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Tham khảo tài liệu 'chủ đề 07 – mệnh đề tính ngữ', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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Nội dung Text: CHỦ ĐỀ 07 – MỆNH ĐỀ TÍNH NGỮ

  1. CHỦ ĐỀ 07 – MỆNH ĐỀ TÍNH NGỮ Mệnh đề tính ngữ: có chức năng của một tính từ, nghĩa là được dung để phẩm định cho danh từ đứng trước nó. Các mệnh đề này bắt đầu bằng các đại từ liên hệ như: who, whom, that, whose….. hoặc các phó từ liên hệ như why, where, when. This is the bicycle that I would like to buy. Những từ đứng đầu các mệnh đề tính ngữ (who, whom, which…) được gọi là các đại từ liên hệ vì chúngđư ợc thay cho danh từ đứng trước và chỉ về một đối tượng với danh từ. Who: dung thay cho danh t ừ đi trước, làm chủu từ - The man who saw the accident yesterday is my neighbour. Whom: dung thay cho danh từ chỉ người, làm tân ngữ - The man whom I saw yesterday is John. Which: được dùng thay cho danh từ chỉ đồ vật. con vật, sự vật, làm chủ ngữ hoặc tân - ngữ The horse which I recently bought is an Arab. Whose: được dung để chỉ sở hữu cho danh từ chỉ người hoặc vật đứng trước. - A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan. Of which: dung để chỉ sở hữu cho danh từ chỉ vật đứngtrước, không dung cho người: - This is the dictionary the cover of which has come off. That: có thẻ dùng để thay thế who, whom, which. Đặc biệt trong các trường hợp sau - đây, that bắt buộc phải được sử dụng:  Khi đi sau các hình thức so sánh cực cấp  Khi đi sau: all, same, any, the first, the last  Khi đi sau các đại từ bất định: no one, nobody, nothing, something, somebody, someone, anybody  Khi danh từ đi trước bao gồm cả người lẫn vật  Không được dùng that khi mệnh đề quan hệ đã xác định, không được dùng giới từ + that (of that) Bài tập 1: Hãy điền mệnh đề tĩnh ngữ chuẩn xác vào chỗ trống: 1. I talked to the girl … car had broken down in front of the shop. 2. Mr. Richards, … is a taxi driver, lives on the corner. 3. We often visit our aunt in Norwich … is in East Anglia. 4. This is the girl … comes from Spain. 5. That’s Peter, the boy … has just arrived at the airport.
  2. 6. Thank you very much for your e-mail … was very interesting. 7. The man, … father is a professor, forgot his umbrella. 8. The children, … shouted in the street, are not from our school. 9. The car, … driver is a young man, is from Ireland. 10. What did you do with the money … your mother lent you? 11. Let me see all the letters … you have written. 12. The teacher with … we studied last year no longer teaches in our school. 13. They showed me the hospital … buildings had been destroyed by US bombings. 14. We saw many soldiers and tanks … were moving to the front. 15. Love, … is a wonderful, comes to everyone at some time in his life. 16. Freedom is something for … millions have given their lives. 17. The really happy people are those … enjoy their daily work. 18. We must find a time … we can meet and a place… we can talk. 19. It was the nurse … told me to come in. 20. It is easy to find faults in people … we dislike. 21. The man … paid for the meal was a friend of Tom’s 22. The meeting … we had to attend went on for three hours. 23. My office, … is on the second floor, is very small. 24. Jane works for the company … makes shoes. 25. The woman … I was sitting next to talked all the time. 26. This school is only for children … first language is not English. 27. Laura had the wooden box … she kept her photos in. 28. I don’t know the name of the woman to … I spoke on the phone. 29. Towns … attract tourists are usually crowded in the summer. 30. The sun, … is one of millions of stars in the universe, provides us with heat and light. 31. I thought I recognized the assistant … served us. 32. Which is the European country … economy is growing the fastest? 33. John, … speaks French and Italian, works as a tour guide. 34. She told me her address, … I wrote down on a piece of paper. 35. Sarah, … you met yesterday, wo rks in advertising. 36. I am afraid the numbers … I chose didn’t win the prize. 37. Electronics is a subject about … I know very little. 38. Mark, … car had broken down, was in a very bad mood. 39. Your friend, … name I can’t remember, made a lot of noise.
  3. 40. The river from … we get our water-supply is nearly empty. 41. Alexander Fleming was the man … discovered penicillin. 42. I like meeting people … have traveled widely. 43. The school … I was educated has been demolished. 44. The man … I was talking to last week gave me another version o f the events. 45. I am working for a construction company … head office is in Leeds. 46. My grandfather, … was an extraordinary pianist, lived until the age of 78. 47. The book … we read in the course was written by Ronald Dahl. 48. For years he lived a life … was very pleasurable. 49. My car, … I bought in Germany, needs repairing. 50. Jeremy, … is a famous author, is coming to see me today. 51. The baker … I gave my check was quite friendly. 52. I was invited by the girl … I met at Ethel’s birthday party. 53. I went to the restaurant … Jane recommended to us 54. These walls are all … remain of the city 55. We received an offer of 80,000 USD for the house, … we accepted 56. The man … wife you met lives next door. 57. Is there anything … I can do to help? 58. One of the people … were arrested was Mary. 59. The professor … I talked to didn't know the answer to my question. 60. A child … mother loves him or her will grow up with confidence. 61. Many people just couldn't keep promises … require a lot of effort to fulfill. 62. Tom is a student … has received the scholarship from his university 63. Betty White, … is a nurse in a small town, is said to get married 64. The actor was born and grew up in a small town … his father had spent his childhood long ago 65. We have ever met the famous professor … we highly appreciate 66. Miss Betty Jane bought a radio … cost $ 20 67. There are a lot of English books and dictionaries … are put on the selves. 68. She is the most dedicated teacher … all her students highly appreciated 69. He is the only leader … will be expected to come to see this village. 70. Sunday is the day … all state employees, pupils and students have a day off 71. The house, … is located by the lake , is said to be the most beautiful in this town. 72. Her mother is a good doctor … you met in a shop yesterday
  4. 73. The secretary gave me a long document … she had already typed. 74. Is there anyone … can help you to do that 75. Let me all the letter … you have already written 76. Nepal is a country … both Buddhism and Hinduism are practiced 77. Mrs. Linda, … you met yesterday, will come to see our village in two days 78. In 1970, … I was born, the villager were building that bridge 79. This is the bank … was robbed yesterday. 80. A boy … sister is in my class was in the bank at that time. 81. The man … robbed the bank had two pistols. 82. He wore a mask … made him look like Mickey Mouse. 83. He came with a friend … waited outside in the car. 84. The woman … gave him the money was young. 85. The bag … contained the money was yellow. 86. The people … were in the bank were very frightened. 87. A man … mobile was ringing did not know what to do. 88. A woman … daughter was crying tried to calm her. 89. The car … the bank robbers escaped in was orange. 90. The robber … mask was obviously too big didn't drive. 91. The man … drove the car was nervous. 92. He didn't wait at the traffic lights … were red. 93. A police officer … car was parked at the next corner stopped and arrested them. Bài tập 2: Nối 2 câu dùng mệnh đề tính ngữ 1. I read a book. It was written by a friend of mine. 2. A man got on the bus. He was carrying a lot of money in a box. 3. In the street, there were several people. They were waiting for the shop to open. 4. Britain imports many cars. They were made in Japan. 5. There are a lot of people in your office. They want to talk to you 6. The cowboy fell off his horse. He had been wounded by an arrow. 7. Most of people recovered quickly. They were injured in the crash. 8. John looked anxiously at his watch. He wished he hadn’t come to the party. 9. The children were playing football in the schoolyard. They were my students. 10. Vietnam exports a lot of rice. It is grown mainly in the south of the country. 11. A g irl answered the phone. She told me you were out. 12. The chair was broken two days ago. The chair has now been repaired.
  5. 13. I saw some people. Their car had broken down. 14. I recently went back to my hometown. I was born there. 15. He is going to have an operation. It could save him. 16. Some buildings were hit by bombs. They are still burning. 17. Some people want to smoke. They have to leave the building. 18. A p lane crashed into the sea. It may have been a terrorist target. 19. A shot was fired that day. It signaled the start of the America Revolution. 20. The letter accused me of theft. It hadn’t been signed. 21. The doctor was very thorough. Ingrid went to see him 22. A scientist discovered the neutron. He was James Chadwick. 23. People were walking across the bridge. They could fell it swaying. 24. I found it hard to believe the story. Mary told me. 25. Toby is ill in hospital. I went to school with him. 26. I met Jane’s father. He works at the university. 27. Toby’s parents both died a few years ago. He is the same age as me. 28. I recently went back to the town. I was born there. 29. The people moved a long time ago. They used to live next door. 30. I met a girl. I used to go out with her.


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