AutoIT Help part 146

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  1.  Fixed: DirMove() on different volume.  Fixed: Crash with RegRead() and REG_MULTI_SZ on x64.  Fixed: Various Edit control focus and DefPushButton issues.  Fixed: ControlTreeview() returning @error=1 on success.  Fixed: COM objects could lose numeric precision.  Fixed: StringReplace() with start float number.  Fixed: ControlCommand() "SelectString" wrong selection.  Fixed: StringSplit() flag=1 delimiters not case sensitive.  Fixed: In advanced Window descriptions only semi-colon must be escaped.  Fixed: ObjGet() memory leak.  Fixed: Modified AutoUpdateIt.au3 to work under x64.  Fixed: Resizing GUI before GUISetState().  Fixed: Radio events fired when GUI reactivated.  Fixed: GUICtrlDelete() on contextMenuItem.  Fixed: An attempt to FileDelete() a file that was just executed with RunWait() would sometimes fail.  Fixed: GUI performance problem when creating a large number of windows.  Fixed: GuiGetCursorInfo() with swapped mouse buttons. AutoItX:  Added: ControlTreeView().  Fixed: ControlListView() for native DLL version. Aut2Exe:  Added: Option to compile scripts as console applications. AU3Info:  Changed: Controls are always highlighted when using the finder tool.  Changed: Controls are not highlighted by default.  Changed: Control description gives the advanced version of class and instance. SciTe "lite":  Updated the source to version 1.75  Added Save Dialog extension. UDFs:
  2.  See the script breaking changes page. 25th November, 2007 - v3.2.10.0  Changed: DllCall() new method of passing types by reference using *.  Changed: DllCall(): short_ptr, long_ptr, int_ptr types deprecated. Use short*, long* and int* respectively.  Changed: Limits on Execute() removed.  Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.4.  Added: 64bit (x64) versions of AutoIt, Aut2Exe, Au3Info and AutoItX (see here).  Added: DllCallbackRegister(), DllCallbackGetPtr() and DllCallbackFree()  Added: DllCall() now accept doubles, int64, uint64, wparam and lparam types.  Added: SendKeepActive().  Added: ControlTreeView().  Added: ProcessGetStats().  Added: VarGetType().  Added: @AutoItX64 macro.  Added: Au3Info: Handle info for windows and controls.  Added: DllStructCreate() added "align" keyword to set structure alignment.  Fixed: Control...() functions using CLASS and TEXT together sometimes incorrect.  Fixed: Control...() functions using CLASSNN sometimes incorrect.  Fixed: Windows Vista taskbar previews causing problems with windows matching.  Fixed: $var = $var was not giving an error when $var didn't already exist.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetImage() sizing regression from  Fixed: GUICtrlCreateListView() with no column.  Fixed: Extra notification on colored button.  Fixed: IniReadSectionNames() for [] sections.  Fixed: Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", Default) fatal error.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetStyle() with $ES_READONLY bad $WS_TABSTOP.  Fixed: AutoIt crash on exit if Win...() used with a Title being a COM object.  Fixed: ProcessExists() on service process under Win2K.  Fixed: DefPushButton behavior.  Fixed: ControlCommand(SelectString) order selection.  Fixed: Array cannot have 2^24 entries.
  3.  Fixed: GuiCreateMenu() on a windows without title and without client area.  Fixed: WinWaitActive() sometimes failing after a WinActivate().  Fixed: Looping GUIRegisterMsg() doesn't unregister.  Fixed: Focus on ES_READONLY edit control.  Fixed: Numerous UDF fixes. 10th September, 2007 - v3.2.8.1  Fixed: Possible crash with StringRegExp(). 8th September, 2007 - v3.2.8.0  Changed: General speed improvements (currently up to 24% in some cases compared to  Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.3.  Changed: Recursion-based code limits relaxed.  Added: wchar type added to DllStructCreate().  Added: WinMove() speed parameter.  Fixed: Crash on AutoIt exit if TrayCreateItem() is not deleted.  Fixed: AutoIt crash on bad parameter when calling TrayCreateMenu()  Fixed: Character positions used in StringRegExp() not correct for characters > 127 (accents, non-Western)  Fixed: ProcessExist() under Windows 9x.  Fixed: GUISetState(@SW_DISABLE) not disabling keyboard input.  Fixed: Sometimes AutoIt crashes on DllStructGetData() with char[] types.  Fixed: Au3Info restoring last settings at startup.  Fixed: Better handling of notifications when using colored buttons.  Fixed: ControlGetText() crash on Scite windows.  Fixed: $LVSCW_AUTOSIZE column truncates display string.  Fixed: Incorrect listview creation with GUICtrlCreateListView().  Fixed: Memory leak when AutoIt needed to get long file name.  Fixed: ListviewItem not created after other child Window creation/deletion.  Fixed: ControlGetFocus() returning bad ClassNN values.  Fixed: Detection of invalid CONTINUELOOP statement. 24th August, 2007 - v3.2.6.0  Changed: IconId in all GUI functions is now the same as GUICtrlSetImage().
  4. WARNING: Previous scripts using GUICtrlSetImage(), GUISetIcon(), TraySetIcon() and TraySetPauseIcon() may display a wrong Icon. To get the same icon "if nId > 0 Then newId = - nId - 1".  Changed: AutoIt .a3x and compiled script format. Exe2Aut will only decompile and earlier files. No ExeAut utility is supplied for ongoing versions.  Changed: General performance improvements (currently around 30-40% over  Changed: Limited Unicode support added in regular expressions.  Changed: ControlMove() just resizing as WinMove() if X=Y=Default.  Changed: PCRE engine updated from 7.0 to 7.1  Changed: Suppress delay when speed=0 in MouseMove().  Added: GUIGetStyle().  Added: byte and ubyte type to DllCall().  Added: ClassnameNN in control and summary info in Au3Info.  Added: Float type to dllCall. (Thanks PaulIA)  Added: AU3Check v1.54.8 support for both "#AutoIt3Wrapper_plugin_funcs" and "#Compiler_plugin_funcs".  Added: Extra parameter in ProcessClose() to close Stream handles.  Fixed: AutoIt crash on WinWait("","text") when a Scite is open.  Fixed: Some crashes on Chinese systems during Unicode/ANSI conversions.  Fixed: Aut2Exe crashing on Chinese systems when running in ANSI.  Fixed: Wrong Notification on {ENTER} after clicking on a listviewItem.  Fixed: Wrong resetting of image on listviewitems if image set on the listview.  Fixed: Resizing of listview control.  Fixed: @error not set on bad WinGetPos() return.  Fixed: LVM_EDITLABEL hogging cpu.  Fixed: AutoIt (non UNICODE version) crash with some COM objects.  Fixed: GUISetState() on GUI with W=0 or H=0.  Fixed: GUI control Tip not reappearing after a click or timeout.  Fixed: GUI controls not at the right position if a Control menu is in use.  Fixed: EnvUpdate() in UNICODE AutoIt version not working since  Fixed: FileRead(..., count) returning count-1 chars.  Fixed: Unicode filenames in FileInstall().
  5.  Fixed: LVS_EX_HEADERDRAGDROP extendedstyle.  Fixed: UpDown control shows through tabbed pages.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetState on UPDOWN control without changing the state.  Fixed: FileInstall() in compiled scripts causing GUI problems.  Fixed: ControlGetFocus() on control not created with AutoIt GUI.  Fixed: @AutoItPID and processlist coherency under Win9x.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetResizing not returning error on non resizable control.  Fixed: Regression for ControlSend SHIFTDOWN/UP since  Fixed: Drag and drop on a listview control after clicking on its header.  Fixed: Support "resource only" dlls for GUISetImage().  Fixed: Default minimum for GUICtrlSetLimit() set to 0.  Fixed: Z order after GUICtrlSetStyle() on edit or input control.  Fixed: FileReadLine() getting bad cached data when reading specific line numbers with file handles.  Fixed: Slight lag in GUIGetMsg() under certain circumstances.  Fixed: StringReplace() and occurances parameter.  Fixed: GuiCtrlSetFont() on Tab control.  Fixed: Leading blanks before #include cannot be compiled.  Fixed: Notification on ENTER on Colored button.  Fixed: RegWrite() setting bad registry entry in certain circumstances.  Fixed: AutoIt hogging CPU when text msgbox too big.  Fixed: ControlSend() sometime to wrong control when using empty controlid.  Fixed: ProcessExists() under Win2K with processname >15 chars.  Fixed: Int() with string comparison wrong match.  Fixed: InetGetSize() in unicode version returns 0.  Fixed: GUICtrlCreateListview() with more than 254 columns.  Fixed: AutoIt Crash on recursive RegExp.  Fixed: BitRotate() with left bit set.  Fixed: Filemove() returning 1 without any move.  Fixed: FileRead() returning chr(0) in ANSI mode.  Fixed: Au3Info control coords relative to client.  Fixed: StringInStr() not returning 0 when searching backward and search length greater than string. 25th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.9  Added: StringCompare()



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