C. Whichever D. Whatever 25. He will graduate in __________ two years. A. another B. other C. the other D. others Which sentence expresses the same idea as the given one? 26. Payment must be made at the time of booking A. You must pay before you book B. You are not allowed to pay before you book C. You must pay when you book D. You can delay payment when you book 27. The team is sponsored by a tourist company A. The team is part of the company B. The team is a local one C. The company is giving money to support the team's activities. 28. Should you see Eric, tell him I haven't forgotten my promise. A. You must see Eric and tell him I haven't forgotten my promise. B. You really ought to see Eric and tell him I haven't forgotten my promise C. If you see Eric, tell him I haven't forgotten my promise D. If you had seen Eric, you could have told him I hadn't forgotten my promise 29. You needn't have bought me an expensive birthday present. A. There was no need to buy me an expensive birthday present but you did. B. There was no need to buy me an expensive birthday present and you didn't C. Why didn't you buy me an expensive birthday present? D. I am glad you didn't buy me an expensive birthday present 30. People who live by the river are often good swimmers A. People who live far from the river cannot swim B. To be a good swimmer you need to live by the river C. They are good swimmers because they live by the river D. Good swimmers often live by the river Choose a word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting 31. To eliminate (A) any delays on handover we would (B) remember you to bring (C) all the (D) necessary documentation. 32. I (A) would like (B) to express my (C) thankfulness to you for your (D) business. 33. Foreign (A) ministers from the six countries involved (B) have gon (C) to the conference (D) last week. Last saved by Janny 2 9/15/2011
  16. 34. After about (A) an one hour the director (B) appeared and announced that there (C) would be no (D) redundancies. 35. The point (A) of these event is (B) to give colleagues a chance to (C) recognize each (D) other better. Part 3: Reading Read the passages below and choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D. One of the most dangerous drugs for pregnant women to consume is alcohol . Because alcohol. Because alcohol is delivered quickly into the blood and passes quickly into the tissues and membranes, the human fetus is particularly vulnerable to its effects. In fact, the negative effects on a fetus are so pronounced that babies born after exposure to alcohol are said to be suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. As a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, the alcohol is passed into her bloodstream almost simultaneously. Moreover, because the bloodstream of the fetus is inextricably tied to that of the mother, the alcohol passes directly into the bloodstream of the fetus as well. And what is more, the concentration of alcohol in the fetus is exactly the same as in the mother. For the mother, this concentration is not a problem because her liver can remove one ounce of alcohol from her system per hour. However, the fetus's liver is not completely developed (how developed it is depends on its stage of development). The rate at which it is able to eliminate the alcohol from the blood of the fetus is much slower. Eventually, the alcohol will be returned to the mother's system by passing across the placenta, but this process is slow. By the time this takes place, major neurological damage may have already occurred. Research has shown that as little as one drink of alcohol can produce significant, irreversible damage to the fetus. Babies born after exposure to alcohol generally exhibit facial distortion, inability to concentrate, and difficulty in remembering. Simply speaking, it is imperative that pregnant women avoid alcohol. 36. What is the main topic of this reading? A. Women and drugs B. The dangers of pregnancy C. The fetus and alcohol D. Drinking and the human body 37. How much time can it be inferred that it takes alcohol to enter a woman's bloodstream after she takes a drink? A. about one hour B. a few seconds C. several minutes D. at least 24 hours 38. According to the passage, how does the concentration of alcohol in a fetus compare to that in the mother. A. The concentration is more B. The concentration is less C. The concentration is equivalent D. The concentration cannot be measured 39. It can be inferred that the development of a fetal liver depends on A. how many months pregnant the mother is B. how much alcohol the mother has consumed C. how large the fetus is Last saved by Janny 3 9/15/2011
  17. D. how well the mother has taken care of the fetus. 40. According to the passage, how is alcohol finally returned to the mother's system? A. It is carried through the bloodstream B. It is transferred across the placenta C. It is expelled by the fetus's liver D. It is not completely returned How Television has changed You really have to get very old before you realize you're old. I'm in my middle fifties and I don't feel old yet. However, sometimes I look back at my childhood and (41)_______ things to the way life is for (42)_______ kids. Some things have certainly changed. One area of change is television. Some changes have been improvements. Some changes, on the other hand, have been (43)_______ When I started school, most people didn't have a television; TV was just beginning to get (44)_______ My father decided to go all out and buy a 16 inch black and white Motorola set. I still remember watching the Lone Ranger save people from the (45)_______ guys on that awesome electronic machine. That was exciting! Now, (46)_______ have larger pictures in full color. The pictures are clearer and the sound is much more realistic. The new high definition sets are made to rival (47)_______ screens. The variety and quantity of programming has (48)_______ greatly. There are hundreds of channels and more shows than one person could ever watch. There are many fine entertainment and educational (49)_______ There's also a lot of garbage, stuff that most parents don't want their kids exposed to. Overall, we have more choices, and that is good. I wonder what (50)_______ will be like when today's kids are my age. 41. A. forget B. remember C. compare D. miss 42. A. tomorrow's B. today's C. yesterday's D. poor 43. A. great B. huge C. setbacks D. remarkable 44. A. gone B. replaced C. expensive D. popular 45. A. old B. good C. bad D. best 46. A. films B. movies C. billboards D. televisions 47. A. movie B. video C. watch D. telephone 48. A. loss B. increased C. decreased D. played 49. A. books B. shows C. authors D. awards 50. A. movies B. food C. cars D. television 1. a 2. d 3. d 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. d 8. c 9. b 10. d 11. d 12. a 13. c 14. b 15. b 16. d 17. d 18. c 19. a 20. a 21. d 22. b 23. b 24. a 25. a 26. c 27. c 28. c 29. a 30. d 31. b 32. c 33. b 34. a 35. c 36. c 37. b 38. c 39. c 40. b 41. c 42. b 43. c 44. d 45. c 46. d 47. a 48. b 49. b 50. d Last saved by Janny 4 9/15/2011
  18. Last saved by Janny 5 9/15/2011
  19. Đề kiểm tra cuối cấp năm 2010-2011 Môn: Anh Văn Mã đề: 433 Part 1: Phonetics: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group 1. A. chief B. related C. discovered D. president 2. A. common B. opera C. dishonest D. divorce 3. A. life B. strike C. site D. with 4. A. couple B. conquer C. husband D. front 5. A. court B. cause C. for D. bomb Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group 6. A. expect B. public C. smoke D. football 7. A. miraculous B. relaxing C. delicate D. unpleasant 8. A. certainly B. technique C. vacancy D. vapour 9. A. volcano B. arrival C. female D. certificate 10. A. inclusive B. internal C. interior D. incoming Part 2: Vocabulary - grammar and structures Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D 11. I wish our teacher_____ our problems a little better. A. understand B. understands C. understood D. will understand 12. He promised to pick me________ at the corner on his way to town. A. on B. over C. off D. up 13. Please write your answer______ ink. A. in B. with C. of D. by 14. It's______ that I'd like to go for a walk. A. such nine weather B. so nice weather C. too nice weather D. nice weather so 15. Many of us felt_______ of the dark. A. frighten B. frightening C. to frighten D. frightened 16. The workers looked tired________? A. don't they B. did they C. didn't they D. weren't they 17. Why don't you tell your employer that you need_______ time to finish it? A. a few more B. a little more C. a some more D. small more 18. A child whose parents are both dead is called an_______ A. emigrant B. orphan C. infant D. author 19. If you visit a doctor, you must pay him a ________ A. fare B. commission C. fee D. tip 20. When the violinist finished playing, the audience____ for five minutes. A. shouted B. kept silent C. opposed D. clapped 21. He was unwilling to apologize but in the end I ______ him to do so. Last saved by Janny 1 10/12/2007



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